AXOLOM New Fusion Pro Uncut Soft FTM Packer - Axolom
AXOLOM New Fusion Pro Uncut Soft FTM Packer - Axolom
AXOLOM New Fusion Pro Uncut Soft FTM Packer - Axolom
AXOLOM New Fusion Pro Uncut Soft FTM Packer - Axolom
AXOLOM New Fusion Pro Uncut Soft FTM Packer - Axolom
AXOLOM New Fusion Pro Uncut Soft FTM Packer - Axolom
AXOLOM New Fusion Pro Uncut Soft FTM Packer - Axolom
AXOLOM New Fusion Pro Uncut Soft FTM Packer - Axolom
AXOLOM New Fusion Pro Uncut Soft FTM Packer - Axolom
AXOLOM New Fusion Pro Uncut Soft FTM Packer - Axolom
AXOLOM New Fusion Pro Uncut Soft FTM Packer - Axolom

AXOLOM New Fusion Pro Uncut Soft FTM Packer

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Are you missing that mind-body connection when using a trans packer? The new UPGRADED Uncut Fusion Pro might be a great fit! Because of the soft high quality silicone, it heats up to your body temperature. This uncircumcised packer even has slightly moveable skin, but that is not the only thing unique about it.

Compared to our former Fusion packer, the Fusion Pro has a smaller size, as many people say the Fusion's base is too big. The newest addition to this packer combo is the hole in the base which comes in two sizes ( Diameter S: 0.47 inches (12mm), M: 0.7 inches (18mm). ) Please select the exact size you prefer. Truly getting closer to it being an extension of your body. Because of the soft texture of the silicone it is very important to choose your size wisely. To keep the packer best place, pack using tight underwear, packing underwear, or even a jock strap it is able to hold in place.

 Shaft Length:  3.5" (8.9 cm)
 Total Length:   5.6" (14.2 cm)
 Shaft Diameter:  1.5" (3.8 cm)
 Hole Diameter:  S size: 0.47" (1.2cm); M size: 0.7" (1.8cm)
 Weight:  6.63 oz. (188g)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Good Packer for Price

To be completely transparent, I bought this packer on sale and I think that was a good price point. The hole sits too far up high for my anatomy to comfortably sit in while packing in a way that provides a natural bulge. This is a bit disappointing since that was the main reason I bought this specific packer.

Now for the good stuff. The packer is firm and soft in a very realistic way, which makes the original price point worth it in my opinion. This was my first uncut packer, and i would have been uncircumcised anyways had i been born with one so it was a bit euphoric to be able to feel the foreskin through my underwear. The skin is moveable to an extent. Since this is my first uncut packer, I don't really have anything to compare it to, but it feels relatively realistic to me. You can't pull it all the way back, but thats a silicone physics issue, not a product issue.

I've tried using this packer for solo play and while it's hard to maintain the packer in the proper place as well as hard to lift up the shaft in a typical jerking motion, I was able to find a compromised solution where I could put my anatomy into the hole and touch the base of the shaft for a nice suction sensation.

Overall a great purchase, could be improved on, but so far no packer has everything or is perfect. Def would recommend if you're looking for an uncut packer with slightly movable skin. If you're looking specifically for solo play, maybe another product would be better

Exciting product.

1st off, hats off to axolom!
After 2 months of using, its review time:
Feeling attached to a prosthetic is extremely important to me.
I love that the fusion packer lets me do this with balls. I also love how soft and lifelike it feels, without the weight. I was very gentle with the hole, but it has ripped a little - still works though. The positioning is a bit awkward, i wonder if 3d balls would help with this? Great price, fairly happy with it and really excited to see where they go with it next! I don't find it satisfying as a masturbator, but thats not what i got it for.

Great packer!

As far as packing goes this is a great packer. The bulge created is visible but not excessive. I’m 5’4 and 132 pounds and this is a good size for me. As far as the ‘play’ side of things goes, I don’t get a lot of pleasure from it but that could just be due to not having much sensitivity. The suction it creates is pretty good though. Shipping to Australia was pretty fast. There is a small tear at the bottom of the balls but other than that it’s in great condition.

Best purchase I’ve made

This is so soft and so life like. It helps with dysphoria so much! Great size, shipped quickly, awesome customer service.

Clover/Basil Howell
Not durable, and no replacement.

The day this item came in the mail I decided to wear it. Not too long after it began to rip. I understand it ripping after a long while. But not this short of a time. I only walked a bit.

I was genuinely excited for this product to arrive. I am disappointed. The only good part of the product was the looks. Until it ripped of course.
And I hope that the material improves in the future.

Best regards.

I’ve decided to add onto this. Someone at Axolom actually replied to my review. What did they say? Well,

“ Hi Clover,
Sorry for the quality issues!
Yes, we are always keeping learning and improving. Also, we'd love to send you free replacement for the defective item.
Thank you for supporting!”

So, we moved it to private. Of course.
They had promised me it would be shipped by 2 weeks.

It has been 2 whole months. I have received nothing, I’ve asked, no response.

Please, be careful if you choose Axolom.

Hi Clover,

Emailed you for the replacement shipping.
Stay well!

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