Decrease The Bottom Dysphoria through Silicone FTM STP Packers

Decrease The Bottom Dysphoria through Silicone FTM STP Packers


While we feel the bottom dysphoria, It's painful for all the trans guys. The feelings can only be realized when someone can't control their bottom dysphoria.

Like chest dysphoria, bottom dysphoria can be hurt your mental health. It's pretty good if you can control it without stp packers. But some trans brothers can't control it without stp packer & that's very true. Let's know what is stp packer, how to use an stp packer, how to decrease bottom dysphoria through stp packer, how to buy an original silicone stp packer, how to clean it.

What is STP Packer?

STP Packer (Stand to pee packer ) is a hand-made silicone prosthetic that enables the user to stand to pee in anywhere such as in public washrooms, rooms. You can be urinating through it.

How to use stp packer?

To use a packer, you must know how to set up it with your body. First, you need to attract it with your harness or button-fly underwear. We will share a video.

How to buy STP packer?

There is some online store like us. At first, you have to choose a size between 3-7in. We have our own shop where we made original silicone stp packers. You can visit AXOLOM Packers.

We sell stp packers at an affordable price. Stand to pee packers starts from 59$-79$. We made body-safe packers which are made with 100% silicone. We set up the minimum price because we want that everyone can buy quality packers at affordable pricing.

How to buy AXOLOM STP Packers?

To buy axolom packers, you need to click or visit → axolom store.

Before purchase an stp packer, you should know your country's customs policies if they support adult products. Some country customs may require medical documents (gender dysphoria letter from psychiatrist, Hormone treatment papers, etc). You can contact us by mail or phone.

Let's talk about how you can decrease your bottom dysphoria by an stp packer.

There are no ways to remove your bottom dysphoria without surgery but you may decrease your bottom dysphoria by a 3in1 STP packer. We made the stp packers that look realistic. You can urinate, have sex, masturbate through it. You should think of it as your own penis. It's the only solution for decreasing it.

How to clean a stp packer?

As we said we made axolom packers with 100% authentic silicone, you can boil it in water for 2-5 minutes. We don't say it may work for other packers too. If your packer wasn’t made with 100% silicone, your packer can be damaged by boiling it in water. In this case, you should ask the company or follow their instructions. You can use your regular soap for cleaning it.

Can I get the best stp packers for 60$?

Yes, of course. You can visit youtube videos for axolom stp packers review. We sell quality packers at affordable pricing. You can try it if you think It's good for you. We'd love to give our packers.

We will love to share our most demanding packers so that you may have a look & like it. We can't say It's the best stp packer but we are trying our best for improving our stp packers. We collect customers' reviews & try to improve it day by day. We'd love to get a review after you used it.

Axolom Thinker STP Packer

The thinker stp packer of axolom is one of the favorite stp packers of trans guys. We received some positive reviews on it. The price range is 59$. There are two variants of Thinker Circumcised STP packer. Pick one for you.

  1. Thinker Circumcised STP Packer (Cut)

  2. Thinker Uncircumcised STP Packer (Uncut)
    ftm stp packer

Product Description :

It has pleasure ridges and a big insertable head during play time. It has a larger urethra and a no-spill lip for added security. A small size cup ( 2.17" in width ) makes it easier to pack with comfort. If you’re new to packing with an STP, this model just might be perfect for you as it’s easy to bend down once placed in the underwear.

Size Chart

Shaft Length:

4.72'' ( 12cm )

Total Length:

5.51'' ( 14cm )


1.5'' ( 3.8cm )


5.64 oz ( 160g )

AXOLOM Handy Silicone STP Packer

The handy silicone stp packer is the most sold product in our store. The products are best for those who finding soft realistic packers in 6.2in. We'd love to get a user experience or reviews from you. Don't hesitate to have this one. The price range is 79$. The product has only a circumcised variant. The new ftm packer user will very much like the product.

Shaft Length:

 4.72''  ( 12 cm)

 Total Length:

 6.26'' (15.9cm)


 1.57''  ( 4 cm)

 Cup Width:

 2.2 " ( 5.6 cm )


 6.17 oz ( 175g )

AXOLOM Knight Pleasure Edges Packer

The knight pleasure stp packer has 6.7 inches and the product is amazing according to user's reviews. The products get the highest rating. According to user experience, the shape and combination are suitable. User performance is quite impressive. The price is 79$. The price is similar to handy because we want to encourage people to get the right packer in the same budget.

 Shaft Lenght:

 5'' ( 12.8cm )

 Total Length:

 6.7'' ( 17cm )

 Funnel Width:

  2.2" ( 5.6cm )


 1.57'' ( 4cm )


 7.76 oz ( 220g )

AXOLOM Squire STP Packer

The AXOLOM The Squire packer has 4.72 inches in total length. We respect everyone's choice. We believe that every individual has different choices. The person who doesn't like the top 3 packers, may like our AXOLOM The Squire STP packer. The price is 59$.

STP Packer

Product Description :

The Squire is a circumcised stand-to-pee with no-spill lips. It has a soft texture, detailed veins, and folds as well as pleasure ridges. He might not be the biggest, but do not be fooled! Despite his small shaft, The Squire gives a decent buldge and empties itself quickly.

Shaft Length:

3.46'' (8.8cm)

 Total Length:

 4.72'' (12cm)

  Funnel Width:

 2.2" ( 5.6cm)


1.5'' (3.8cm)


 5.86oz (166g)



Here is the stand to pee packers ( STP packer) that are 3in1 products. Our rods are available in our store. To buy the rod, please choose your packer first. Then choice the rod that has a similar packer name. We believe you will love our packer when you start using it regularly. If you have to face any issues, please feel free to contact us by mail -


As always, all our products are made from food-grade silicone (FDA approved). Besides, thanks to their non-sticky property, there is no need to powder them after cleaning.

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