Affordable Transman Packing STP Packers in Budget

Affordable packing gear is the highest necessary in Transgender men community. Most of the transmen tries different types of STP packers. Though every STP packer model is different. They try each product for 3-5 weeks to know if it is the perfect gear for them.

Until they found their comfortable gear that they weren’t satisfied with. They always remember that the pricing should be under the budget. Not only for them but also for every beginner who would like to have affordable gear for regular life.


Axolom is a trans-friendly packing gears company. We made affordable and comfortable gear for gender-transitioning guys. We are specially made for transgender men. A person with bottom dysphoria can reduce their dysphoria through gender transition products.  Most gender-transitioning products are costly. So, we started making affordable gear so that every person can have gender gear. Our purpose is to make your life more easy and bottom dysphoria-free.

Last 3 years we have made different types of STP packers including Stand to pee prosthetics, soft FTM packers, pack-n-play packers and three types of packing underwear. This will make your transition easy and familiar.

The basic need of a transman is simple. They want to live a life as men and they have the right to live them what they are.

First, they need a chest binder before top surgery. Then they start their medical transition (hormone therapy, psychological treatment) and then they complete their top surgery. After top surgery, they start living their life fully as men. They want to have a girlfriend and luckily they meet someone who stays with them. They feel the necessity of bottom products. At first, they started using the dildo but then they searched and realised STP packer is far better than Dildo.

Today we are going to add three products which you can buy for three different purposes. We'll also add the packing underwear so that you can easily pack your gear with our underwear.

Stand to Pee Packer

Stand to pee packer is known as an STP device that is used in public or private washrooms to release the urine from the bladder by the STP funnel. There are 15 types of STP Packers. Here is a list of Axolom Stand to Pee packers:

  • Axolom Willie
  • Axolom Godor
  • Axolom Starboi
  • Axolom Jockey
  • Axolom Thinker
  • Axolom Astro
  • Axolom Handy
  • Axolom Knight
  • Axolom Squire
  • Axolom Valor
  • Axolom Giano

Axolom Valor

Axolom Valor is a realistic STP packer. The length of Axolom Valor is 5.4 inches. The price is $85. The pleasure rod will be available after some days. The packer is very soft and good for STP. 7 colours are available right now. It is a very comfortable gear for the Axolom Store. You can pack the STP packer with this Axolom Underwear (the price of underwear is $25). Let's check out the images through Add to Cart.

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Axolom Willie

Axolom Willie is a realistic packer. It is a stand-to-pee packer. The length of Axolom Willie is 4.7 inches. The price is $85. The pleasure rod will be available soon. The packer is soft and good for STP. It is a mid-size STP packer which can be the perfect choice of you. You can pack the STP packer with this Axolom Underwear (the price of the underwear is $25). 7 colours are available right now. Let's check out the gear.

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Soft FTM Packers

Axolom has a good record in soft FTM packers. We have made 20 types of soft packers. Our various model has many positive feedbacks. You can pack the STP packer with this Axolom Underwear(the price of the underwear is $25). You can check out FTM Packers page to check their reviews. Our soft FTM packers list are:

  • Axolom Kangaroo
  • Axolom Classic
  • Axolom Hose
  • Axolom Hob
  • Axolom Joe
  • Axolom Cokit
  • Axolom Au Naturel
  • Axolom Cokit Mini
  • Axolom Kong Size

Axolom Kangaroo

Axolom Kangaroo is a 3.5-inch soft FTM packer. The packer is realistic and ultra-soft. The price of the Axolom Kangaroo is $32. It is a new generation product. Let's check out the gear.

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Axolom Hose

Axolom Hose is a soft realistic FTM packer. The length of the Axolom Hose is 3.5 inches. The price is $32. It’s a new-generation product. Axolom Hose is a small-size packer. It has good feedback. Let's check out.

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Axolom Kong Size

Axolom Kong size is a soft realistic Packer. The length of Axolom Kong is 5.91 inches. The price is $45. It has 10 positive feedbacks from the users. It is also a new-generation product. Let's check out.

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Pack N Play Packers

Axolom released their erect packers a year ago. The pack-n-play packers are hard and good for intimacy. Trans guys now can use the pack and play Packers instead of Dildo. It can be used with a strap or harness. The best packing method for pack n play packer is a good strap. Here is a list of Axolom Pack N Play Packers :

  • Axolom Eros
  • Axolom Atlas
  • Axolom Perseus
  • Axolom Dildo

Axolom Eros

Axolom Eros is the best pack-n-play packer in 2024. It has good feedback from the users. The length of Axolom Eros is 6.89 inches. The price is $85. It is a hard packer and good for sexual intercourse. Your partner may feel good during intimacy. Let's check out the images:

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Axolom Atlas

Axolom Atlas is a good pack-n-play packer. The length of Axolom Atlas is 5.9 inches. The price is $79. It is good for erection. It is a good size for intimacy. You can simply use it with a strap and good to go. Let's check out the product.

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Thanks for reading the article. We hope you'll get a good product. Please share a review or feedback if you brought any of these. We'll try to make good user-friendly gear for transgender men. Please share your feedback with Reddit or any social media platform. 

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