10 Cheap STP Packers that you may never want to miss this

When a trans man wants an STP packer, he finds out various blogs and youtube videos. But none can guide you for which one is for you. In this article, we share the 10 Cheap STP Packers that you may never want to miss. Let's share the packers.

First, we would like to introduce ourselves so that we can be good friends. Axolom welcomes each and everyone to our blog. Our company works for the transgender community for a few years. When a trans man like me or you find an STP packer for ourselves, It's hard to decide which is perfect for you. But there is a problem. The price range is 180-1000$ and so on. Isn't it high? Of course. Some can afford but a large number of transgender men can't afford it. We talk many trans men before starting our company and we decided to help by making a silicone mold of stp packer and putting a minimum price so that they can buy it. Our packers start from 29$. We never compromise with the quality.

We sold a lot of stand to pee packers in the last few years and wish we will always be with you. You can find various reviews on youtube. From positive reviews, we are inspired and from negative reviews, we are improving our products.

As we said, we started our journey for helping the transgender community so we are not a ready-made company. We made the stp packer with our hands. We design it for trans guys. Therefore, we are always ready to improve our products and we had 40+ reviews in our store. It will be increasing day by day. We can suggest one thing that just gives it a try and share your experience with us.

This can be beneficial for us. Do you want to know 5 Most Essential Products for Trans man? There are some useful things for you. 

Do you like to read our recent reviews? One of the transgender community blogs shares a review. You can check the review → Axolom Thinker STP Packer Review

There are two types of STP packers in our store.

  1. FTM STP. 2. FTM Packers

FTM STP means to stand to pee device. You can pee, have sex and play by it. This is called 3 in 1 stp packer. Example : FTM STP Store

FTM Packers, This product also has a tab that may be affixed to the body using self-adhesive sheets*. This will provide you with a feeling of natural movement from our prosthetic. 

10 Cheap STP Packers List

Now we show you the best and cheap stp packers list so that you can know why we are suggesting it to you.


FTM Packers → FTM packers are very soft and nice to pack with a harness and it is easy to use and wash. Here is some FTM Packers. Both Uncircumcised & circumcised stp packers are available in our store.

  1. AXOLOM Monsieur Wiggle Super Soft Packer Gear
  2. AXOLOM Fusion Mini Compact Uncircumcised Silicone Packer
  3. AXOLOM Rook FTM Erecting Packer
  4. AXOLOM Au Naturel Soft Silicone FTM Packer
  5. AXOLOM The Classic Silicone FTM Packer

FTM STP: FTM STP is very similar to ftm packers but it has a hole for pee that Isn't available in ftm packers. Here are some ftm stp packers.

  1. AXOLOM The Squire 3-IN-1 STP With Pleasure Ridges
  2. AXOLOM The Knight 3-IN-1 STP Packer With Pleasure Edges
  3. AXOLOM Handy 3 IN 1 Liquid Silicone STP Packer
  4. AXOLOM The Thinker Circumcised FTM STP ( Cut )
  5. AXOLOM Astro 3-IN-1 STP With Pleasure Ridges

How many times have to wash in a week?

Every private part has some smells that we can't ignore. When you use it regularly, you may discover the smells. We suggest something that makes your private part and stp packer fresh. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Clean Your Private Part Everyday
  2. Boil your stp packer once a month or bi-monthly.
  3. Clean your stp packer every day with warm water.
  4. Don't use oil-related soaps.

This makes your journey and experiences cool and we hope you can regularly use it.

Which is the best adhesive stp packer?

There are few adhesive stp packers in our store. You can check it here - axolom.com

What is the difference between axolom packer and other stp packers?

Axolom's STP packer is soft and realistic. It's made with original silicone and it doesn't harm our bodies.

How to urinate with an stp packer?

First, unlock your ezp or when you are ready for a pee, roll it into a funnel and urinate through the funnel. It's very easy. But before using the public toilets, you must use it regularly during shower time.

How do you keep stp packers in place?

For keeping it in a place, you have to wear tight underwear such as a jockstrap and others.

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