Transman Beard Growth Advice: FTM Beard Growth

Generally, Transmen are interested to have a nice beard. Being on testosterone, we would like to grow beards faster. We expected beard growth within 6-8 months. Some trans guys would like to have beard growth faster.

Who is a Trans man?

The person who is assigned female by birth but identifies as male, who called a trans man. A trans man might be interested in the process of sex reassignment surgery or female-to-male transition though It's not mandatory.

Testosterone: Hormone Replacement Therapy

Generally, the human body produces estrogen and testosterone. A female body has higher estrogen than testosterone. So, hormone replacement therapy allows to boost the testosterone level and decreases the estrogen hormone. Testosterone helps a trans man to have a better life. Usually, it takes 6-8 months to visible the changes. But it's not happening for everybody.

Every human body reacts to medicine in different ways. Some bodies quickly catch the hormone and some may take some time. It might be 2 years to visible the body changes. Sometimes it takes a long time to visible the result. In some cases, voice change might be slow. It depends on the body.

Before the article, we shared a related article based on FTM beard-growing secrets. Some trans guys still have some questions. We would love to clear or fulfill the questions. If you missed the article, please visit the article. Before answering questions, we would love to share the side effects of testosterone.

Side Effects of Testosterone For FTM

  • Body hairs
  • Bottom pain
  • Clitoris Growth
  • Beard Growth
  • Acnes
  • Pimples
  • Anxiety
  • Sexual Boosting
  • Rude
  • Kidney or Liver Issues
  • Delay Menstruation

Body Hairs: It is almost common to everyone. The amount of hair is increasing day by day. It looks hairy.

Bottom Pain: FTM Trans guys face the bottom pain. It might occur at the time when you have a menstruation date. It's not permanent pain. It might happen for two or three days max.

Clitoris Growth: The clitoris becomes visible after taking testosterone. Some trans guys have a large clitoris before testosterone. Though It's rare. Clitoris is also known as a female or micro penis.

Beard growth: The facial hairs become visible. It starts growing within 2 weeks of being testosterone. Some may face a longer time for beard growth.

Acne: Acne is common for almost every transman. Using natural facewash or PHP-friendly facewash may be effective. Same suggestions for pimples also.

Anxiety: Anxiety and depression is happening after a few months of testosterone. This is a hard time for FTM guys.

Sexual Boosting: Sexual boosting is happening at this time. Testosterone makes us horny. It takes some time to understand how you can relax. Masturbation or sexual intercourse may help at this time.

Rude: It is also a side effect of testosterone. We become so rude at this time.

Kidney or Liver Issues: You may or may not face the problem. It's not happening for everyone. Some may face the issue. For this, you need to follow your endocrinologist.

Delay Menstruation: Menstruation or Period starts delaying or off. Taking testosterone is the main cause of it. FTM Trans guys don’t like menstruation. So, It's a positive vibe.

Before this post, we have shared some beard growth advice and we will share some images again.

After getting some results, we paused some months for using beardo oil. But there are no negative side effects. Beardo oil is a superb oil. There are very few trans guys using it. We believe it might be helpful for you.

Now we would like to share a recent image. It's 2.3 years on testosterone.

Ftm beard growth

What's the change? The previous image has no mustache or few mustaches. The mustaches become visible. The beard looks great. Both sides are now looking good. Both sides have a lot of beards.

Minoxidil also works great for FTM guys. Most of the trans guys shared their positive feedback. Though some trans guys and the trans community published some articles where they said It's toxic. Some of our trans friends have found minoxidil grateful for their beards. The only issue is pimples and acne.

The user experience is average. He said, " Minox is helpful for fast beard growth but my face has been facing some issues. Acne and pimples are almost on my face."

However, some trans guys still recommend beard oil to other trans guys. We recommend beardo oil. It is good and works more slowly than Minoxidil. But it might be difficult to get it. It's available in India or some other countries.

Beard Growth Advices:

  1. Don't Use Clean Shave. You can do a clean shave one time in 2/3 months.
  2. Use Trimming.
  3. Use Facewash for fresh.
  4. For Pimples, you can use natural or Ayurvedic Facewash.
  5. Massage Your Beard( Good for blood circulation)

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