Hormone Replacement Therapy's Side Effects on a Transgender

Starting Hormone therapy is an important chapter for every trans man. The changes between a female to male transgender are different. Now we are discussing the side effects of hormone replacement therapy.

What is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy is a medical procedure that allows a female to male transgender to undergo SRS surgery including physical transformation, top surgery, and bottom surgery. Hormone replacement therapy is also known as HRT. Transgender men & women both can start hormone therapy. By the way, a transgender person increases the level of hormone or reduces the hormone.

What is the procedure of hormone replacement therapy?

Before taking hormone therapy, we need to go to a psychiatrist for a gender Dysphoria letter. In the letter, a or two psychiatrists shared the secondary or primary sex character. The primary or secondary sex characteristics can be different from the biological sex. We need to go for follow-up multiple times. It takes time.

After getting GD(Gender dysphoria letter), we talk with an endocrinologist(hormone therapist) for taking hormones. Testosterone for transgender men & Estrogen for transgender women. An endocrinologist provides some medical tests for checking if the person is capable of hormone therapy or has some issue.

By the report endocrinologist ensure that transgender persons can start HRT. Some transgender deal with thyroid issues. In this case, the doctor provides extra meds. Plus, he will say how much mg you need to take. It depends on patient reports.

There are various side effects of testosterone. Here we share a few side effects of testosterone of transgender men:

  • Facial hair Growth
  • Sexual Feelings Booster
  • Bottom Growth
  • Feeling pain in lower parts.

According to Drugs.com, there are multiple side effects of taking testosterone.

  • acne,
  • changes in menstrual periods,
  • male-pattern hair growth (such as on the chin or chest),
  • hoarse or deepened voice, or
  • enlarged clitoris.

Common testosterone side effects (in men or women) may include:

  • breast swelling;
  • headache, anxiety;
  • increased facial or body hair growth, male-pattern baldness;
  • increased or decreased interest in sex;
  • numbness or tingly feeling; or
  • pain or swelling where the medicine was injected.

Hormone Replacement Therapy is a long-term procedure. There are several changes that can be happened with hormone therapy. Every endocrinologist suggests a checkup within 6-8 months. The blood pressure starts bidding high. As a reason, an endocrinologist suggests checkups for at least 3-6 months.

When I can go for top surgery before or after hormone therapy?

Most doctors suggest taking hormone replacement therapy before top surgery. But there are no mandatory options. You can go for top surgery before or after HRT. It's depending on your choice. There are many trans individuals who start HRT after top surgery.

What is the cost of hormone replacement therapy(HRT)?

As we said before, HRT is a long-term procedure. The starting cost includes a doctor's fee and reports are 250$-500$. The monthly cost of hormone injections is 10-25$. It also depends on the med's cost. The doctor's checkup cost 15$-200$.

What is the common problem during HRT?

As we experienced, testosterone makes a person very horny and sexually active during these days. The main problem is a person can't be focused on work. Sometimes it wastes a whole day and even a week. The feelings can be avoided technically. A cis man also faces problems and the only way to put yourself busy in work and make a routine.

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