FTM Top Surgery Recovery Goals and Tips

You may see the article before top surgery for knowing the top surgery recovery suggestions. This article is specially made for the ftm trans man.

What is Top Surgery?

Top Surgery is called the surgery that removes the breasts tissue and skin from the chest of transgender guys and non-binary people. It is a 2-5 hours procedure.

Before the top surgery, you need the below prescriptions.

  1. Gender Dysphoria Letter From Psychiatrist
  2. Hormone Replacement Therapy By Endocrinologist

This is the basic step or you may call it the first step for starting your transaction from female to male. This includes your transaction to the next step. Before undergoing top surgery, your surgeon may ask for one or two gender dysphoria letters and HRT prescriptions for sure that you are taking hormones for masculine Development.

What does ftm top surgery cost?

Now we talk about ftm top surgery cost and the cost of ftn(female to non-binary) / ftm top surgery is around 1200$-10,000$. It actually depends on the country and the surgeons. But not everyone has to pay the money. Some insurance company covers the top surgery costs and you don't even pay zero dollars.

Now the time is coming when we talk about ftm top surgery scars. The most reachable search on google is how to remove ftm top surgery scars?! This is very common that after having ftm top surgery, we see scars on our chest and sometimes we can't open our shirts in public because everyone asks about what happened to us. It's true. Scar removal isn’t easy. It needed more than 3-4 years for removal. You may use different oils or meds. But some scars will be always visible. But you don't need to worry about it. It takes 4-5 years for invisible. You can use coconut oil because we heard It's very effective for scar treatment for trans guys.

There are two types of top surgery :

  1. Keyhole Top Surgery: The key means nipple and hole means a small round hole in the nipple. It means the surgeon cut your nipple roundly and remove the skin and fat tissues. It is a very easy procedure and it lefts minimal scars on the chest. For it, the breast size should be under 32.
  2. Double Incession Top Surgery: Double means cutting the chest parts from bottom and top for right and left both nipple parts and swilling it, removing the fat and tissue from the nipple and setting up it on the chest. It is a hard procedure. It takes 3-4 hours. For it, the breasts size should be above 32. It left large scars on the chest.

Both are painful surgery. You must take a rest after the surgery for at least 14 days. A person who undergoes keyhole top surgery may work easily after 3 days of surgery. Depends on the individual's experience. But that's doesn't mean that your surgery can be painful. Somebody feels smaller pain, some are hard. Fearing surgery is a great loss for us. You should be mentally prepared for that. This is the real medicine of our life.

Ftm top surgery post-op care is very important for transmen. You should follow the instructions.

  • Take Regular Medicine
  • Don't Excersive
  • Don't Up your Hand(For Double Incession)
  • Take Away From Sunlights
  • Don't Use Scar Removal Cream before 40 days
  • Stay healthy

Double Incision Infection can be dangerous for nipples. Some patients face it after 40-45 days of surgery. You may take care of it. Always follow the surgeon instructions. In some cases, the surgeon will again do a simple surgery for the re-creation of the nipple by leg tissues/skin cells. In some cases, two-step surgery can happen. Some surgeon thinks it can be a great procedure for the patient. First, the surgeon removes the tissues/skins from the chest and after 3 months of surgery, they fix nipples. From our research, it looks great. There are 10-15% chances of losing nipples on the first surgery. So, the surgeon will do surgery for fixing this.

  • Take Regular Medicine on Time: It's very important that you should take your meds on time. The med includes antibiotics and pain killers. This will give some relief to your body.
  • Don't Excercise: Your Boby needs some rest and after surgery your body going through the pain. Some people think we start gym or excersive earlier. They start excersing after few days of surgery. But it's wrong. You need to know that it can be harmful for your body. Give your body some rest. You should start excersizing after 6-8 months of surgery.
  • Don't up your Hands: As surgeon suggested you should not up your hand. You can up your hand after 45days of surgery. Plus you shouldn't carry heavy things.
  • Take Away from Sunlights: It's very effective point scar removal. You should avoid to go outdoor without clothes. It will effect your scars badly.
  • Don't Use Scar Removal Cream before 40 days: Some people start using scar removal cream before 40 days of surgery. But it's good for us. Scar removal cream can harm our body if our skin was not filled properly.
  • Stay healthy: Take normal foods regularly. Don't follow any diet chart after the surgery.

Top Surgery is the first goal that we can't ignore. Some people don't know how to do Ftm top surgery post-op care but it's very essential for us to know. This surgery can help us to decrease chest dysphoria. Chest dysphoria means the irritation of having large breasts of a transgender man. Sometimes it can be much more painful.

Which is the scar removal cream that is used mostly by trans guys?

There are some scar removal creams in the market. You should go to your local market and find which are available there for scar removal. You may get easily bio-oil. This is also a helpful product for trans guys. You may find alternative products also. Some trans YouTubers share some scar removal products on their video. You can check out these if you think it can be good for you.

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