With a rod inserted in your AXOLOM STP, the STP can be used for play.

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      Axolom rods are made of two different textures silicone, precisely fit Axolom STP, making STP a perfect Packer and Play.

      The front part is hard to keep the shaft firm for play. The base part is made of super soft silicone as our packers, fully filled the cups, and let you feel comfortable when play.

      Our rods are one-to-one compatible with our STP designs, please select the correct rod for your STP by the item name! Or it would not work with your STP.

      (e.g.: If you have a Thinker STP Cut or Uncut version, please select "Axolom Silicone Rod For Thinker STP".)

      Lube is needed to insert the rod easily. And please press and hold on the HARD Part (NOT on the soft pad) when you pull out the rod from STP, to avoid tearing.