4 STP Packers For Ftm & Trans People

4 STP Packers For Ftm and Trans People | Which FTM STP Fits You?


Picking the perfect prosthetic for us as ftm and trans people can be a bit challenging! We as humans aren't used to being able to choose the perfect look for ourselves as many trans people experience quite a bit of dysphoria with our bodies. For this reason, Axolom made 4 stp packers for you to be able to choose which style you like all for less than $80.

While Axolom's products are STP packers, they will also be able to be used as pleasure products that you can use for play as well. While those haven't released yet, Axolom's four stp packers will be sure to offer you a variety of styles, cuts, and funnels. 

Let's kick this off with the first one which is named the "Handy"!

Handy is perfect for those who are new to STP packers.

The Handy has a 4.7" shaft and a 1.51" diameter. It is circumcised, comes with no-spill lips, and has a long and slender cup. It also has detailed veins and small balls, but it overall gives a good buldge. Because it's so flexible, it's easy to wash (like to flip the cup inside out). Please note that, unlike the other STPs that we currently offer, the "Handy" model does not come with pleasure ridges incase you prefer your prosthetic without them! 

Secondly, the Knight has a shorter STP tab which introduces the textured pleasure ridges to stimulate the wearer.

Many times when people choose to medically transition using hormone therapy, their natural anatomy is enlarged and more sensitive than ever. If you do happen to have some bottom growth via HRT or just naturally swole, then these ridges help give your anatomy stimulation as you use the play function. This ftm prosthetic has a 5" shaft and a girth of 1.57". 

Third, on our list, is the Squire which is the smallest of the bunch measuring up to a shaft length of 3.46".

The Squire is a circumcised stand-to-pee device with no-spill lips.

It has a soft texture, detailed veins, and folds, as well as pleasure ridges. Pleasure ridges on Axolom's STPs can change the game for partner play OR inserting a bullet vibe to use for something new to try for solo play. Despite his shorter shaft, the Squire is still a great choice for those looking for a dependable STP and a nice bulge. 

And last, but CERTAINLY not least, is Axolom's Astro STP packer.

The only one of Axolom's STP's offered in an uncircumcised or uncut version is Axolom Astro.

Realism is no issue for this bad boy with its detailed folds and curved cup for comfort while utilizing the stand to pee function. Pleasure ridges are also included in this model, too. I personally think this is one of the more realistic prosthetics because of the detailed folds and the shape. And this one comes with those pleasure ridges that are ALWAYS a good time.

When you're looking for a product that you're going to use and wear daily, you need to love it. All of Axolom products are made from food-grade silicone (FDA approved) and can be safely boiled for sterilization purposes. Thanks to their non-sticky property, there is also no need to powder them after cleaning. Every STP packer on Axolom site has a no-spill lip around the cup portion. This prevents overflow when using the STP in the restroom thus preventing leaks, wet pants and embarrassing moments. No need to worry about controlling the flow with this bad boy - it's a funnel you can trust. Pair any of these with 

Regardless of the product you wear, securing your prosthetic is a required part of the process! Common attachment options include: Adhesive (via self-adhesive sheets), Jockstraps, Snug Briefs, Harness or Packing Boxer Briefs (with a built-in pouch for FTM packers). 

If you are reading this post I want to make sure that I let you know that battling bottom dysphoria is a serious battle. If you are struggling with mental health or trans-related issues and need to speak with someone, check out this support helplineTrans Lifeline: (877) 565-8860

Trans Lifeline is a trans-led organization that connects trans people to the community, support, and resources they need to survive and thrive. If you are struggling with dysphoria, questioning your gender, or need more support please reach out to these people. They are trained people who are there to help you. "Trans Lifeline connects trans people to the community support and resources we need to survive and thrive."

If you have any questions about Axolom products feel free to reach out on our contact page or our socials!

Much love and light,

Aaron Capener

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