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3 Ways Packers Help Battle Gender Dysphoria

If you are in the transgender community, chances are you know what an FTM packer is. For those that need a little explaining, packers are used to create a bulge in your pants often in a phallic shape to give the appearance (and sometimes feel) of penis. This can help alleviate some gender dysphoria for those who struggle with that. Even if you are in the LGBTQ+ community, packers are commonly perceived as dildos and are often joked about as such. But I’d like to tell you about the 3 ways FTM packers are more than just sex toys.

1. Not All Packers Are Used For Sex

It’s true. The fusion packer for example is soft and flaccid. It’s specifically made for only adding the look and feel of having a bulge. As a trans-guy, I am worried at times that I’ll be outted when I sit down the zipper kind of falls in on itself because the jeans are made for a package to sit there comfortably. This solves that. Once secured, it can fill that void that some people feel should be filled by their own member.

2. They’re Naturally Shaped Packers

When you wear a prosthetic you want it to feel like a natural extension of your body. The fusion FTM Packer helps affirm in many ways due to its naturally hanging shape. Since this is not for sex/playing, it automatically naturally packs downward as opposed to other people who prefer to pack up or to the side. This is all about what’s most comfortable for your body for when you are heading out for the day or just need some extra confidence just hanging around the house!

This particular packer also is uncircumcised for the ultimate natural appearance. Many people prefer this style of prosthetic because of it’s detail around the head. This packer also features detailed folds at the top of the product where it seems like the skin is layered and detailed look the most natural. You are able to see the head through unlike the Monsieur Wiggle where the head is entirely closed. (You can check out that self-adhesive Wiggle packer here.)

3. The Half-Moon Impressions

Finally for the star feature of the fusion packer, the two half-moons that are impressed into the back of the packer so instead of a flat back. This was designed and implemented so that you can feel the presence of your packer even more, of course, depending on your current anatomy. This would be comfortable for those who are Pre-T to sit snug against you in my opinion especially because when on testosterone you often experience an enlarged clitoris. There are also different ways to help you secure it to your body that can help it be more comfortable as well for those of us who are on hormone replacement therapy.

While securing your packer to your body, keep in mind there are many options out there! You can find something that lets the silicone sit right against your skin, or you can get something with a layer of fabric to keep your silicone and skin separated. It all depends on what you want to try and what works well for your body. Of course, finding a prosthetic is a tricky business because of the fragile return policy. You can spend $400 on an ftm packer, try it once, and hate it without being able to get it back unless you resell it on a Facebook group. Axolom focuses on bringing high-quality products like Fusion to the transgender community while keeping the price low enough for more people to access gender-affirming products. They also donate many products to those in need which is really nice to see as a transgender person myself.

Remember you can’t go wrong with Axolom products because they are made from materials you can trust like, food-grade silicone (FDA approved), and can be safely boiled for sterilization purposes. Besides, thanks to their non-sticky property, there is no need to powder them after cleaning which saves you cash on buying powder, the mess from cleaning it up, and dysphoria for adding all the extra steps in my case!


We’re Always Here

Whether you are a follower of my channel or you came here from Axolom, we both believe that giving back to this community that has fought many challenges throughout the years. These leaders are why we are able to live our authentic lives with such powerful backing. It’s because of their sacrifices, jail time, and even loss of lives that we are really live.

If you ever need help deciding on a prosthetic that is right for you just let us KNOW and we can do our best to point you in the best direction!

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