Axolom FTM STP prosthetics can help transgender people fighting with gender dysphoria. In many people's experience, gender dysphoria can attack you from all different angles. It's important for transgender people to build mental strength and utilize tools at their disposal to be able to combat these terrible feelings of unworthiness.

While top dysphoria is usually solved with a binder or surgery, bottom dysphoria is a trickier beast. Not everyone has the same wants or needs when it comes to such a sensitive area on our bodies so it can be difficult to find a solution that hits our bottom euphoria in all the right spots. For a 4 in 1 to be successful, it needs to be your go-to for all things you'd want your genitalia to be able to do if you were to be assigned male at birth. One of those pain points for some is sitting to pee. It makes using the restroom more than just difficult, it can be a place of fear for some. No one should have to feel scared to have to use the restroom. No one should have to worry about their safety about such a juvenile task. So in response, we made FTM STP (stand to pee devices) that help many people.

Some transgender people feel very uncomfortable sitting to pee and it's an unfriendly reminder that the body they were given doesn't align with their minds. Our products give people a tool to use against their mental challenges. Because of the sensitive nature of being transgender, our STP Packer lineup can do its part to help combat the staggering statistics surrounding LGBTQ+ mental health.

All Axolom FTM STPs are made of body-safe liquid silicone, odor-free, eco-friendly. Due to our special treatment process, you do not have to use powerder when using Axolom prosthetics.

Tip to help you choose your prosthetic shade:
lf you want it to be more realistic, you can try a shade a bit darker than your forearm. Generally, the groin area skin is darker because of the friction and hormones. ( JUST FOR REFERENCE )

PLEASE NOTE: Buyers agree to use this item at their own risk. This item is not a medical device, and no medical use for this item is stated or implied. Using an STP packer can take practice. There is no guarantee this item will work for you since every individual's body is different. Due to the sensitive nature of this product, all sales are final. Please make sure you have double-checked the size guides, and have selected the correct item.


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-30% off

AXOLOM The Squire 3-IN-1 STP with Pleasure Ridges

The Squire is a circumcised stand-to-pee with no-spill lips. It has a soft texture, detailed veins and folds as well as pleasure ridges. He might...
$85.00 $59.00

AXOLOM The Thinker Circumcised FTM STP ( Cut )

Axolom the Thinker Circumcised STP packer is a three in one (pack/pee/play) trans FTM STP. It has pleasure ridges and a big insertable head during play time....
-31% off

AXOLOM The Knight 3-IN-1 STP Packer with Pleasure Edges

The Knight is a circumcised FTM STP ( stand-to-pee ) with no-spill lips and pleasure ridges. Thanks to his mighty lance, this product will be the most...
$115.00 $79.00
-31% off

AXOLOM Handy 3 IN 1 Liquid Silicone STP Packer

Handy is perfect for those who are new to FTM STP. It is circumcised, comes with no-spill lips, and has a long and slender cup....
$115.00 $79.00

AXOLOM The Thinker Uncircumcised FTM STP ( uncut )

Axolom the Thinker Uncircumcised STP packer is a three in one (pack/pee/play) trans FTM prosthetic. ( Uncut version of our Thinker Circumcised STP. ) It has pleasure...

AXOLOM The Prince Small Compact Trans FTM STP (Uncut Version)

Like our other FTM STP, the Prince stand-to-pee comes with a no-spill, firm edged lip. It has a soft texture, detailed veins, and a...

AXOLOM Homerun Big Bulge FTM 3 In 1 STP Packer

Axolom Homerun three in one FTM prosthetic allows you to pack, pee and play. With its big cup, no-spill lip and hollow shaft, this model...

AXOLOM The Prince Compact Silicone STP Packer (Cut Version)

This is a cut version of the Prince Compact STP Packer, we added a bit more silicone on the balls to make it firmer....
-30% off

AXOLOM Astro 3-IN-1 STP With Pleasure Ridges

Astro is an uncircumcised stand-to-pee with no-spill lips. It has very detailed veins and folds, pleasure ridges, and gives a decent buldge. Its large...
$108.00 $75.00

AXOLOM Zeus 3 In 1 Stand To Pee STP Packer ( 6.3" Shaft )

Our new Zeus, another of our three in one FTM prosthetics allows you to pack, pee and play ( with a rod inserted). It’s a...

AXOLOM Hoodie Big Bulge Uncut 3 In 1 FTM STP Packer

The Hoodie is a three in one (pack/pee/play) prosthetic with an uncut esthetic. Its large cup comes with pleasure ridges and a no spill...

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Axolom FTM STP

Axolom FTM STP prosthetics can help transgender people fighting with gender dysphoria. In many people's experience, gender dysphoria can attack you from all different angles. It's important for transgender people to build mental strength and utilize tools at their disposal to be able to combat these terrible feelings of unworthiness.

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What people said

I've already reviewed one product on here, but if there's something that truly deserves praise, it's this STP I've been through many STPs before, but none of them have quite ranked up to The Squire. Yes, there are still minor design flaws, as with many STPs, but if I'm able to master using this within my first try (after not using an STP for almost a year due to giving up on the others I owned) then I guarantee you can too. The only critiques I can muster (with proper solutions, for any person who may be questioning buying): Upon testing this out in the faucet of my bathroom sink, I saw a case of The Split Stream. A classic cis man dilemma, very gratifying, but difficult for a trans man due to it not being able to drain liquid quite as fast. (And in case.you aren't aware, if it can't drain the liquid quick enough, it's only got one place left to go...) But fear not! Squeezing slightly on the base of the head prevents this, and it flows out almost twice as fast! Problem solved. The only issue that makes the experience a lil dicey is the cup itself. In order to properly secure it to my body to avoid spills, I had to grip with both hands; front and back. This was due to the slightly less "reinforced" mid section compared to the balls and actual peen itself, which are heavier. Readjusting my grip, I was able to hold it properly with just one hand, but perhaps it's something to keep in mind? Other than those minor issues, this STP is absolutely worth your time, and money!!!


Absolutely love it. It’s so realistic yet so affordable. I didn’t have much trouble using it for STP purposes, comfortable and lightweight as a packer, great texture (love that you don’t have to powder it), and the color matched my skin tone perfectly! (I got C4 and I’m white with a little bit of a tan)


I love this STP! The cup size is perfect for me (slightly bigger guy) and the non-sticky surface means it’s comfortable no matter what I’m wearing. I love how this can pack up or down too. It’s very light weight so feels comfy in near any harness I’ve tried, and has a good squish in the hand feeling through pants. I’d love to see one that’s uncircumcised in this model and one that’s perhaps 3.75inch or 4inch for those not needing quite so much length. I’d love if it could be made a tad softer so it’s got a bit more of a natural “flop” to it. But honestly, for this price point and quality, it’s brilliant!!


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