AXOLOM The Prince Small Compact Trans FTM STP - Axolom
AXOLOM The Prince Small Compact Trans FTM STP - Axolom
AXOLOM The Prince Small Compact Trans FTM STP - Axolom
AXOLOM The Prince Small Compact Trans FTM STP - Axolom
AXOLOM The Prince Small Compact Trans FTM STP - Axolom
AXOLOM The Prince Small Compact Trans FTM STP - Axolom
AXOLOM The Prince Small Compact Trans FTM STP - Axolom
AXOLOM The Prince Small Compact Trans FTM STP - Axolom
AXOLOM The Prince Small Compact Trans FTM STP - Axolom
AXOLOM The Prince Small Compact Trans FTM STP - Axolom
AXOLOM The Prince Small Compact Trans FTM STP - Axolom
AXOLOM The Prince Small Compact Trans FTM STP - Axolom

AXOLOM The Prince Small Compact Trans FTM STP (Uncut Version)

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Like our other FTM STP, the Prince stand-to-pee comes with a no-spill, firm-edged lip. It has a soft texture, detailed veins, and a shaft that fits well into your palm of your hand. 

The Prince is the perfect age-appropriate size for young adults, teens, or those who have requested a smaller STP. Despite his smaller overall size, the Prince creates a decent natural-sized bulge.  It's special downward shaft design makes a great packer as well as a gravity flow STP that empties itself quickly without overflow or leaks. 

It comes in an Uncut design, and in all our current 7 colors. Made of 100% Platinum Liquid Silicone, no packer dust needed.

Tip to help you choose your prosthetic shade: lf you want it to be more realistic, you can try a shade a bit darker than your forearm. Generally, the groin area skin is darker because of the friction and hormones. ( JUST FOR REFERENCE )

PLEASE NOTE: Buyers agree to use this item at their own risk. This item is not a medical device, and no medical use for this item is stated or implied. Using an STP packer can take practice. There is no guarantee this item will work for you since every individual's body is different. Due to the sensitive nature of this product, all sales are final. Please make sure you have double-checked the size guides, and have selected the correct item.

 Shaft length:  3.54" ( 9cm )
 Overall length:  4.13" ( 10.5cm )
 Widest points on Balls:   2.5" ( 6.4cm )
 Shaft diameter:  1.34" ( 3.4cm )

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Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Learning curve.

Shipping went smoothly. No problem at all with that. The price for the quality is very good.

The product is fine itself. It is smoother than I expected. Very soft to the touch, feels silky. It is not squishy but that was expected since it's a stp.

Color is perfect for me. True to the photos in the website. Despite not being painted I think it looks very realistic to anyone who gives it an accidental glance at the unrinal, for example.

Since is my first stp I need to learn how to use it. So far (one week) I can pee with it at home - pants all the way down- with a rate success of 9/10. The funnel is very wide so I have no need to contain the force of my stream.

I also need to learn to pack with it since I've never done it before. I find it heavy, but not so bulky. I will defitively need something to hold it in place.

I need more practice. I hope it works for me.

Better Than Expected

I researched STPs for a long time before deciding on the Prince. I initially wrote it off as too small because I'm not a younger or smaller guy. I liked the uncut look and the shaft size (I wanted something within the average range for a flaccid shaft), but I was still afraid it would be too small for my overall size (5'10", 195). I was pleasantly surprised. The shaft size is great. As an STP, it works. There was a learning curve, but I'm doing good now. I'm a pee shy person, so I don't try to use urinals in public. I mainly just use the bathrooms at work and those are single occupancy. This thing packs great. You can pack it up or down or sideways and it looks fine. What I do is place it in my boxer briefs sideways. It's not in the right position to pee with, but it keeps the shaft packed up along my groin and the balls are sideways, which creates a more realistic outline when I'm sitting or squatting down.

I wish Axolom would create an uncut, slightly modified version of the Prince. Something with a 4" shaft, for easier fly clearance, and bigger balls would earn my money. Even though a bigger cup would be nice, I'd be happy just to have bigger balls and the same size cup. I just want the realism for packing. I can make do with the cup as it is now.

I gave the Prince 5 stars because it's good for what it is. It is marketed towards demographics that I'm not part of, but it still works pretty well for me.

Great first STP

I’ve bought a few packers from Axolom before, and they’ve always been great and have shipped super fast. They’re a little on the harder side, but they’re squishy enough to be easy to pack with anyway. I’ve never used an STP before, and heard how it takes a bit of practice. But honestly, I’ve used it a couple times and never pissed everywhere lol. It’s super easy to use and it’s got a nice cup, so I never feel like it’s going to spill. However, it does have really solid balls. Not necessarily bad, but just so you know.

Markus Bardfield

This was a good packer for packing, however, using it as a stp led to some problems, it would always leak. So I stoped using it as a stp and that was fine. However, after wearing the product for just over a year, the shaft has completely torn away from the balls. It is now in two pieces, I am still using it glued together, was just a shame it didn’t last very long for the price. Thanks

Hi Markus,
Thanks for your reviews!
As the Prince is designed as a compact STP, the shaft is a little thin to make it light.
If you do not use it as STP, could we send you a new packer instead?
Stay well!

A. vm
Axolom prince - didn't receive product

Did not receive product, shipping company never delivered it and then returned it to sender. Emailed Axolom customer service over a week ago and they did not respond. I am very disappointed, I ordered this product well in advance for a trip I was going on so that it would be easier to remain stealth, now not only have I wasted money and not gotten what I paid for, I will also have to take extra care to remain stealth and have a more stressful holiday. I do not recommend this company if you need reliable shipping or any form of customer service.

Hi A,
Sorry for the problem!
The package was returned due to the courier could not reach you when he arrived.
Shall we send you a new package or refund the payment?
Thank you!


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