5 Best STP Packers, According To Trans Guys

While we focus on having external gear for our regular, we won't compromise quality. Because cheap packers sometimes don't maintain hygiene. As a result, we may face multiple infections. So, we need to care for our packer as our genitalia. The external gear gives us the comfort and happiness that we feel after bottom surgery.

What is an STP packer?

STP Packer is an artificial device made with silicone. It is used for standing to pee, regular packing and sexual intercourse. However, there are separate devices available for different functions. Erect packers always look hard and stand. On the other hand, the stand-to pee packer and ftm packer are soft and good to wear. STP packer looks like a penis or dick which decreases gender dysphoria.

Today we'll share FTM STP packers, according to trans guys. We'll share why the gears are good for transgender guys.

1. Stand to Pee Packers

  • Axolom Knight

Axolom Knight is a stand-to-pee packer. The device is 3 in 1 gear. It is used for packing and standing to pee. After that, you can also use for sexual intercourse. Axolom Knight is available with Pleasure Edges which is pretty interesting. The length is 6.7 inches and the weight is 220 grams. The price is $79. According to trans guys, the packer is useful and well for regular use. Here we share few reviews of Axolom Knight:



It’s absolutely amazing. Very euphoric, works good for me. The only thing I have is that it breaks apart a little bit but that’s just the pleasure rod if you know what I mean but yea thank you, it’s a great product.

Wesley Pitman

Better for pack and play

I've never used an stp and I'm scared to piss myself so I'm not going to, but I use this to pack and for play. It fits just right with the boxers, or a packing strap, and doesn't bother my wider thighs. I've use it for play with my boyfriend and he says it hits the right spot! I also experienced head for the first time with a prosthetic and it was Therapeutic.

Blokey Williams

Pretty awesome

Just wish it came with instructions on the best way to use it

More reviews are available in the Product Page. Let's Check out.

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  • Axolom Thinker

Axolom Thinker is a stand to pee packer and it's also 3 in 1 STP Packer. The packer is so soft. We are pretty sure that beginners mostly love this gear and would be regular trans packer. The STP packer is lightweight. The length of the packer is 5.5 inches and the weight is 160 grams. The STP packer has the highest reviews in the Axolom Store. This is one of the best STP packers. The price is $59. According to the price, the gear is super premium and comfortable. According to trans guys we shared some of the reviews:


Milan Fix

Really good begginers packer

I love the packer. It's my first one and I am very very happy that I purchased it.


Looks and feels great! Perfect packer *if* it’s the right size/purpose for you.

For its features:

STP: this is my first STP packer, so I don’t have anything to compare it to. There’s definitely a learning curve, I have peed on myself several times. Entirely a user error though. (Shaving helped) Made me realize the effort of a STP is *personally* not worth it. Looks and feels great though! I can see how it would relieve dysphoria for many.

Pack: Not my favorite to pack with, though still made me feel euphoric! (ended up getting a second packer from the Axolom prosthetics line, which I prefer for this purpose) Since it’s hollow, when you fold it to pack it becomes a bit square. And it very much wants to look like a semi/boner if not given adequate compression. And since it’s hollow, it is harder to *adjust* if it moves out of place. It is a bit too big for me personally to feel comfortable packing with. (It’s a good hard length, but too long soft)

Play: got the rod insert for this (which has a SUPER nice and soft silicone portion that goes against the wearer. Full disclosure, haven’t used it for play on another person yet, so I’m not sure how it’ll be in a harness, but I’m feeling pretty hopeful.

Overall TLDR: not the perfect packer for me personally, though for the amount of purposes it is still worth the purchase. I’m going to keep it as my “bedroom” packer for play and use a (smaller) Axolom “packer” for packing. Would use it as a STP if peeing standing up ever becomes important to me.

It is a very nice quality, the silicone is super soft. Easy to clean. Doesn’t get sticky like some packers. While it isn’t the holy grail packer for me, that’s mostly due to personal preferences, it still deserves 5 stars!



I just got it today! haven't tried to use it as a STP yet but packing with tight boxers it feels and looks awesome! I'm like 5'4 and 135lbs and the bulge looks perfect. I did get the packing boxers with the O ring but since it's an STP it makes me kinda look like I have a boner if it's not positioned right but in polyester briefs it sits comfortably even without a harness. I love it:D super euphoric

Dav cake

Love the title

The cup collapses quite easily, which makes me too nervous to urinate in public. The cup also fills quickly, and almost seemingly drain slowly but flows fine. It may lead to overflowing but the quality is great, packaged beautifully I would make another purchase from Axolom for sure

To check more reviews we would like to provide a product page link in the below.

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  • Axolom Squire

Axolom Squire is a stand-to-pee packer. It is a 3 in 1 STP packer. That means you can use it as a stand to pee, regular packing and sexual intercourse. The length is 4.7 inches and the weight is 166 grams. The price is $59. According to trans guys, it's a very comfortable soft small packer. It is also easy to use and very lightweight. Here is some reviews:


It's better than i thought. His material is maybe a little hard, but it can softening from my body heat. First time i used it, i felt something pride. I felt myself absolutely a man, and i was addicted to wearing this.


Quite good, BUT…

First of all: it‘s a great packer/stp overall.

It‘s also my first stp and it works quite well!

