AXOLOM Astro 3-IN-1 STP With Pleasure Ridges

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Astro is an uncircumcised stand-to-pee with no-spill lips. It has very detailed veins and folds, pleasure ridges, and gives a decent buldge. Its...

Astro is an uncircumcised stand-to-pee with no-spill lips. It has very detailed veins and folds, pleasure ridges, and gives a decent buldge. Its large cup has curved edges that sit comfortably against the body when comes time to empty one’s bladder. It is also very flexible and easy to wash (it is possible to flip the cup inside out to do so).

Please note that this model can be used for play when purchased with an Astro Rod. ( Sold separately)

As always, all our products are made from food-grade silicone(FDA approved) and can be safely boiled for sterilization purposes. Besides, thanks to their non-sticky property, there is no need to powder them after cleaning.

Shaft Length: 3.86'' (9.8cm)

Total Length: 5.43'' (13.8cm)

Funnel Width: 2.36" ( 6 cm )

Diameter: 1.5'' (3.8cm)

Weight: 7.16 oz (203 g)

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mauricio sosa

AXOLOM Astro 3-IN-1 STP With Pleasure Ridges

Cj Diederiks

Best purchase I ever made!

Shane Scarbrough
Not Pleased

So far no matter how I place the Astro or how slow I try to pee, it just makes me pee all over myself more that any other stp and this is the one I thought would be better for me but so far, it’s not living up to my expectations😔

Hmmmm, the Astro has a pretty big cup, not very sure what effects its performance. :(
Would you like to try any other design? We'd love to offer a discount on new purchase.

Au top

Bonne texture et longueur. Pas encore essayé mais je pense que ça ira très bien.

Thank you!

Austin Kacura

This is my first STP/Packer, I got it because I’m currently waiting for my Phallo process to start and I wanted something to alleviate dysphoria for the months in between. First thing, it arrived well before the date it was suppose to and the packaging is discrete, and also very fancy haha. The peen itself is very soft, I’ve seen a lot of people say that but I didn’t know what to expect, it feels very close to skin like. I haven’t used it to pee yet, but judging by the cup size I shouldn’t have any issues. Packing with it gives a nice appearance but not something too large to where it shouldn’t be used in public. Last thing, the price! I wasn’t wanting to pay 500+, and was a bit weary when I came across this page but honestly these are high end products at a great price.
Thank you Axolom!

Customer Reviews

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