ATLAS Pack N Play 5.9" Shaft - Axolom
ATLAS Pack N Play 5.9" Shaft - Axolom
ATLAS Pack N Play 5.9" Shaft
ATLAS Pack N Play 5.9" Shaft - Axolom
ATLAS Pack N Play 5.9" Shaft
ATLAS Pack N Play 5.9" Shaft
ATLAS Pack N Play 5.9" Shaft
ATLAS Pack N Play 5.9" Shaft

ATLAS Pack N Play 5.9" Shaft

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Life-like veins on shaft and ball sac skin;

The multi-layered shaft has soft and flexible skin (moveable foreskin), yet the inner core is firm enough for penetration;

Individual balls that “float” within the ball sac.

 Shaft Length:  5.9" ( 15cm )
 Total Length:  6.9" ( 17.5cm )
 Shaft Diameter:  1.65" ( 4.2cm )
 Weight:  10.58 oz ( 300g )

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Gender Euphoria

I got this pack and play for myself for my birthday. The duel density is great giving it the real feel of skin. Stroking it feels amazing. And it doesn’t feel like rubber at all like other strap ons I have had. The first time I wore it with a harness and boxers for play was one of the best moments of my life. The gender euphoria was amazing and I actually felt like I had a penis.
The base is a bit soft for initial penetration but once it is inside the density feels great and works well.


Omg, I never write reviews for products but this one deserves it. This is the most realistic pack and play/dildo/packer I have ever used, seen, or touched. It is truly amazing. And as a trans man, having a realistic feeling packer gave me such a dysphoric relief as well as giving my gender euphoria. It's a little to big to daily pack with, but in the right pants and boxers it's fine. But don't let that discourage you, this Weiner is amazing!


This was our first proper pack n' play device and we're loving it!

Looks and feels very realistic, the material was very high quality, although even after following the care instructions it still ended up a little sticky after washing. The silicone has developed a slight tear on the underside of the shaft close to the balls quite early on in using it but this has not worsened with use.

In Use:
Feels amazing when used with water-based lube or a condom, all of the fine details and realism come (hehe) together to create a very realistic feeling when jerking-off. Its still rather soft and keeps heat in well, so also feels amazing during penetration. It can be a little too soft at times as in certain positions it falls out very easily. We think this is because it is too soft at the base which is of course because of it's dual function as a packer too. As for packing, the bulge was a little too hard and too big to be realistic or fit into boxers with a packing-pouch, although if you are a bigger build and taller you may be able to get away with it.

Very good penis, we both enjoy this very much! My trans-masc partner can connect to it very easily and feels as though it is their real penis, if the balls hit against them in a certain way during sex, their mind is able to click into the 'this is my penis' headspace so it is very good at relieving dysphoria and gives them a lot of gender euphoria! As the receiver, I often forget it is not a real penis as it feels incredible to me as well. The only way this could be improved upon is if Axolom made a cum-tube as well so that my partner is able to ejaculate during sex for even more realism. (please axolom we beg this would be *amazing*!)

DK Kirkwood
Best all around-Price, design, quality

They've done it again. Axolom has produced another amazing product. (The Thinker being my go-to STP/packer) With the multiple layers, solid yet flexible core, moveable shaft skin and gel balls, this is as close to the real thing as it gets. My partner appreciates that it's not a hard dildo, and I love that it fits well into any harness. No one else sells a high quality packnplay at this low price. Believe me, I have a drawer full of wasted dollars of disappointing dicks. Look no more, this is the one you want, and I will probably buy the smaller version as well, to round out my collection and dump out all the others.

Norbert Lojek

Nehéz egy kicsit, de az anyaga kiváló, a testmeleget hamar át veszi, a bőr szépen mozog rajta, rendkívül realisztikus!

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