It‘s good for packing, since it has a soft texture and is not too big.
It‘s also quite well for masturbation and helps with my dysphoria in that point, too. (You basically put a bullet vibrator in the shaft, turn it on and can then wank „your“ dick with some lube or lotion, sounds weird but is SO good lmao)

Let‘s get to the stp function, tho.
It does work, it takes some practice but overall it really does work.
Once you learn how to control your peeing and how to properly position it, it‘s amazing.

However, there are some problems for me.
I‘m just 5‘1 and have big thighs - which is a problem.

I didn‘t get any packing underwear, (thankfully, cus i wouldn‘t be able to use them) because i figured, that tighter underwear does the job just fine.
Now here‘s why I couldn‘t even use packing underwear properly: because of my thighs.

When i‘m packing with the squire, i need to position it quite high up, or else the packer would be squished by my thighs the whole time, which would be very uncomfortable.

With peeing, however, i need to position it very far down, or else it‘d overspill.
Also, i always need to lean forward with my whole body while peeing, because the packer is a bit small, so if i wouldn‘t i‘d just straight up pee on the toilet seat/edge.

It‘s not that much of a problem, since i got used to it now, but it kinda sucks, because i can‘t use public urinals because of that.

So if you got big thighs like i do, maybe think about getting a slightly bigger stp.

But overall, i‘m VERY happy with this packer and so thankful to have it.
I will probably buy another (bigger) one in the future and see how that works for my body type.

  1. K

One little issue

The device is absolutely great, it has helped me with dysphoria by a ton!
HOWEVER!! pretty soon after opening the package, I noticed a strong unpleasant factory smell in both of the items. (the squire + rod)

I washed both of them twice with soap and warm water, yet no effect of the smell fading away. (it was strong to the point it's bothering)

The care instruction card said not to boil the Packer so I haven't boiled it.

At day 3 I covered it in baking soda to help it fade away the smell and it did the job quite well, the product still stinks a bit but it's definitely better than what it was after opening.
Been washing it with a dip of soap after every use,
Haven't experienced other issues but i'd be glad if you would help me get rid of the smell completely

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  • Axolom Handy

Axolom Handy is a 3 in 1 STP packer. It is well for stand to pee and play. It has various positive reviews in Youtube and the packer is soft and lightweight. The length is 6.26 inches and the weight is 175 grams. The price is $79. According to trans guys, Axolom Handy has the most positive reviews. Here is some reviews:



I don’t really have any complaints as such. For me personally I think it’s to big maby, but all round a good step


Lots to love

So this thing is a mixed bag. The texture of it is unbelievably silky soft, the density is chef's kiss, the length is great for play, and the balls are low profile. I had no issues using the play insert (affectionately referred to as "boner stick") and actually found that while in place it packs okay for a while before it gets cumbersome.

Why it gets docked is functionality. The angel is very odd and as an STP you basically have to position it straight down otherwise all your pee shoots out the back. So pee on the back of your pants or the front. The cup seems like it will accommodate, but definitely does not. The funnel can manage a pretty strong stream, but again, the angles are all wrong no matter how much I practice. Not an issue I've had with other STOs which seems to be a common complaint with the handy. My urethra is not all that far back, so that's saying something. I'm also fit, so pretty average build with muscley thighs and stay shaved, but I'm not thicc. They say it does better when you have more fluff, so I guess take that for what is worth.

Overall, it's decent, but given that it doesn't function as an STP there's a level of inconvenience/frustration there. In that way it is a loss of value for money.

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  • Axolom Astro

Axolom Astro is a stand to pee packer and it's a 3-in-1 STP packer. The packer is soft and easy to use. It is a lightweight packer. The length is 5.43 inches and the weight is 203 grams. The price is $59. According to trans guys, the size is perfect for beginners. The Axolom Astro is very well for regular packing. Here is some reviews:

Jayden Adrin

Great Packer! Super happy with the second one

This packer is amazing!! The last one got ripped relatively fast sadly, but I’m really happy that this one was a higher quality one😊



Cette prothèse est parfaite pour moi. Elle pack bien, malgrè sa taille qui semble imposante, j'ai réussi à utiliser la fonction STP dès la 1ere utilisation (douche), à voir en extérieure dans un WC publique. Le pleasure ridge ne fonctionne pas très bien pour moi, je n'ai pas pris la tige en option je ne m'en sert que pour packer et comme STP. J'ai également acheté la prothèse qui lui ressemble comme deux gouttes d'eau pour packer et à l'arrière elle a un endroit pour insérer le dicklit. Je préfère largement ça au pleasure ridge. Ce packer de la même compagnie me donne 100% satisfaction et je me sens de nouveau connecté à mon corps c'est énorme !! Le fait que le visuel entre le STP et le packer soient similaire c'est un énrome +, barvo à eux !! Je ne ressens presque plus de dysphorie dans la vie de tous les jours grâce à ces deux prothèse.

I really love it. Packs well, even though I was afraid it would be too big at first. I'm 1m70 and 65kg/



Astro is great and would be even better if it had the spill-proof ridge that that Prince has.
You’re almost there! Please make them all with that detail!

For more reviews, you'll check out the product page.

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Thanks for reading the article. We hope the gears will be right for you. For packing, you can check our Axolom Packing Underwears.

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