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For some, the hardest part of their day is when they use the restroom. If you're someone who has never had this problem consider yourself privileged as there are millions of transgender people that struggle with this. And I don't just mean long lines or gross bathrooms. I mean fear of being outed, harassed, or judged. It's not fun to have to plan your day around where you can safely (and sanitarily) do such an elementary task like relieve yourself. So we made an STP FTM and non-binary friendly!

There is much to be said about the "bathroom anxiety”experienced by many trans folk around the world. All over the United States are anti-trans* bathroom bills are passing and worries spike in fear of being outed especially for those who don't pass as easily. (Pass: is when someone, typically a transgender person, is perceived as cisgender instead of the sex they were assigned at birth). We make our products in hopes of helping more trans* people stand to pee and use the restroom with confidence


But What Are STP Devices?

An STP FTM trans* people may use is a prosthetic that is adopted as an extension of the body wearing it. For example, what others may see as a sex toy or dildo, some trans* people feel as if the silicone prosthetic is treated like a prosthetic you would get if you had lost your leg. It helps the person be more than what they're not able to do. Although people are quick to joke about sex toys, these prosthetics are more than immature giggles. These products save lives. They help people battle their minds and the feelings of unease that come with someone who experiences bottom dysphoria.

They not only are used as packers, but they can double (as a stand to pee devices) and triple (as insertable rods to use during intimate situations). Some FTM trans* people struggle with bottom dysphoria and these prosthetics can be a big difference for those looking to use urinals in the “men’s” restroom!


STP FTM Tutorial:

First, you'll want to make sure you have a reliable STP, and as your first starting out, practice at home. You'll want to make sure you try it in a situation where it won't be a huge deal if you have some trouble at first! The shower is the key to practicing, my friends. 

You'll need to hold the prosthetic at the base so that the curvature of the STP is against your anatomy. Your member will be aimed downward and with the trusty hand-made cup, you can relax and relieve yourself at the urinal (after practicing in the shower) with ease. Because of the realism of the Axolom molds and the fact that no one should be worried about what your junk looks like in the restroom, you will easily pass the urinal test!

Practice. Practice. Practice. - With Your STP FTM or Non-Binary!

It's important that you practice using your stand to pee device in the comfort of your home. Better yet. Start in the shower at first just in your underwear! You just want to get used to the motion of using it and not spilling. Then once you nail that, try putting your pants on and using it - still in the shower just in case. When you're ready for the boss level - hit the toilet fully dressed! You can do this. Make sure you’re in a safe and comfortable place before practicing. Also, when I first started using STP devices I had a hard time with stage fright. Relax - you can do this. And for the love of everyone, AIM. 


Size Matters.

When I purchased my first STP I immediately wanted to go big. With the looming expectation that “bigger is better”, it's important to consider other things like how big you want your bulge to be. As a 5’7” transguy myself, I also think that it should feel proportionate to your body in my experience. Axolom makes 4 main devices for STP FTM or transmasculine people really enjoy! The main difference between the Squire, Handy, Knight, and the Astro is the size. The Squire sizes up at 5” and is circumcised. The Astro is almost half an inch longer total and is the only STP offered in an uncut model at the time of this writing. Coming in hot at 6.25” is The Handy and this model is circumcised. And the largest STP offered comes in a stunning 6.7 inches is The Knight


  • An STP FTM trans* people may use is a prosthetic that is adopted as an extension of the body wearing it.
  • They can be multifunctional for your needs.
  • Practice in a comfortable safe space and in the shower!
  • Size preference is different for everyone - Axolom has 4 options here! And releasing more options soon.


Much love and light, 

Aaron Capener

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