5 Ways to Keep STP Packers Clean and Dry

Using an STP Packer regularly is easy when you know about the 5 ways to keep STP packers clean and dry. This is an essential part. That's why we would like to share it.

Intro: The article relates the cleaning material for an STP packer. You can alternatively use similar products.

STP Packers play a vital role in trans man's life. Though not everyone likes to use it. But the numbers of buying packers are not small.

By research around 200 plus STP, packers have been brought every month. The number can be higher. Due to some country restrictions, there are many trans men who can't buy an STP packer.

What is STP Packer?

STP Packer is a urinating and plays device that represents masculinity. It helps trans men to decrease their bottom dysphoria. This is an important product for FTM transgender's life. Non-Binary and other persons can use the device for their purposes.

STP can be two or three types. 1. Urinating, 2. Packing, 3. Play. There are two types of variants such as uncut penis and cut penis. The uncut penis is known as uncircumcised STP Penis and the CUT penis is known as circumcised penis STP.

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Why do need we to care for FTM Packers?

The FTM packers are expensive. Without proper care, it can be damaged earlier.

Suppose you used an STP packer for urinating but you are always ignoring washing it with water after unpacking it. It can damage your products day by day.

Suppose you used to wash it with dishwashing soap or power. That can be dangerous for both of you and the FTM packer. Because the ftm packer will be damaged quickly and when you wear it again, it can hurt your private parts.

Suppose, your private space sweats a lot. You use an STP packer and you get an infection or itching due to sweating. Again, you sometimes feel annoyed because repeatedly the STP packer moves away from the vulva.

Suppose you take a bath and wash the STP packer and leave it to dry. Suddenly you have an agent job. You have to go. And you have only one STP device. What will you do then?

Here we describe some common problems that trans men face every day. There are some hesitations that we can't openly share. Not everyone has similar problems. Today we are going to find some technics to care an STP packer in an easy way.

5 ways to keep an STP packer dry and clean.

  • Use regular body-safe soap.
  • Avoid powdering inside of a packer.
  • Use tissue paper to dry sometimes.
  • Avoid dishwashing soap.
  • Wash it with clean water after using it


Care for STP packer

The proper way of washing FTM prosthetics is using regular soap that you're using every day. Regular soap is good for the silicone mold. Our body takes the limit of PHP 7. The regular soap has PHP 7. If the PHP isn’t 7, you shouldn’t wash it. You can use shampoo alternatively. Don't use dishwashing soap. It will damage the silicone prosthetics.

Stand to pee prosthetics cleaning


Do you feel itching or sweating? If yes, then you may have itching problems. You can buy anti-itching cream from the local market. Before using FTM packers, you need to rub the cream on the sides of your private parts. It may be helpful.

Itching problems don’t occur for prosthetics. It depends on individuals. Some people have itching, some people haven’t. That is not a big thing. You just need to know how to handle it on your own. You can use powders. But don't use powders for STP prosthetics.

Tissue makes things hygienic and you can carry a small packet of tissue in your pockets. After leaving urination, you can clean the parts as well. Cis-man is also doing the same. It will keep you hygienic every time. Things will gonna perfect. Even it also works for itching issues. Tissue papers can make you itching free.

Alternatively, you can buy cleaning powder for cleaning STP packers. Axolom STP packers don’t require powders. You can simply boil the packer in the water for 5-10 minutes & keep it dry. You can use tissue paper for immediate drying.

As we provide affordable STP packers under 50$, we are always careful for making a body-safe STP packer. If you're interested to buy, then you can check the following article: 6 STP Packers under 50$

You can buy packing underwear at the same time. We have made packing underwear for FTM Packers. Read: How To Pack with Axolom Packing Underwear

There are many ways to clean and dry your STP prosthetics. We are trying to give some simple ways to care for your packers. However, you can care for your silicone penis prosthetics as you want.

Conclusion: An STP packer can last 1-3 years or longer. It's depending on how we care for it every day. It's not important how much your packer is! Everything last longer if it gets cared for.  

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