How to start your transformation as a transman

Generally, a trans man is different than other individuals but every human has their own journey. From the beginning every struggle is hard & it needs more patient.
Starting your journey as a transman is the hard part of life. You may have to struggle with your family, friends, even girlfriend/boyfriend. In the article, we will discuss how you start your transformation journey as a transman.

At first, you have to be confident about yourself & be proud of whatever you are. Never blame yourself. You need to hide things before your age reaches 18. Because family creates pressure on us. If your parents are trans supportive & you think you are safe, then you must discuss it with them.
Before 18, you may need permission from your parents for taking hormone therapy. Because most endocrinologist requires an adult or asking permission from parents. Depend on location. And before an endocrinologist, you may need a GID(Gender Identity Dysphoria Letter) from a psychiatrist.

How to come out to parents as a transman?

There are many examples but nobody knows what will be the situation whenever a trans tell it to their parents. First, you need to understand your situation. Some families are very conservative, some are transphobic, some families thought It's a mental disease. Listen you have to keep your secret till you are dependent. Because there are lots of young transmen who kick out by their families.
Suppose you are not independent and you want to tell your family about your transformation. They can be aggressive and they can hurt you mentally and physically.

How to start funding for top surgery for a transgender male?

Everyone's life and passion are different. At first, you need to save your money from wasting it. You can build any skills that you love to do. Suppose you are a student and you love pencil art. You can learn it from online or offline institutes. You can start earning from it when you expert on it. You can use any fund riser websites. That may help for your top surgery.

How does a trans man show him as a boy in front of everyone?

A good haircut can make you a look-like boy or masculine character. But some families are very conservative. You can use a cap for hiding your big hair and it helps you to show others as a masculine character or boy. On the other hand, you can use men's cloth that will help you a lot.

How to tell your husband/girlfriend that you are a trans man?
Love is a beautiful thing. If someone likes you as you are, then you don't need to worry about it. Your husband or girlfriend will understand it properly if they want to stay living with you. You need to tell things whenever you think It's the perfect time for telling the truth. Remember truth can't be hidden/denied.

Which is trans-friendly country in the world?

Canada, Argentina, the United States, United Kingdom is the most trans-friendly country in the world.

How to present yourself in the world?

Basically, when you are confident about yourself, you can present yourself to anyone. It's your truth and you should proud of it. It takes some time for presenting yourself. You can make your own community by Facebook and chat with them. It will help you in the future. There are many Facebook groups that are very friendly such as FTM trans support, trans support FTM, FTM transman, etc.

What are the essential products for a transgender man?

Chest Binder, STP packer, Cap, minoxidil bread oil, clitoris pump, boxer harness, scar oil, masturbation prosthetic is an essential product for a trans man. The product isn't mandatory. We analyze these according to our research. You can purchase STP Packers, boxers, harnesses, masturbation products from our store. Go to

What is the way to avoid someone of someone harassing you for being transgender?

The best way for avoiding anyone is hard work. You have to be busy with your work. Success is the biggest revenge in the world. You can't change anyone till they wish. So, forget them and busy with work. That's the only solution for neglecting anybody.

What is the cost of FTM top surery?

Top surgery means the removal of breasts tissue. (Female to male) FTM top surgery cost is 1000$-15,000$. It varies on the surgeon, country, and hospital. Some insurance company covers the cost. You can check the cost by consulting your favorite doctor and asking your insurance company about cost covers.

What is the cost of FTM bottom surgery?

The cost of FTM Bottom surgery is 25,000$ - 1,50,000$. It depends on the surgeon and hospital cost. Most of the cost is covered by the insurance company. The surgery includes of removal of the Uterus and Ovaries (Hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy). Vaginal removal, penis implantation, etc.

Which day is celebrate pride day?

Basically every year, pride day is celebrated at the end of June.

How many days need for recovering from mastectomy top surgery?

25-45 days on average. Basically, it depends on the individual's body. From deep research, we get the information. You must follow your surgeon's suggestions. In some cases, it needs less time and in some cases, it is longer than expected.

How many days need for recovering from 1st stage of hysterectomy bottom surgery?

30-50 days on average. It may take more time than mastectomy top surgery. Hysterectomy surgery means removal of the uterus, ovaries, tubes, etc.

How many days are needed for facial changes on FTM hormone therapy?

Almost 3-12 months. In some cases, it takes more time. Facial hair growth starts from 5 months on hormone therapy. Hormone therapy improves your body structure day by day. It may take 2 years for the final change. It will help to grow the clitoris that is known small penis.

How to remove chest dysphoria and remove bottom dysphoria without surgery?

Surgery is so painful that Not everybody can't be bear it. If you aren't prepared for it and still facing that type of dysphoria, then you can use a chest binder instead of hiding your large breasts and you can use stp packer instead of bottom surgery. It's easier than the painful bottom surgery. It helps to decrease your bottom dysphoria.

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