Top 6 Packing Boxers To Use With FTM Prosthetics

When you are someone who is transgender or nonbinary, finding the right prosthetic for you is a challenge all of its own. While we do have an article on Axolom’s FTM prosthetics, we don’t have an article on which packing boxers to use with packers/STPs. That’s what we’ll be covering today! While there are many options for packing boxers to use with FTM prosthetics, it’s important to understand what kind of device you are trying to match it to. While some packing boxers would be good for packing, they may not be compatible with a stand to pee device. The same goes for play!

First identify what ftm prosthetic you’re using, what functions it has, and what you use it for to make sure you get the harness that is compatible and successful with good reviews. To help you choose which is best for you and your own ftm prosthetic, Axolom sponsored this post to break it down - so let’s get into it!

Options Matter

While some people are privileged enough to be able to afford packing boxers, some are not as fortunate. We’ll do another post later for DIY options for you to try, but for now, we’ll cover the purchase options. It’s also important that you know that harnesses and packing boxers are different. Harnesses usually involve o-rings, straps, and/or pouches in a more jockstrap style. Packing boxers are like briefs or boxer briefs that have an o-ring either sewn into them or a pouch for you to hold your packer in the right spot and hold it there without worry. There’s nothing more mortifying than your penis falling out at the urinal or while you’re being active - or so I’ve heard. Avoid that by securing your ftm prosthetic with one of these options before. As more and more people are feeling confident enough in their skin to come out of the closet and embrace their authentic selves, more businesses will be created to cater to people like me. Thus, bringing us as transgender and non-binary people who need these products more options.


The Top 6 options are in my opinion:

  1. Rodeoh

While Rodeoh’s quality is spot on, it does seem to fall on the more expensive side. For many $20 for one pair of underwear plus shipping is just too far out of reach financially for some.

  1. MyPack

While they are relatively new to the game, I found them more helpful and comfortable than many of the underwear I’ve tried so far. MyPack features a nice hanging pouch style but without the extra straps that usually go around your backside or your thighs. I found that very helpful since I’m someone who is sensory sensitive.

  1. Zippered Pouch From TranZwear

Although these were earlier popularized by cismen to be able to hide their flask or other items discreetly in their underwear without being noticed. (usually marketed for sports games and such) Now, transgender people around the world are taking a liking to use it to ensure security and guarantee your packer won’t slip away no matter what!

  1. G Strap Harness From Peecock

While some might think this is way too close to their anatomy, I know there are some people who prefer this instead of having straps that go all the way around them. This can be less distracting than extra straps for sure.

  1. Briefs (Tighty Whities)

Probably the most accessible to purchase, the classic tighty whities in a snug size will hold your packer in surprisingly well. They also usually have a slit to be able to use an STP as well which is a nice extra function!

  1. Get Your Joey Pouch

Made to be added and pinned to any boxers you already have, the Get Your Joey pouch comes in different sizes for different people’s preferences. The nice part about the Joey is that they have both STP and packing versions for you to add to any of your own underwear you already have.

While this is not even close to all the options that are available to you, these are the top 6 that most people are happy with and are able to try something new. These businesses are trusted, top-of-the-line companies that are highly reviewed. As always Axolom has bomb prosthetics that are high quality AND affordable which is a great resource for those who aren’t as monetarily privileged.

Feel free to reach out to Axolom if you need any help deciding which prosthetic will be the best fit for you. You could also comment below with what solutions that you’ve found to be helpful with your own prosthetics.

I want you to know if you’re reading this right now:

You are worthy.
You deserve to be happy.
I’m thankful for you.

Until next time,

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