FTM Packer Adhesive | Adhesive Sheets Tutorial

We have discussed in past articles how far the world has progressed for transgender individuals. There are prosthetic options of all sorts of body types that allow for comfort and preference. Now, there are FTM packers that allow for realism as well as harness-free options. Axolom now offers the best in quality for a harness-free experience with an FTM packer adhesive. For example, the Axolom Monsieur Wiggle Super Soft Packer Gear has a tab that may be affixed to the body using self-adhesive sheets*. This will provide you with a feeling of natural movement from our prosthetic. If you do not wish to purchase self-adhesive sheets, you can tuck the tab against the waistband of your underwear. Let’s look a little closer at how the self-adhesive process works.

1. Get your workstation ready!    

You will be using chemicals that will ruin clothing if anything is unintentionally touched, so you want to be prepared with some paper towels and clothing you don’t care about. Also, look for a table or workspace that will allow you to have easier cleanup or toss when the job is complete. You could lay out a trash bag on a table, flatten out a cardboard box, or even use an arts and crafts table you already own since I’m sure it is covered in paint stains already! Then you can ready your supplies. Items you will need:

●Two-part adhesive

●Popsicle sticks

●Dixie Cups

●Sandwich baggie

●FTM packer with a tab for adhesive


●Adhesive sheet

2. Stick that baggie in the cup!

Take the sandwich baggie and place your figures into a corner of the said baggie. Then place the corner down into the cup to create a funnel effect. This will allow the adhesive liquid to pool into a said corner. You are going to fold the edges of the baggie over the sides of the cup like a trash bag while making sure that the corner is down inside.

3. Put that liquid in the cup!

Put the recommended 3 millimeters of each adhesive into the baggie. It is very important that you use the correct dosage or it could cause the FTM packer adhesive to not combine correctly, and thus your prosthetic will not adhere to your body the right way either. Think of it like you are going to be applying icing to a cake; I’m sure you’ve watch cake boss at some point. You put all the icing into the bags and get it all down in a corner that you will eventually snip to spread the delicious creamy icing—that is the same general concept we are going for here.

4. Mix it up!

Take the baggie and twist the part with the FTM packer adhesive which will make it look like a little balloon. Gently squeeze the liquid until it is completely mixed, which should only take about a minute.

5. Cut the tip!

Cut the tip of the baggie where the FTM packer adhesive has pooled. This will allow you more control when you begin to squeeze it out onto the adhesive sheet.

6. Squeeze it out!

Squeeze out a full line of the FTM packer adhesive along the edge of the adhesive sheet. 

7. Spread it out!

Take your Popsicle stick and spread the FTM packer adhesive out along the sheet, but be careful to avoid making it too thin. Spread it out around the size of your packer tab that will be adhering to your body.

8. Put your prosthetic on the adhesive sheet!

Line the back of your packer up to the adhesive sheet. Then lay the back down onto it in a rolling sort of motion. 

9. Get the air out!

Hold the packer by the shaft and press it firmly down into the FTM packer adhesive sheet. This will push the air out of the center and allow it to properly adhere to the sheet. Then using your fingers, spread them along the tab to push out any air, similar to when you put a screen protector on a phone. Once complete, you will need to wait several minutes to allow the FTM packer adhesive to dry and fully adhere to the prosthetic.

10. Cut the sheet!

Take your scissors and trim the edge of the FTM packer adhesive sheet to match up with the prosthetic tab. Be careful not to trim too close to the tab or it can cause the sheet to tear. Once completed, you are now done! You can then peel off the other size to the sheet and adhere the prosthetic to your body!

*We do not currently offer self-adhesive sheets, but they can be purchased on other websites (such as GenderCat). 

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