AXOLOM Au Naturel Soft Silicone FTM Packer - Axolom
AXOLOM Au Naturel Soft Silicone FTM Packer - Axolom
AXOLOM Au Naturel Soft Silicone FTM Packer - Axolom
AXOLOM Au Naturel Soft Silicone FTM Packer
AXOLOM Au Naturel Soft Silicone FTM Packer - Axolom
AXOLOM Au Naturel Soft Silicone FTM Packer - Axolom
AXOLOM Au Naturel Soft Silicone FTM Packer - Axolom
AXOLOM Au Naturel Soft Silicone FTM Packer - Axolom
AXOLOM Au Naturel Soft Silicone FTM Packer - Axolom
AXOLOM Au Naturel Soft Silicone FTM Packer

AXOLOM Au Naturel Soft Silicone FTM Packer

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Au Naturel is one of our most affordable silicone FTM packers.

Of European inspiration, Au Naturel is an uncircumcised soft packer. Its detailed scrotum with its balls’ multiple folds and wrinkles will leave you simply astonished!  It’s similar in size to its cousin the “Classic” packer, yet more realistic. Its natural size makes it very comfortable to use anytime. The bulge created will let you feel comfortable walking in the most crowded locker rooms. Feel as free as a nudist as you go unnoticed.

As always, all our products are made from food-grade silicone (FDA approved) . No need to powder them after cleaning.

Tip to help you choose your prosthetic shade: if you want it to be more realistic, you can try a shade a bit darker than your forearm. Generally, the groin area skin is darker because of friction and hormones. ( JUST FOR REFERENCE )

PLEASE NOTE: Buyers agree to use this item at their own risk. This item is not a medical device, and no medical use for this item is stated or implied.

Shaft Length: 3.54" ( 9cm )
Total Length: 3.94" ( 10cm ) 
Diameter: 1.26" ( 3.2cm ) 
Weight: 5.9 oz ( 167g)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Firm but soft and comfortable

Honestly the best packer I’ve had and best company I’ve bought from. The packaging is discreet and amazing. I’ve never felt more like a company cares about me and their quality. They included a nice little bag for my packer. The packer itself feels comfortable against my skin and is perfect with my cake bandit packing underwear. It even works well with a nice tight regular men’s underwear. For the price being reasonable and the durable yet soft quality I plan on buying more from this company. I’ve bought several packers over the years and even bought a few that were way over priced and the quality is incomparable to Axolom. Thank you guys!

Jay Bushey
New favorite packer

This packer is hands down my absolute favorite out of every one that I've ever owned. My bottom dysphoria kicked into high gear upon starting T, so I wanted something that looks realistic. This fits the bill, and it's super soft and comfortable. I have packing underwear but I also wear this in normal boxer briefs, and what minimal shifting may occur can easily be explained away by the notion of cis guys adjusting anyway. It was recommended to wash with warm water and mild soap and to let air dry, which I've done, and it still maintains its soft texture. Bulge is minimal, but suits every day packing perfectly.

I wish I could post pictures as part of my review because the thing that surprised me the most was the sleek, clean and discreet packaging. The packer came in a black box wrapped in plastic with the Axolom logo, and it even came with a super cute trans flag axolotl keychain that I proudly have on my keys!

My only complaint is that there is a small tear in the silicone right at the base of the shaft, but I have also been wearing this packer every day since I've gotten it and I tend to dress to the left, so it may just be wear and tear.

Overall, well worth the money!

Packs very well

Great packer, very detailed skin. Size is perfect, feels,good, not sticky. Doesnt give a big bulge, but for daily use is is great.

Justice Georgopoulos

Feels much higher quality than products I've used in the past. Seems big but fits very naturally in pants, doesn't move around as much as others I've used. Secure for me with normal tight fitting briefs, but you might want packing underware if you prefer looser underware. Very good price!

my favourite packer!

The size is perfect for me (wearing bigger packers for me is uncomfortable not only because I am worried that if something moves, it will look like a boner, but also the sweating and pressure from a big package is what I don’t like so much).
It feels very soft, not sticky at all and looks so nice in underwear. I am really glad I got this packer and that it was also so affordable. After almost three months of using it, it feels and looks still the same, it hasn’t changed in shape or texture, which is great. Would definitely recommend and buy again :-)

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