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FTM STP | Stand To Pee Devices

In my experience, gender dysphoria can attack you from all different angles. It's important in my opinion for transgender people to build their mental strength and utilize tools at their disposal to be able to combat these terrible feelings of unworthiness. And Axolom’s FTM STPs can help. 

While top dysphoria is usually solved with a binder or surgery, bottom dysphoria is a trickier beast. Not everyone has the same wants or needs when it comes to such a sensitive area on our bodies so it can be difficult to find a solution that hits our bottom euphoria in all the right spots. For a 4 in 1 to be successful, it needs to be your go-to for all things you’d want your genitalia to be able to do if you were to be assigned male at birth. One of those pain points for some is sitting to pee. It makes using the restroom more than just difficult, it can be a place of fear for some. No one should have to feel scared to have to use the restroom. No one should have to worry about their safety about such a juvenile task. So in response we made stand to pee devices that help many people.



Some transgender people feel very uncomfortable sitting to pee and it’s an unfriendly reminder that the body they were given doesn’t align with their mind. Our products give people a tool to use against their challenges in their minds. Because of the sensitive nature of being transgender, our FTM STP lineup can do its part to help combat the staggering statistics surrounding LGBTQ mental health.

Forbes notes, “In its second annual National Survey on LGBTQ Youth Mental Health, The Trevor Project uncovered some alarming information about gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and other gender nonconforming young Americans: 48% of this group said that in the last 12 months, they engaged in self-harm; that number rose to 60% for trans and nonbinary youth. Even more worrisome, 40% of those surveyed reported having seriously considered attempting suicide during that period; Of the young people who identified as trans or nonbinary, more than half said they strongly considered ending their lives.” 

Yeah, you read that right. More than HALF of the trans* young people said they strongly considered ending their lives. This just reiterates that we need to provide gender-affirming care, products, and support to these people now more than ever. Doing our part and just simply listening to the community and providing these products is the least we can do.

We are firm believers here at Axolom that your financial status shouldn’t be a barrier for you to feel authentically you. That’s why here at Axolom, “We are donating 5-10 pieces packers to some respected organizations or public activities monthly.” Send us a message if you’d like to be considered! We want to help.

You can purchase FTM STP products that are only for peeing, but Axolom's line of STPs is where you want to look if you’re wanting high-quality products, with multiple uses, for a fraction of the price. They mention on their website that they’re, "producing with a new technique and unique silicone material formula” and by “engaging with the trans community directly, we’re able to provide (a) higher-quality, better-experience and prescription (for) FTM prosthetics at a fraction of the going price." The bottom line is if you don’t want to/aren’t able to spend hundreds of dollars trying to find a prosthetic worth your hard-earned dollars, start your research on your FTM STP here.

Our FTM STP Options

At the time of this writing, Axolom has 4 STP (stand to pee) devices. the Squire, Handy, Astro, and The Knight. Let’s take a look at the options:

Coming in at over 6 inches, the Handy is your go-to choice for length and if your peen isn’t a fan of pleasure ridges. The other three in this lineup have two silicone bumps at the top of the cup for you to feel against your anatomy when using these products during play. The Handy also has less deep, more subtle folds and detailing than its counterparts. And Axolom’s matching prosthetic, the Knight, is the 5” version of the Handy to offer a smaller option for this model!

Astro is the next size down and great news if you prefer your member to be uncut because it is uncircumcised. Measuring up to 5.5” in total length, its detailed veins, and natural curvature makes you feel more at peace with this FTM STP in your jeans.

Next, With a 3 ½ ” shaft (5” Total Length), the Squire is circumcised with highly detailed veins that include pleasure ridges at the top of the cup-styled STP but is a more reasonable size for those looking for something more discreet. I noticed that these ridges automatically level up a prosthetic for me because it can help you give OR receive a better experience overall. 

How To Pack Our FTM STP Collection: 

Not sure how to keep your prosthetic secure? People have nightmares of their member falling out at the restroom or in public at all. Between harnesses, adhesives, and specific boxers, I broke down the options you have to use our FTM STP collection in this article. 

There are so many people in this world that are gifted with their mind aligning with their body and many have no clue how hard it can be for some. We shouldn’t have to schedule our lives around using the restroom. We should be able to just live and put that fear away so we can focus on making the most of our lives. We want our FTM STPs to do just that. 

As always, sending you love and light!

Feel natural, fear less!

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