Pick The Right Color For STP Packer According To Body

Before May 2024, accurate colour-choosing options weren't available. We got much feedback from users that the STP's colour doesn't match their body. So, we were thinking about it. It is also impossible to bring multiple colours at a time because the cost won't be familiar.

At the beginning of June, we released the STP Color Texture Sample Pack where 4 similar colours are available. People can now buy the pack and check their body colour with the sample and then they can buy the right colour for their body. This can save you money from wasting on buying different colours of STP packer.

Product: AXOLOM STP Color & Texture Sample Pack

AXOLOM Packer Color & Texture Sample Pack --4 Pack - Axolom

There are 5 options available such as C1-C4, C2-C5, C3-C6, C4-C7, C5-C8. The first C1-C4 is white, brown, binge and the second C5-C8 is brown to dark brown.

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Axolom also offers exact colours in case the colour doesn't match your body or isn't perfectly okay. We are making your transition easier and more affordable. Over the last four years, we have gained your love and support. We have reached 5000 transguys already and would like to reach 50000 transguys soon.

We are humbled to see your review and we would like to get more feedback from your side. We appreciate your feedback and improving our products from day 1 to still. Many trans guys can't afford an STP packer, but they can join our giveaway on our Instagram page. The Pride Month sales are ongoing. Most beginner transgender men are waiting for the offers. You can purchase whatever you want and refer your friend who needs any gender transition product.

How to buy the right colour for our FTM STP packer?

First, you have to check out the STP 4 Pack Texture sample colour and try which one is the closest or perfect match to your body. Then simply go to FTM STP Packer and choose any of the STP packers from the following list. For Begiinier we suggest Axolom Thinker and Axolom Handy or Classic and Hose in FTM Soft Packer. Then choose the color option and check out it. You may require a Packing underwear to hold the packer in a position.

Example: A brown colour guy brought packer gear and they saw the colour wasn't perfectly matched with his colour. Then he brought an STP packer texture sample from C3-C7. One of the colours is perfectly okay with their body colour and then he simply buys his favorite packer from Axolom.

In the same way, you can bring your STP packer and be happy with Axolom. Please provide honest feedback to see how was your journey. We are always ready to get your feedback whether it's negative or positive. Your feedbacks motivate us to do something better to make your transition lifestyle easier and relaxing.

Thanks for reading our article. Hope you will find your exact colour from this blog post. Please subscribe to our blog to get regular updates. Take care. Wish you a happy journey of your transition.


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