5 Most Essential Products for Trans man

When we come to know which product we should buy for ourselves when we start the transformation from a female body to a male.

5 Most Essential Products for a Trans man will help you as your supporting partner for everyday life. These can make the better day than you wish from the beginning. This article may help you to get a beautiful day.


What is trans man?

Trans man is a term that uses for the particular person who assigns a female by birth but is mentally a male. Trans man is also known as transgender male/men.

How to come out as a trans man?

This is hard to come out of but not difficult. If you are an ftm transman, you need to understand your situation first. There are many trans families that are very conservative and some families are very transphobic. If you think you aren't safe, then you shouldn't tell this immediately. Take time and save money for future transformation. Then come out to family, friends, mates. If they aren't supportive, then leave and get a job and start your transition.


How to convince your family for being trans?

You can choose your birthday or any of the memorial days for telling your story to your families. Then silently tell it to them and says everything to them about when you feel it and what is your future plan, etc. Don't hurry. Give them some days, months for understanding you. If they want to accept, you can easily move on to your future goal with them.

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What is the 5 essential products for a trans man?

The 5 essential product is basically for your regular for your better feelings. This may help you to be live like free.

5 essential products for a trans man

Chest Binder
Stand to pee prothetics/ STP Packer
Minoxidil Oil
Scar Oil
Mastrubation Packer

Chest Binder
A chest binder is top underwear that helps to bind chests and looks like a flat chest. Transgender men wear chest binders to decrease chest dysphoria. On the other hand, it is very helpful for FTM trans man.

Is Chest Binder safe for the body?

Yes, but not very chest binder is safe. It is various on product material. From our research, the gc2b and underworks serves the best chest binders to the users or transguys.

2. Stand to pee prosthetics/ STP Packer

An STP packer is a device that helps to urinate and it is inserted under and against the wearer's urethra. This is a very helpful option for transguys. You can buy STP Packers with affordable pricing from axolom.com . The AXOLOM packers are very well for using and trans-friendly STP packer- from our research that gets from user's review.

You need to buy an alternative stp rod for individual stp packers for intercourse for your partner. This may help you to satisfy your partner.

How to use a stand to pee in the washroom?

First, you need to pack it with your harness/boxer. Then go to your personal washroom and try it multiple times. You may need more time for understanding how it works and how to use a step properly.

3 . Minoxidil Oil

Minoxidil oil is a beard oil that helps to grow your facial hairs. Please avoid it if you don't want unwanted hair. This is one of the 5 essential products for transman.


How many days are needed for growing facial hair on testosterone?
It depends on the individual's body. If you take testosterone for 6 months, then facial hair starts growing within 3-6 months.

Is it possible to grow facial hair without taking testosterone?
Yeah, It's possible. For getting facial hair without taking testosterone, you need to use minoxidil and other beardo oil. But there is some people who didn't get any results. There are 50-50 changes for growing facial hair by using minoxidil oil.

Is it essential for buying 5 Most Essential Products for a Trans man?
No, there are no products needed for being a transman or anything else. It's just a personal choice. You can buy it for your help.

4. Scar OIl

Scar oil is one kind of oil that removes to remove your scars from your body. The oil is used by the patient who was undergone surgery 3-4months ago or whose have different body scars, acne, etc.

How to use scar oil after surgery?

Before taking any scar oil, ask your surgeon which scar oil you should use. From our research, we got that transgender individuals use scars after 50/70 days of surgery. It depends on the body. Follow some instructions below-

Stay away from Sunlight.
Use it two times of a day.
Use at least 6 months for getting results.
Use bio scar-oil or any other oil.
These are some instructions that you need to follow every day. It will be helpful for healing your scars quickly.

5. Mastrubation Packer

Masturbation Packer is very close to sexual satisfaction. It means any trans guy can masturbate or organism by oneself by using Mastrubation Packer. The individual trans man uses it whenever he wants to come out. It is quite helpful and a trans necessary. That's why we listed it in our list. Some Mastrubation Packer will be available in our store soon.

Finally, we described the 5 Most Essential Products for a Trans man. This may help for trans beginners.


How to buy chest binders?
There is some online store that sells/provide chest binders such as gc2b, underworks, early2bed, etc.

How to buy the best stp packers?
You can buy stp packers /cheap stp packers from our store that is user friendly and budget-friendly. You can buy the best stp packer or a cheap stp packer at the same pricing. This is outstanding because everyone can afford the stand to pee prosthetics within 100$.

How to wash STP packer?
To buy an STP packer is a very thing but cleaning is a problem for all the transguys who use stp packer easily. Now we are here to help you clean your stp device easily. You haven’t taken any extra tension if you using our packers. You can boil AXOLOM STP packers once a week/month whenever you think to clean it. If you use other stp packers, you can ask your provider about how to clean stp packers.

Which is the best stp packer in AXOLOM?
Our recommendations are Axolom Thinker STP with a rod, Axolom Handy STP Packer, Axolom Knight STP Packers. This is the highest selling items in our store. Users have a positive reaction to it.

Can I buy a Stand to pee packer under 100$?
Yes, You can. There are some stand to pee packers in axolom that prices are between 59$ and 79$. You can buy cheap stp packers or stand to pee prosthetics for under 79$. We highly recommended to contact us for more suggestions via email / WhatsApp.

Does AXOLOM donate STP packers?
Yes, we donate stp packers for the trans guys who can't afford it. If you feel you need an stp packer badly and you can't afford it, you can contact us without hesitation. We do some social service also.

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