Best Packing Underwear For FTM Packers

When we look for packing underwear, we get various types of packing underwear. But not all of them are good for FTM packers. FTM packers are very soft and breathable. That means you can go anywhere with packers. Packing is now safe and comfortable. 

Are you looking for a Ftm Packing underwear? Then you are in the right place. Now you can get all the best packing underwears in one article. We would like to share the product descriptions.

What is FTM Packer?

FTM Packer is called the penis prosthetics that are made by silicone mold. Packer is very soft. It doesn't hurt private parts. FTM packers are not expensive like a stand to pee prosthetics or erect packer. Most trans guys haven’t a few budget or looking for budget friendly STP packers.It is also called an STP packer. STP Packers can be multiple variants such as

  • Stand To Pee Prosthetics
  • FTM Packer
  • Erect STP Packer

Some STP Packer or FTM Packer can be adhesive or some packers can be packed with packing underwears, harnesses and jockstraps. We had made two packing underwears a few months ago. We got various feedback from users. From then, we start making gear that would be more comfortable while packing. Now packing is easier with our new packing underwear. We have now 5 plus packing underwear.

  • Stand To Pee Prosthetics: The prosthetic enables a user for standing out the pee in front of a public washroom. The prosthetics are soft and good for long-term use. It can be used for urine, play and packing. Stand-to-pee prosthetics are now a 3-in-1 STP Packer. That means you'll get three benefits in one packer.
  • FTM Packer: The full meaning of FTM Packer is female to male penis prosthetics. It is generally used for regular packing. It is so soft that it can't use for play or pee. There is no hole for releasing the pee. Because of softness, it can use anytime. The main think is It's very easy to pack and use.
  • Erect STP Packer: Erect is a word that comes from the word "Erection". The erect STP Packer is used for playing. It helps a user to satisfy a partner physically. It is basically used for sexual intercourse and it is sometimes similar to DILDO. Though the definitions are completely different.

The article is basically made for packing an FTM Packer. But we thought to put the right descriptions before you purchase a packer. FTM Packers are soft, realistic and good for a long time. However, it is only used for packing. It means you can be packed easily anytime. A packing underwear is required to pack a FTM STP packer.

What is the meaning of Packing?

Packing is related to the action or process of something. Generally, FTM packing means carrying a silicone prosthetic, especially on a regular or habitual basis.

How FTM packing made our life easy?

When you wear a silicone penis prosthetic, you'll feel confident in the public places. The silicone prosthetics represent masculinity. Now a FTM trans man can remove their bottom dysphoria by having a penis prosthetic.

How FTM packing underwear make us confident?

Packing underwear is a comfortable wear. While packing a FTM packer, we can't use regular underwears because it can't hold the packer. For this we'll need to have a underwear that has a pouch inside the underwear. It will hold the packer straight to the front. It looks natural. By this way, we feel gender euphoria. It is a position vibe for us.

Who is using FTM Packer?

There is no restriction of gender. Anyone can use FTM packer. Mostly Transgender men (female to male transgender), non binary, non confirming gender, a person who feel himself man is using FTM packer.

When a trans man start using a Silicone Penis Prosthetic?

Trans men start using silicone penis prosthetics while he starts hormone replacement therapy. Hormone replacement therapy makes a trans man more manly or masculinity in life.

How to buy a Packing underwear for a FTM packer?

There are multiple sites that manufacturing packing underwears. Axolom has recently launched some of their products including packing underwears. It is good for regular packing. You'll feel free and comfortable while packing a FTM packer.

Can I pack stand to pee prosthetics in the same underwear?

Possible if you use small stand to pee packers like Axolom Prince or Squire, you can pack them also. But we don't recommend it.

What is the price of a packing underwear?

The price of a packing underwear is around 15-30$. Axolom offers best quality packing underwears in cheap pricing. We believe packing should be more budget friendly.

Here is a list of Axolom Packing Underwears:

Axolom Packing Jockstrap


Jockstrap is the best comfortable wear for a FTM packer. It looks well. You can turn the nut anywhere. It's movable and you can use it all day. There are two packing jockstrap right now. We shared the new one there.

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Axolom Packing Boxer


Packing boxer is very comfortable than jockstrap. Mostly trans men using packing boxer for long term use. It can go anywhere with this. You can pack easily or can unpack a packer anytime. It doesn’t hurt your private parts. It is secure and breathable wear.

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Axolom Packing Trunks


Packing trunks is similar to boxer. The difference between two underwears is size and colors. The trunks looks longer. Both are comfortable for regular packing. The dick is movable.

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We launched three different types of underwears for packing purposes. There are multiple colors. We hope you'll like to wear these underwears. You can also use it after bottom surgery. Anyone can use these underwears.

Thanks for reading the article. We hope you'll have some idea how and why a packing underwear is important. If you feel you get some help or benifits from us, please don't hestiate to share the article with your friends. You can subscribe our nesletter for regular updates.

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