3 Top Selling STP Packers For Trans Guys With Packing Underwears

In the last three years, we established our business with love. When Axolom started its journey, only a few guys came to buy our products and help us by sharing honest reviews. We tested our products. Some of them were good, some weren’t good. We again build the products with great quality.

In the market of STP Packers, we start producing good quality packers at cheap or affordable pricing. We made the pricing friendly so that anyone with gender dysphoria can bring the packer and help them mentally.

Whenever people come with product issues, we try to exchange them. Because everybody knows we care about them. We made our refund policy suitable for trans guys.

We have now almost 55-60 products in our store. Not all of them get sales or are attached to customer feelings. But some of them are running nicely. Today we are sharing the most 3 top-selling STP packers. I know all of you are excited to know.

3 Top Selling STP Packers

  • Axolom Thinker
  • Axolom Knight
  • Axolom Astro

There are still 4-5 Stand to pee packers with good reports from the public. But we shared the top 3 STP packers which people choose without hesitation. Three sizes refer to three types of people. Like some would like to have small packers for regular use, some people think of large sizes for play and comfort. Some may still be happy in medium size.

Axolom Thinker

Axolom Thinker is a top-notch packer for trans individuals. The packer is easy to use while we begin our journey with STP packers. Axolom Thinker is a good size in the packer list. Most people have the size. A large amount of guys have the same size. The price range is also budget-friendly. The size is 5.3 inches and the weight is 160 grams. The price of Axolom Thinker is $59. An extra pleasure rod may be purchased for pleasure purposes for $25.


  • Good for STP.
  • Good for 8-10 hours of use.
  • Fit in Axolom STP Packing Boxer, Trunks and Jockstrap.
  • Good for playing with a partner.
  • Pleasure points fell high.
  • It looks natural.


  • The inside area may damaged after 10-12 months of use.
  • Sometimes it feels like it's like 6 inches to carry.

Advice: Please wash your packer properly after usage. Otherwise, the packer will be damaged and show dark brown. During sexual intercourse, you'll need a condom must. It is very safe and secure for your partner.

Axolom Knight

Axolom Knight is a good size STP packer. The size is almost 6.2. According to trans guys, the structure is different from other packers. It is also called a large-size packer in the trans community. The price of Axolom Knight is $79. You can pack the STP packer with Harness and other underwear. But the size Isn't suitable or adjustable with Axolom STP packing underwear. So, you may choose other brands of underwear as well. Pleasure Rod is available with Axolom Knight. The rod price is 25$.


  • The size is good for STP.
  • Easy to use.
  • Better enhancement.
  • Good for sexual desire.
  • Having the best quality of packing.


  • The size is not perfect for packing.
  • Axolom Packing Underwear isn’t adjustable for Axolom Knight.

Axolom Astro

Axolom Astro is an uncircumcised STP packer. The size of the STP packer is 5.4 and the weight is 203 grams. Astro is a top-notch packer in the Axolom Store. Although Axolom Thinker and Astro look the same size, people choose Thinker instead of Astro. But The Axolom Astro has the flexibility and has a large cup for passing the pee in front of private toilets.

On the other hand, Axolom Astro has pleasure ridges which are very soft as we know as pleasure points. The price of Axolom Astro is $75. Pleasure Rod is available for Axolom Astro. The rod price is $25.


  • Large cup size
  • Good for STP
  • Excellent for packing in daily life.
  • Sexual intercourse is fine.


  • The scrotum size is bigger.

According to the previous year of 2023, we researched which STP packers are good and get good sales. The three have a high demand right now. If you check the reviews of each packer, you'll understand how the packer is. Most of the trans guys don't provide the feedback. As a result, we do have not many reviews. So, we didn't reach more guys. When you bring a product from Axolom, please provide feedback. By the way, we can feel helpful and can develop new gears. We would like to provide different types of products in the new year. Hope you'll help me by providing us with an honest review/feedback.

From the beginning, Axolom has tried to provide a good quality product to this community. We have reached 5000 trans guys in three years. We encourage every transgender guy to reach their goal through our blog articles. We may reach more if you trust us and share our articles in your community. However, we are always trying to help you by providing body-safe packers and other gear for a well-being life. We released some packing underwear in the last year which was also popular in the Trans community.

We would like to thank the guys who shared their feedback and reviews on YouTube, Reddit and other social media platforms. Thank you so much for supporting us. Your review is essential to know what's wrong or right in our packers. We are testing a lot of products and then releasing the products. But if you aren't familiar with the gear, we would like to improve our packers. Please tag us #AxolomPacker if you want us to see your content. You can also tag our YouTube channel with your video.

Many guys are confused about how they can pack an STP packer regularly. We understand your feelings and for this reason, we have shared multiple packing videos on YouTube. You can follow the Trans Man channel. We share a sensitive video on How to stand to pee with Axolom Thinker. The video may be helpful for the trans beginners. You can also follow our official channel Axolom. We share newly designed STP packers and you can connect us socially. We have a Facebook page, Pinterest Account, TikTok and Instagram account.

Thanks for reading the article. Some articles may be useful for your journey. You can read the Gender Dysphoria, Bottom Dysphoria, How to buy a FTM STP Packer, Erect Packers, etc.

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