How To Use Axolom Thinker STP Packer Regularly: FTM Tutorials

The most common questions for using an FTM STP packer regularly. Basically, we care about your everything including your FTM transition(female to male), bottom dysphoria, and your mind questions. We believe you are a real man and you need to be proud of what you are.

A struggling journey is the best part of life. Real heroes never fear for their movements. The movements between their fight with their family, society, and even their own self. Every story has a good ending we believe. Every life story is different and it can be matched with someone's story.

Gender dysphoria is real and we should take more action before it hurts us more. You don't need anything to be a man but you'll be happier when you feel you have all the things that you feel, that you expect from your dreams, a goal that has taken your path a different way. Gender dysphoria isn't a disorder. WHO declares that a few years ago after a lot of protests by the transgender community.

Axolom are trying to provide tutorials for particular/specific product. Like: This article is based on only Axolom Thinker STP packer. We are gonna discuss how to use it from morning to night.

Before starting this article we put a note that the user guidelines can be different for multiple users. We wrote this article based on personal experience. We'll share the guidelines for handy, squire, and other FTM STP Packers. To get the updates, you can share your email in the comment box.

The cheap STP Packers List of Axolom

  1. Axolom Thinker STP Packer
  2. Axolom Squire STP Packer
  3. Axolom Handy STP Packer
  4. Axolom Knight STP Packer
  5. Axolom Zeus
  6. Axolom Prince

When we rise in the morning, we dislike wearing tight things because it feels uncomfortable. Brief underwear is comfortable for morning and night.


Axolom thinker is a semi-hard penis prosthetic. It is recognized as a 3in 1 STP Packer that includes three benefits in 1 prosthetics. It is not an adhesive STP packer that you can use with silicone sheets. So, we recommended wearing it with an FTM harness or packing underwear. Before sleeping, please remove it from your body and wash it with regular soap and water.

How to pack FTM STP packers?

There are some ways to pack STP packers such as FTM harness, FTM packing underwear, button fly underwear, jockstrap, brief underwear, etc. Here are three alternative ways. Let us display.


FTM Harness

FTM Harness is a great method of packing an STP packer. It will be attractive to your body. An alternative method of attracting an STP packer is a silicone sheet. But silicone sheet is costly. On the other hand, silicone sheets can use only for adhesive STP packers. We had an adhesive STP packer ( Monseigneur FTM PACKER ).

FTM Packing Underwear

FTM packing underwear is also a suitable method. Find the two or three layers combination underwear. Packing underwear has three features: urinating, a round hole, and keeping scrotums in a circle.

We have recently launched some ftm packing underwear that is suitable for FTM packers. We'll launch some products including FTM harness, realistic FTM packers, and STP packers.

FTM Packing underwear with STP Packer

FTM jockstrap & Briefs underwear

Like the other packing underwear, a jockstrap is a good idea for packing an FTM STP Packer. Before buying, your need to check if it has two layers(inside a round hole that keeps your STP) You can pack an STP packer with a jockstrap and brief underwear. This is also recognized as FTM real feel prosthetics.

Which packing method is good?

Well, you can buy an FTM harness. Because a harness will keep your STP packer to your bottom part so that you can do such urination, pack, etc. Even you can use regular underwear. We'll update when we launch our FTM harness.

How to make packing underwear ftm?

Look, to make packing underwear you may need needles, cotton, Pieces of cloth, or regular underwear. First, draw a draft and go for it. You can search google "FTM packing underwear " and get some idea of what the packing underwear looks like. Then apply it. You need to try multiple times before going out anywhere.

What is the price of packing underwear?

The price of packing underwear is 15$-40$. Before purchase please read the production description or look at some reviews on youtube. We have recently launched two pairs of packing underwear.

How to position a packer ftm?

Place the STP Packer in the middle point of the vulva or from the side of the clitoris. For better understanding, you can watch the video: How to position a packer FTM.

Can I swim while I pack with a Packers FTM?

Yes, you can. It doesn't create any issues.

How to clean a packer ftm?

To clean an STP Prosthetics, you can boil it in water. On the other hand, you can wash it with water and regular soap. This will clean your FTM STP packer easily. For more info, please read: How to clean a STP Packer

Is it safe to have an FTM packer for oral sex?

Maybe No. But we heard that using lubricate is a good option for oral sex. But we don't suggest it.

Is it safe to have an FTM packer for penetrative sex?

Yes, It's safe. Before penetrative sex, don't forget to use condoms. Using condoms is a safe option for safe sex. Condom is the safest way for intercourse.

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