This Negative Effects on Testosterone never shared by Trans Guys

Hello guys. I'm Piyash, and I'm 2 years+ on testosterone. We know testosterone is the best thing for us. But you may not know about the bad effects of taking testosterone. Most trans guys facing the issues but didn’t get why it happens. Today we would share almost all the topics that happened by taking testosterone.


  1. Pimples Or Acne
  2. Sexual Activity
  3. Body hairs
  4. Pain in Private Parts
  5. Workout issue in the gym
  6. Weight Gain
  7. Bottom Growth & Issues
  8. Other health issues
  1. Pimples or Acne

Pimples or Acne is a common issue for both girls and boys. But the number of acnes or pimples is increased than a cis man. I remembered It's happened to me after taking testosterone for 7-8 months. It will be almost all the sides of your mouth.

I believe no person wants to face the irritating issue of the mouth. It's a painful part. I suggest natural face wash that worked for me. I used Oriflame face wash. You can search on amazon or anywhere else. Before purchase, please check reviews. Because most of the companies provide fake products that aren’t PHP friendly. Therefore, we can't say the trick should work for you. You may try it once if it works.

  1. Sexual Activity

Most trans men feel horny on testosterone. We know sexual activity is also an important part of almost all creatures. Before taking testosterone, we masturbate once or twice a week. It's rare this time. After taking testosterone, we are feeling hungry almost all the time. Because of it, we always feel like having someone.

Sometimes we feel we may have sex or masturbate three or four times a day. Being on testosterone, almost all the trans guys face the same issue. Even, if you can't concentrate on your work for it. There are no alternative solutions.

  1. Body Hairs

The number of body hairs from top to bottom is increasing day by day. Unfortunately, It doesn’t include the hair of the head. I know It's funny. But the real thing is the hair on your head is decreasing day by day. The hairs on the private part are going to enlarger day by day. Because of it, we sometimes have itching issues.

The hair of bleeder is totally irritating and sometimes It's becoming one of the causes of scorpions in private parts. I faced the issue multiple times. So, I clean my private parts and hair once a month or twice a month. The hairs on the legs should be clean once a month. It will make your private part clean.

  1. Pain in Private Parts

Sometimes we face so much pain in our private parts. Mostly it happens during the period/menstrual time. It doesn’t happen for all the trans guys. I talk to my trans brother's group and they confirmed it's not happening for all trans men.

I face so much pain during my menstrual time. I can't describe the pain in words. It's speechless. I suggest if you facing the same issues, you should tell to your endocrinologist/ hormone doctor. He/she will suggest medicine for it.

  1. Workout Issues in Gym

We sometimes face issues when we are doing workouts in the gym. Like when we cycle, we feel pain in our private parts. Before taking testosterone, I ride a cycle multiple times but never face pain in my private parts. Now sometimes I feel It's hurting when I try cycling. It may happen to the enlarged clitoris. It's happening for some trans guys.

  1. Weight Gain

Weight gain is a normal or common issue for trans men. By taking testosterone our body behaves in a different way. Some bodies lose weight and some bodies gain weight. In most cases, trans guys gain weight. So, It's very much important to balance our weight. If you fear physical exercise, you can try intermittent fasting for 7 days. You may lose almost 4-7 kg. I lost 3.8 kg in 7 days.

Gaining weight can cause multiple diseases. The results of testosterone sometimes don’t appear for much weight gain. So, we should always need to balance it.

  1. Bottom Growth & Pain

Bottom growth is an opportunity for having a natural penis as a cis man has. Testosterone helps to grow the clitoris day by day. But the sad part is pain. Sometimes we feel some pain in the parts.

Some transmen YouTubers have talked about the issue and the issue we shouldn’t ignore. You can talk about it with an endocrinologist. It's better I think.

  1. Other Health Issues

After taking testosterone, I face some serious issues like hypothyroidism. I can't sleep for 7 days. I tried to sleep but I can't sleep. I never cried for sleep. But that time I cried for sleep. I was sleepless for 7 days. I was almost dead. Then I stop testosterone and talk with my endocrinologist. He took some medical tests.

The reports, there are clearly shown that I have hypothyroidism - a thyroid issue. Then my endocrinologist prescribed my thyroid medicine. Then the issue was solved.

Not only the issue I was faced with testosterone. There is something more that I faced. When I talk to my surgeon for top surgery, he gave me some medical tests like liver and kidney issues. When I got the report, there are clearly shown that I had some issues in my liver. My surgeon suggested taking it 7 days twice a day before top surgery.

I discussed why It's happened. Then my surgeon said It happens sometimes for taking testosterone. It's okay.

Besides these, there are multiple side effects that we had to face inside the body. However, we should find alternative ways to fix the issue.

Whenever you think about the issues, you may fear sometimes because nobody wants to face them. The issues can't fix by medicines but daily workouts and routines can be great for avoiding the issues. Sometimes we need to ask another trans man if he found any alternative ways for solving.

We started testosterone before 1 or 2 years of top surgery, it makes us happy and confident in front of the public. Our masculinity makes us more confident about ourselves. We feel we started a new life where people recognise us in a new way, where we never feel shame to introduce ourselves to everyone. It's really a pride moment for all trans men.

Testosterone has multiple side effects. Even everything has its own side effects. We may never ignore the truth.

Here we shared the side effects of Testosterone:

  • Acne
  • Breast Enlargement or Pain
  • Deepening of Voice
  • Back & Joint pains
  • Bleeding in the injection area
  • Headache
  • Weight gain
  • Mood swings
  • Sleep issues

Mood swings are one of the causes that we can't focus on our work. Sometimes we become so happy and suddenly we become sad. Because of mood swings, we made wrong decisions.

At this time we are becoming so rude and the worst part is you can't cry. Sometimes we fall into so much depression that we wish we shouldn’t exist. It's because of society, family and friends.

Travelling is very well for our health. We would travel when we fall into depression and any kind of worst situation. Sometimes I feel to ready backpack and go for a world tour. But I wish I would have some money for it. After top surgery, I feel my bottom dysphoria when I'm in outside. This time Axolom helps me a lot. They send me Axolom Thinker and I start using it regularly.

When I start using it, I use it as a packer. Then I followed some videos and keep my regular practice. I wasn’t confident in public places. One day I went to another city and I was almost all the time outside. Then, I tried axolom thinker as standing to pee and it works. Then I am using now as a packer, stand to pee and play. It's comfortable and good for me.

Axolom has made my life better. Now I can share my journey with the transgender community through my posts. Their product quality is good according to the price. I shared a video based on How to Stand to Pee with Axolom Thinker STP packer.

The journey of the FTM transgender is wonderful. Everything has its own side effects like testosterone. Because of it, we can live a life that we dreamed of, we need the life to live. I believe testosterone is a magic that we dreamed of from childhood.

Thank you Testosterone for making our life better and easy and also enjoyable.

Some positive effects also happened in my life because of testosterone. I have broken my own record of writing. I wrote 82 pages in 5 hours because of testosterone. I had 10 hours for completing my papers at my University. My friends send me the answer sheet and I start writing from then. I tried to be fast and wrote 82 pages in a night.

Testosterone is something for us that we can't explain in words. I love my facial hair and my arms are getting stronger.

Thanks for reading the post. 

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