How Can I Use a FTM Packing Gear?

When we think about starting to use FTM packing gear, we would like to have an affordable gear that we can use for practice or sometimes we can make it as permanent gear. However, it's not easy to use a FTM packing gear without basic knowledge. So, we would like to discuss the basics of an STP packer and other packing gear such as packing underwear.

What is an STP packer?

STP packer is a non-real stand-to-pee packer that is used during urination, regular packing and pack n play purposes.

STP packer is used for different purposes. Some people would like to use it as a packer, some as a stand to pee and some guys to satisfy their partners. Axolom STP packer is available with a 3-in-1 feature. It means you can get three benefits in one package. While you buy our stand to pee on our FTM STP page, you can go to the pleasure rod page and bring a pleasure rod for your intimacy. Our packers are so soft to use regularly in the office and at home.

Most trans guys may travel or stay 8-10 hours in the office, for them, STP Packer is a great choice. You may face no issue if you pack our STPs with Axolom underwear.

Every morning when we wake up and get ready for the office, we wear STP packers and underwear so that we can work comfortably in the office all day and we also have to make sure that we can unzip very easily even when we urinate.

Try to drink more water when you are at home. Drinking more water will increase the bathroom. If you practice repeatedly with STP Device then you will become experienced. You need to learn how your STP packer water flows and where leaks are likely.

If you want to have sex with your partner, you should clean your packer thoroughly before using it. Cover the STP packer with a condom. Then you can have sex with your partner. Before having sex with your partner, fully arouse her feelings so that she kisses your body and makes you want to enter sex. Do that woman until she's out. Kiss her body repeatedly so that she is satisfied with intercourse with you. Initially have sex 3-4 times or more.

Wash the STP packer clean after each use and clean your private parts with clean water. Otherwise, there may be many problems.

How to use your STP packer during travelling?

If you are travelling together with your partner, you can use it as a home or office. Plan a trip to a resort, then come back and have dinner and sex with your partner. But if your partner is tired, let him rest.

If you are going with travel agents and with your friends, then you may need to carry a black pouch which ensures your privacy. While taking off your STP packer from your body, you can use the pouch to keep it.


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