AXOLOM Fusion Mini Realistic FTM Packer (Painted Version) - Axolom
AXOLOM Fusion Mini Realistic FTM Packer (Painted Version) - Axolom
AXOLOM Fusion Mini Realistic FTM Packer (Painted Version) - Axolom
AXOLOM Fusion Mini Realistic FTM Packer (Painted Version) - Axolom
AXOLOM Fusion Mini Realistic FTM Packer (Painted Version) - Axolom
AXOLOM Fusion Mini Realistic FTM Packer (Painted Version) - Axolom
AXOLOM Fusion Mini Realistic FTM Packer (Painted Version) - Axolom
AXOLOM Fusion Mini Realistic FTM Packer (Painted Version) - Axolom
AXOLOM Fusion Mini Realistic FTM Packer (Painted Version) - Axolom
AXOLOM Fusion Mini Realistic FTM Packer (Painted Version) - Axolom

AXOLOM Fusion Mini Realistic FTM Packer (Painted Version)

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AXOLOM Fusion Mini uncircumcised painted lifelike FTM packer is naturally bent, with detailed folds. Comes with a natural bulge and flat base, it's comfortable to use anytime.

There are two different tones available at the moment, C1 is light, C2 is dark.

PLEASE NOTE: Buyers agree to use this item at their own risk. This item is not a medical device, and no medical use for this item is stated or implied.

 Shaft Length:  3.5" ( 8.9 cm)
 Total Length:  4.3" ( 10.9 cm)
 Shaft Diameter:  1.26" ( 3.2 cm)
 Base Widest:  2.4" ( 6 cm)
 Weight:  5.29 oz. ( 150 g)


For more information about Axolom products, please search "Axolom" on YouTube to watch review videos.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lazy David
Amazing packer

It looks exactly the same as its picture on the web site.
So soft and well painted, even the vein is very life-like.
The best part is it’s not too bulky on a 163cm asian people.
I like it a lot ! Great job AXOLOM.

Markian P
Love it

I have been looking for a packer for a good while now, since I have a tight budget and buying something like this is always a big purchase for me. I've used mr limpy before, but it's a really difficult prosthetic to sanitise, so after a while, it just.. smells. The balls are also too big and it just doesn't sit right. Moves constantly.
This packer fixed all of the problems that I had with that prosthetic. It really is a beautiful design of an uncut dick that looks realistic and got some weight to it. I find a lot of packers to have balls too big, too short shaft (as mr limpy did), and if they don't have these problems, they're too big. This one is just.. an actual, normal flaccid penis of an adult man. It just looks how it's supposed to. I love that the base is flat and even a little indent. It aligns well with my body and feels right. I love feeling the foreskin and just seeing the bulge through the underwear.
The package comes in a branded box wrapped in plastic wrap, in a branded plastic bag. It also includes a storage bag for the packer with the Axolom logo and a little keychain. Honestly, so much attention to detail, this product definitely feels premium and it's just a really good experience. I will definitely buy from here again.
The paint job is obviously not hyperrealistic, but it's good enough for me. I wasn't aiming for something ultra convincing, but for the price it's a really nice touch.. It's more like a few splashes of paint here and there, although at some places it's pretty detailed, like coloured veins here and there which I adore. It came pretty shiny though - the paint is shiny - almost like an oiled-up dick. I've been using it every day for around a month now and the paint rubs off quickly, but it's normal for painted silicone. For me, some paint rubbed off on the head and at the sides of the balls, where it rubs against the underwear the most. As I'm aware, Axolom is working on a new painting technique which will allow the paint to be more durable and they offer free replacements to everybody who has their painted prosthetics (from Instagram post). This approach to treating their customers is why I chose Axolom over any other company.
Now, for the stickiness: it's not super sticky, but it does collect lint and hair. As I washed it every day, it got a bit more sticky, not super sticky though (my mr limpy was worse). It did not come with a super soft finish for me as I saw in many reviews (I imagine because of the paint). But the feel of it is perfect. It's not hard, pretty soft, a little harder than mr limpy, for me honestly it's the perfect feel.
The thing I was worried about was tearing - many reviews state that their prosthetics started tearing after a few uses. It has not happened to me in this period of time. I pack down and I don't really play with it or put it in positions that could cause it to rip, but possibly this exact model is not very prone to ripping.
I had a little problem with shipping - the shipping isn't available to Ukraine. I had to order it to my friend's address in Poland so he could resend it to me. That's unfortunate because so many trans men in Ukraine are on a very tight budget and want to have access to a beautiful product.
Overall, it's a beautiful product for the price. 50$ for a painted, realistic prosthetic with so much detail is the best price on the market. I'm thankful to this company for providing so diverse and high-quality packers for an accessible price. I can only wish greater success for you.

Best ever

Best packer I’ve ever tried! I’ve tried mr.limpy and another rare silicone one before, but they weren’t worth it. Too much hassle with the limpy, powdering every day, etc. (and it’s so big too,) and the silicone one was uncomfortable af. I ended up using neither of them for more than a couple of weeks.. I’m now a year on T, and even so, I find this really comfortable!! I almost cried about it, and that’s never happened with the other ones. It quickly absorbs my body temperature, and stays that way! I love that I can wash it so easily!!! The details are so realistic on this, down to the veins and everything!! My also trans best friend asked me to send a dick pic when I got it, and when I did, he said he literally forgot I didn’t have one and that it wasn’t real for a second!!! Have not taken it off at all since I got it! 10/10 HIGHLY recommend!!!!! ONLY packer even close to this good available at this price!!

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