Best Realistic FTM STP Packer under 100$

When we find a stand to pee prosthetics and ftm stp packer, we get many packers that aren't in our budget range. This article is for the trans individuals who find the best stp packer under 100$.

Do you plan for a great stp packer under 100$? If yes, then this article will be right for you according to your budget. Here we describe the stp packer list under 100$.

What is an ftm stp packer?

FTM means female to male and an stp packer means an artificial penis/dick. STP packer is a device that helps to pee out by standing in front of public toilets and other places. On the other hand, It's visible masculinity to others.

How to buy an stp packer?

There are some stp packer provider company. We(axolom) also provides stand to pee packer and ftm stp packers among the trans guys. We have a store there we sell ftm realistic packer. Find yours -

Why ftm packer is important for trans men?

FTM packer helps to decrease the bottom dysphoria. On the other side, it helps a lot in the outside world to feel like a cis male. But you don't need any packer to be a man, of course.

For a realistic ftm packer, we are pleased to offer a variety of ftm packers in various colours, sizes, glitches, and materials.

How much money need to buy a realistic stp packer?

Axolom provides the best and soft realistic stp packers under 100$ and if you have a budget of 25$, you can buy your first ftm packer from us.

How to position a packer ftm?

Use a harness or any button-fly underwear that keeps the packer in the middle of your bottom part or in the lower position of the vulva.

Which is the best ftm realistic prosthetics?

Axolom's handy, thinker, knight, the square is the best ftm realistic prosthetics and you can keep these packers in your regular life by using them daily. It's made of 100% organic silicone.

FTM Realistic Prosthetics Under 100$

  1. Axolom Thinker STP Packer
  2. Axolom Knight STP Packer
  3. Axolom Handy STP Packer
  4. Axolom Knight STP Packer
  5. Axolom Homerun STP Packer
  6. Axolom Prince STP Packer
  7. Axolom Hoodie STP Packer

Here is the list of stp packers under 100$. There are different sizes available according to your requirements.

Axolom Thinker STP Packer

One of the best stp packers on our list and the price is only 59$ and it is 5.51 inches. Everybody can easily purchase the product from our store. We have two variations of thinker stp. 1. Circumstance. 2. Uncircumstance. Both look very realistic stp devices.

Like Axolom Thinker Stp packer, other stp packers have two versions of uncircumcised and circumcised.

We serve multiple quality stand to pee packers for the trans guys. Everybody is different and we try to make the products usable for transgender men. We have already 7 colours and we would love to help you whenever you need them. Contact us by e-mail -

How many days are needed to get my ftm stp packer?

It will take 10-20 days for shipping, after purchasing an order. Some shipping company delivery the products very fast.

Can I order multiple stp prosthetic products in an order?

Yes, of course. Some trans guys have very different tastes for using multiple stp prosthetics to check which packer is comfortable for them. You can purchase multiple products at the same time.

Is pleasure rod available with axolom stp packers?

Yes, It's available in our store now. To check your rod, please check out the link - FTM Pleasure Rod

Is it hurt for intercourse with your partner?

No, not at all. Our pleasure rod is made with 100% silicone and It's very soft. For intercourse, we suggest packing the stp with a good harness and trying for intercourse.

Can I return my stp packer?

If you have received damaged products, we are here to ship the product again to your address. But we don't accept returns. Our sales are FINAL. If you receive a damaged product, please contact us by this mail -

Is axolom packer soft and realistic?

Yes, Axolom stp packers are soft and realistic. There are several products in our store. We made the products so that our customers can use them for their regular life and easily carry it with their pants.

What are the benefits of having axolom packers?

There are some benefits to having our packers. Axolom stp packers are soft, realistic, easy to play and comfortable.

However, we are always trying to build the right products for trans guys. If you are using axolom packers already, please share your user experience by your review. Thanks for supporting us.

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