AXOLOM Fusion Uncut Soft FTM Packer - Axolom
AXOLOM Fusion Uncut Soft Packer - Axolom
AXOLOM Fusion Uncut Soft FTM Packer - Axolom
AXOLOM Fusion Uncut Soft FTM Packer - Axolom
AXOLOM Fusion Uncut Soft FTM Packer - Axolom
AXOLOM Fusion Uncut Soft FTM Packer - Axolom
AXOLOM Fusion Uncut Soft FTM Packer - Axolom
AXOLOM Fusion Uncut Soft FTM Packer - Axolom
AXOLOM Fusion Uncut Soft FTM Packer
AXOLOM Fusion Uncut Soft FTM Packer - Axolom
AXOLOM Fusion Uncut Soft FTM Packer - Axolom
AXOLOM Fusion Uncut Soft FTM Packer - Axolom

AXOLOM Fusion Uncut Soft FTM Packer

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Ever wanted to feel like your prosthetic was an actual extension of your body? Well, this product might be what you need! Fusion is an uncircumcised and naturally bent packer with detailed folds and a big scrotum. The star feature is the back, shaped with two inner half-moons that gently kiss against the body. Thanks to these, you will feel the presence of your packer even more!*

As always, all our products are made from food-grade silicone(FDA approved) and can be safely boiled for sterilization purposes. Besides, thanks to their non-sticky property, there is no need to powder them after cleaning. 

 *Please note that this depends on your current anatomy.

Shaft Length: 3.74'' (9.5cm)
Total Length: 4.33'' (11cm)
Diameter: 1.5'' (3.8cm)
Weight: 7.44oz (211g)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Fusion uncut soft ftm packer

Absolutely amazing product! The smoothest skin feel like packer I’ve ever had! It’s comfortable and looks realistic in your pants! ☺️

Sam E

Love how SOFT this packer is it's clearly very well made and at a more affordable price. The selling point for me was that dusting wasn't required and needless to say I'm very impressed with it!

Not too bad but I'm disappointed

It's okay, but I'm kind of disappointed. It started breaking about two or three days after I started wearing it. I've had it for about a week now, and it seems that every time I look at it there's a new tear. It's not even at the base of the shaft, where I'd expect it to be, it's mostly at the side of the scrotum (and a little bit at the top of the shaft and the top of the tab, but that doesn't bother me as much).

I was also really looking forward to feeling how soft it was (because people usually say that Axolom products are very soft) but it's not consistently soft. For example, the sides of the shaft are very soft, but the top of it is not at all. It's not sticky to the touch, but some fluf does stick to it (just a little bit though).

Packing with it is not always comfortable. It moves a lot so I have to wear very tight underwear so that it moves a bit less (I don't have a harness, I imagine this won't be a problem for people that do use a harness). The indentations in the back are a bit too high in my opinion. Sometimes it feels okay, but other times the part between the indentations rubs against my growth and it's quite uncomfortable (usually it just shifts itself so that my growth goes into one of the indentations). I'd have to put the packer almost fully between my legs to avoid that, which is obviously not where it's supposed to go. I wish they added an indentation for T growth to go in (I know there's an option that does this but the hole seems too high up which is why I got this one) as well as the two that are already there, or just lower them a bit. Besides this, I think it's worth mentioning that the tab at the top kind of curves outwards, which sometimes makes it visible through underwear for me (although I doubt anyone would notice).

To finish with some positive stuff, the size doesn't feel as big as I expected, which is good. I was afraid it'd be huge but it's not, it feels realistic, although I wish the shaft was shorter and/or it was possible to pack up as well as down (which would make the bulge a bit more discreet). I'd say I'm fairly satisfied with the size. It also looks very nice (if you ignore the obvious tearing) and I love that it's uncut. I'm looking forward to what this company will have to offer in the future, it definitely looks promising.


Awesome. Arrived discreet. Super comfortable.

Simon Gaughan
Broke within an hour!

Ripped at the base within an hour of wearing it, even though I followed the instructions for use. Was also much heavier than I expected and the bulge was slightly too prominent.

Please email us images of the defects,
The Fusion Mini is smaller than the Fusion, we'd like to replace it with a new Fusion Mini upon defective items.
Thank you!

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