How To Protect Yourself from Anti-Trans Group

Being a transgender It's hard to express our feelings to others. Sometimes your friends don’t support you in your hard times. Gender identity is something that we feel ourselves inside or mentally. Some people think we are mentally weak or have decided to gender transition because of family or social problems. But no, it’s not like that.

When we are growing up we face multiple issues because of a secondary identity. Exam: I was brought up in a middle-class family where my parents are very conservative and don’t support this kind of issue at all. I realised about had a secondary identity when I was only 6. But I understand that time isn't suitable for expressing this kind of feeling.

My family won't accept or may think I have mental issues. I would like to wear my brother's old clothes instead of a feminine dress. I never feel happy in feminine clothes. At the age of 13, I saw a transman story on the Discovery channel. I found it's a similar story to mine. My mother doesn't like me to wear boy's clothes. When I was in class 7, she started forcing me to wear female clothes. I was also alone and had no solution to how to stop the situation, how I could be normal.

I never thought my feelings were normal like others. I decided if I fit myself in female clothes and can't identify as a man, I'll continue my life as a female. It was not easy. I never feel okay with female clothes. I feel I was always uncomfortable. I tried to wear different types of clothes but unfortunately, I never being comfortable with them. I knew my family would never support me.

As a result, I decided to leave my family by marrying a guy. This time I am going through a painful situation. I was playing with someone's life. Then god help us to leave everything. I broke up the relationship before it's going to a bad future. Then after a month, I tell about my gender identity to my mother and she didn't understand me. She thought I was mad or doing this for the guy. But I was confident that I was making the right decision now.

I started two and a half years for funding for my surgery. My parents still did not agree to my surgery. Then I leave home and leave a letter for them about my feelings. My mother was sick. Then they accept me after 8 days of leaving. I was in another country and had my first top surgery.

They didn't take care this time. When I come home after recovering from my surgery, they take care and fight with socials. My father was very supportive from the beginning but because of my mother, he can't support me openly. Once my mother started supporting me, nothing was an issue for me. I faced multiple things and I didn't care about them things. Some people left me because of my gender identity. But I have no way. I am always trying to forget them.

How To Deal with Social Problems?

Dealing with social problems is not always easy. But I think keeping quiet is a good way to be away from the people. Some people may spread rumours but you should ignore these. But if they want to harm you physically, then you shouldn't keep quiet. You can ask for help at your nearest police station. You should file a case against him/them so that they can't harm you.

  • Stay away from haters.
  • Stop attending the meeting where you can be abused or harassed by someone.
  • Live with family or supportive friends.
  • Protect yourself from bad people in any way.
  • Build a good network with small people.
  • Attend social awareness programme.
  • Make good friends.
  • Build a relationship.

Some people think Gender dysphoria is a mental disorder but it is not. Gender dysphoria is not a disorder. Every year there are many trans come out to their family and friends. Society doesn't accept anything so easily. It takes a lot of effort to become establish something.

There are a lot of transgender people who share their gender identity publicly and share informative videos on YouTube and they are a blessing for beginners. The beginner or those struggling with Gender identity don't have much support from family and they want to visible their real identity to the public so that they understand them and also that we still exist.

Most transgender men dealing with gender dysphoria since childhood and they fear society not accepting them openly.

Gender Transformation is a choice. Not most transgender are comfortable with medical transition but they may like to live in the society as man. However, it isn't mandatory to be a man.

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