AXOLOM The Kong Big Size Packer-5.91" Shaft - Axolom
AXOLOM The Kong Big Size Packer-5.91" Shaft - Axolom
AXOLOM The Kong Big Size Packer-5.91" Shaft - Axolom
AXOLOM The Kong Big Size Packer-5.91" Shaft - Axolom
AXOLOM The Kong Big Size Packer-5.91" Shaft - Axolom
AXOLOM The Kong Big Size Packer-5.91" Shaft - Axolom
AXOLOM The Kong Big Size Packer-5.91" Shaft - Axolom
AXOLOM The Kong Big Size Packer-5.91" Shaft - Axolom
AXOLOM The Kong Big Size Packer-5.91" Shaft - Axolom
AXOLOM The Kong Big Size Packer-5.91" Shaft - Axolom
AXOLOM The Kong Big Size Packer-5.91" Shaft - Axolom

AXOLOM The Kong Big Size Packer-5.91" Shaft

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This packer is great for those looking for a bigger bulge. While it sits about 6 inches long, the high-quality material ensures the packer falls downward instead of sticking far out, and the packer is cut. 


Made of 100% silicone, body safe, and can be used in swimming pools or in the sea.

Color options: 8 skin tones available.



 Shaft Length: 5.91" ( 15cm )
 Total Length:  7.09" (18cm )
 Shaft Diameter:  1.5" ( 3.8cm )
 Weight:  12.17 oz ( 345g )


PLEASE NOTE: Buyers agree to use this item at their own risk. This item is not a medical device, and no medical use for this item is stated or implied.

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Customer Reviews

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Van Van Levy

AXOLOM The Kong Big Size Packer-5.91" Shaft

Kong is Long

It does the job. I wanted something proportional to my height. It was a reasonable price and satisfies my dysphoria enough to get through the day. Shipping was fast and discreet.

A’Kahys Garrett
The Kong Packer

I think it is a pretty good packer, if you do not want to have a huge bulge you will have to adjust it. I have packing underwear and i place the shaft in the pocket and leave the balls out, it helps make it look less "On Hard".

Geralt Shivers
Nice Upgrade

the last time i had a packer was 10 years ago, made of that "almost skin" soft material at around the same size of this thing, i made myself a "harness" with some elastic waistbands and hair ties (i was broke, let's be real, i still am, but not that broke) and eventually the elastics sawed the thing clean in half. so i was packer-less for about 5 years.

now, here's the great thing about this one: i saw on other reviews that the ones they got were sticky. the one i received is mildly tacky, but it does not accumulate lint or anything like that, and after wearing it a while, it definitely does not need a talcum powder to keep it wearable (which is a good thing since talc can give you cancer of the organs in that general area, which is especially a nightmare for the transmasculine person who has to apply it every day to a direct contact to them, combined with the fact that, boys, girls, and people of indeterminate gender, let's be real, we avoid paps like the plague! i dread the next one i've got to do in a few years.)

the material is soft, keeps warm well, and does not tug on the hair you've got down there either. i haven't shaved, because i hate shaving anything but my face, but i imagine that you could get ingrown hairs easily after shaving with this thing pressing on that area. if you shave, this isn't a packer with an adhesive-friendly portion, so it might just be irritating with how much it moves around.

it's also a hefty size and has a nice weight to it, you definitely don't forget you have it and if you're someone who wants to have that "big dick energy," this will certainly do the trick. if you have one of the packing harnesses too, it won't flop out, i've had no trouble with it loosening in my pants or falling out the leg.

the one thing i dislike about this packer is that the balls are about 75% 3d, and still have a flat back. it does make wearing easier though, so i did not detract points for this.

all in all, if you want a big packer, this is a good option for the price! i would recommend this over a mr. limpy or another cheaper packer any day. it's silicone and is not porous and washes well with soap and water. the card it came with recommended to not boil the packer as it may become sticky, so keep in mind that you cannot boil to sanitize it. if you have an immunocompromising condition, you may have to look elsewhere.

all in all, great packer! i love it! there's also a lot of skin tones to choose from and even has some colors for darker skin, rather than the simple two options: "white" and "kinda brown", which, even though i'm white as it gets, my boyfriend is black so i definitely love the options for more transmasc people of all colors out there!

Great packer

The Kong packer came in 10 days, in a nice black box. I used it for some days and felt that it was pretty sticky. I sent an email to Axolom and told them about it. They were so honest to tell me that i received one of a batch that is softer, but more sticky. I bought this packer especially for being not sticky. That is what Axolom claims. So, I was disappointed in the material.
They promise me to send a new packer of a new batch, that won’t be sticky.
But…. I am super happy with the shape, feel, size and the details. It feels very good to wear it. I wear it in a jockstrap with pouch and it is hanging outside, so it can move freely, which i really enjoy. I want to touch it all the time, bcause it feels so great and real. I feel very confident when I wear it. Despite the length it doesn’t give a bulge that is too big for me. The best packer i had so far.
For now 4 stars, because of the sticky material, but when Axolom sends me the new one and it is not sticky I would certainly give it 5 stars.
I apreciate that they told me honestly about the material and that they will send a new one. Great service.