Realistic FTM Packers Under 50$

Realistic Packer is a word that identifies the realism of a device that feels comfortable, an exact match of a penis.

An FTM transgender was born with the female body and feels dysphoria for not having the organ or having a larger part that a trans guy never wanted(large breasts).

We have recently launched realistic STP packers for transgender & non-binary folks. This packer is very soft and ultra-realistic. The packer is best for regular packing. On the other hand, we have launched pride month accessories such as t-shirts, flags, etc.

What is a realistic STP packer?

The full meaning of STP packer is a stand-to-pee prosthetic which enables a user to stand to pee in front of public toilets. The word realistic STP packer means a real penis-shaped device. Though STP packer, trans guys can urinate, play, and pack.

Sometimes trans guys find FTM STP packers on Reddit and other social media that allows adult toys pictures. We know facebook restricts the users who upload adult toys pictures.

How to buy an ftm packer?

There are few silicone prosthetic companies that provide body-safe stp packers. We provide FTM packers for the trans and non-binary guys. Trans guys share their honest STP packer reviews on our website and youtube. You may check before buying.

Axolom launched realistic FTM packers for the first time. We are glad to get reviews from users so that we can improve our products.

Axolom is not a trans-owned company. We love to help trans guys through their feedback. We have been working for trans guys since 2020. With their love and kindness, we felt very glad. Through their feedback, we improved our FTM STP packers, pleasure rods, and packing underwear. Harness and STP packing underwear is coming soon in our store.

Axolom Packing Underwears

Pride month is an important month for transgender and LGBTQ community members. We made some products as pride accessories. We made it budget-friendly so that every pride can buy their products such as t-shirts, flags and other appeals. You can check out the link: Pride Month Accessories to get your accessories for pride month.

When get an FTM Packer?

If you have purchased our FTM packers or STP packers, you may have to wait 8-20 days. We would love to ship earlier. Because of covid 19, we require 8-20 days. We'll provide a tracking link once the FTM device is shipped.

How much money is for an FTM packer?

Axolom provides realistic FTM packers for 49$ and non-realistic STP packers pricing starts from 29$. You can check our shop: Axolom FTM packers.

Can I use an FTM packer for play?

Not, you aren’t. FTM packer is only used for packing. You can't pee or play with it. For play, we suggest Rook Erect STP Packer or you may buy any stand-to-pee prosthetics including a pleasure rod. Enjoy! Axolom Stand to pee prosthetics is 3in 1 packer. It includes packing, playing and urinating.

Let us show you the new released realistic FTM Packers

Axolom Au Naturel FTM Packer

Axolom Au Naturel FTM PACKER

Axolom Au Naturel is a soft FTM STP packer. It's available as realistic FTM packers and non-realistic FTM packers. It is an uncircumcised STP packer. Most trans guys choose Axolom Au naturel packer because of its softness, ease to pack with axolom Underwears. Realistic Au Naturel Packer price is 49$.

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Axolom Fusion Mini FTM Packer

Axolom Fusion Mini FTM packer

Axolon Fusion Mini is a soft packer. It is a circumcised FTM Packer. Axolom has recently launched two FTM packers and Fusion mini is one of them. The price of the Axolom Fusion mini is 49$. Check out for more pictures.

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The two packers are very soft and realistic. The difference between the two packers is circumcised and uncircumcised. The pricing is the same for the two packers. We'll launch more FTM STP packers.

STP Packer Giveaway

We announce STP packer give away almost all the months. We are trying to donate STP packers for the transgender & non-binary folks who don’t afford them. It's not our kindness. It's our responsibility to help community members. After all, we humans need support and love all the time.

Though Axolom is not trans-owned, some guys are protesting on Instagram in negative ways. We would like to tell them that to help trans guys there are no rules where it is written that we needed to be trans-owned. Moreover, many trans guys are working with us for helping you.

Every month we announce STP packer giveaway on Instagram & Facebook. If you want to participate, you may follow the conditions so that other trans guys may get through your posts, tags and stories.

STP Packer Giveaway FAQS

Do I have to pay any fees?

No, you don't have to pay anything. We'll send the item for free. But your country may or may not charge taxes. It's depending on your company and tax department.

How to know that I'm selected for a giveaway?

When you are selected for a giveaway, we will tag your username on Instagram and will contact you through a message. If we don't contact you personally, you can contact us through Instagram, Facebook or whatsapp. 

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