Dating Guide: How A Trans Man Date a Women

Dating is an essential thing for almost every human being. Like other things, sexual pleasure plays an essential part in our life. The journey of an FTM trans guy is not always easy. Sometimes we spend a lot of time alone and sometimes we fall into depression. So, we believe that this article may help you in your personal life.

When we start looking for a romantic date, we always think about how to impress the opposite person with our behavior. The first important thing about a date is the first impression, respect, care, etc. A girl finds a life partner who gives respect, love, attention, and care.

If someone starts making love with you, you need to care for and respect them. You'll need to invest or share your time without expectations. Sometimes we need more time to understand a person. In the case of a life partner, It's more important to know each other and their feelings.

Dating a woman isn't too hard as we thought about her. A woman needs your attention more than anything. Sexual desire is just a basic need of a person. If you feel you have to move on for sexual intercourse, you can do it through an STP packer.

Axolom is a silicone prosthetics brand for FTM transgender. We believe our products can help you with urinating, sexual intercourse, masturbation, and packing. You won't need to buy multiple packers. Our 3-in-1 STP packers are the right solution for it.

Having a life partner is the enjoyment moment of life. We start living life free and happy. There is no mental distress or anxiety. The relationship makes our life happy. Some relationships can't stay long. But some relationship stays long.

Love is a beautiful feeling that we can't express in words. We can't plan for love. It just happens when both are interested in each other. A person can do everything in love. Because love is blind. Today we would like to show the interesting facts or tricks of how a woman falls in love with you.

Impress Woman By Words

Word is a valuable thing to communicate with each other. When you meet a woman, you need to behave normally. Excitement isn't the best thing for a first-time meeting. She may not interested if you show interest. Talk with her very friendly. Don't impress her with fake words. Love isn't expensive. Love is what you feel for her. Don't cheat on her by telling her false.


A woman always needs your attention. Whenever she looks at you, you just look at her and smile. She will understand you care for her. A woman believes an honest life partner always cares for her and respects her. Whenever she feels upset or alone, you just hug her for a minute and kiss the middle point of the two eyes.

Don't Force For Sexual Intercourse

Sexual desire is very important for a couple. But it shouldn't be forced. Both should be ready for it. If a woman doesn't feel for it, then you should wait for her. She will understand you and after a long time, you both feel sexual desire. We know, testostore makes us horny but that's not mean you force a person for sex. Love is not always sexual. You can still love her without expectations.

Keep Silent When She Argues

The man who argues with his life partner is doing a bad thing. Sometimes we need to stop or be silent when she argues with us. Once she stays silent, you need to hug her and tell her what was wrong and what was right. In this way, you might have a good relationship.

Don’t Chat Overnight

When we start making love by chatting on various platforms, we forget about timing. We chat overnight and sleep in the morning. That is very harmful to our health. Once it continues, your health will be worse soon. So, chat from morning to night and sleep properly. You need to care about others' health too. It's now your duty to take care of your partner's health.

Travel Together

Traveling is the best option for making love. While we travel, we would like to enjoy nature and we become romantic. We stay the time without any stress or anxiety. So, plan a travel bi-monthly or monthly. It's good for health. During this time you can know your partners more.

Control Mood Swings

Mood swings are a common factor in everyone’s life. By research, we know girls have more mood swings than boys. So, whenever your partner argues or quarrels with you, you need to stay cool and silent. Stay with your partner all time.

Sexual Intercourse and STP Packer Size

Trans Guys thought penis size is important for sexual desire. But it doesn't. Penis size doesn't matter in love. Not everyone likes to wear an 8-9 inches penis all the time but when it comes to sex, they would like to wear it for hard intercourse. But it shouldn't. If you have 4-7 inches 3-in-1 STP packer, then you can use the packer for sexual desire. We have some good 3-in-1 STP packers whose size is ideal for sexual satisfaction. We have also made pleasure rods. We made Knight, Zeus, Handy, Homerun, Hoddie, Thinker, etc. Check out the pleasure rods page. Check out the products which you want to buy.

Guide For Sexual Desire

Before Sex, your partner must have come. Kiss her and romance her until she agrees to intercourse. When she is ready, then use a condom. You can use lubricant gel for having a better exprience. Now you are ready to go. Don't force yourself on late outings. Feel the sex and enjoy.

There are many cases of bad relationships also. If your partner doesn’t respect your feelings and identity, then you should not continue the relationship. The biggest or most important thing in a relationship is respect, trust, and love. Once it is finished, there is nothing to do. Don't take long if the opposite person doesn’t want to stay together. Leave her and move on. Life doesn't stop for a person. Life is s beautiful journey. Learn from your mistakes and be a better person always.

Thanks for reading the article. We believe you'll have a good partner in your life who supports you in every part of your journey. 

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