Best Ways to Get FTM Beard Growth For Trans Guys

FTM Beard growth is related to trans masculine appearance, pre-transaction, and post-transaction. Starting hormone therapy is a way to grow your masculinization. But there is a very significant number of people who has low beard growth.

Beard growth FTM is a very essential part of every trans man's life. This is a symbol of masculine growth. However, some people are still happy with the beard growth that occurs by testosterone therapy.

The hormone therapy includes masculine growth of facial hair, lower growth, voice deepening, etc. Every part is important.

What is FTM Trans Masculine?

The word "FTM" means female to male. FTM trans masculine prefers the persons who assign female by birth but identified as male by soul. The word FTM has actually mentioned the person who is starting their physical transaction from female to male.

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FTM How long on testosterone for full beard growth?

For cis-man, it takes 18-20 years for full beard growth. For FTM trans men, it takes 2-4 years for full beard growth on testosterone.

There is an alternative way to grow ftm beard on testosterone that is coconut oil. Some trans guys share natural beard growth can be possible by using coconut oil. Coconut oil is growing the beard thicker and it has no negative reactions like other oils.

But this can't work for every guy. It works for a few people and it's depending on the body.

Is beard oil working?

Yes, It's good but it has some positive and negative side effects. Positive effects are impressive because it includes beard growth and the negative side effects include itching, pimples, oily skin, etc.

There are many beard oil on the market such as minoxidil, beardo, etc. The beard growth cream that works FTM and there are many positive results of using it. Through, everything has its own side effects. Before purchasing any products, you must completely know the side effects. Minoxidil oil is the most common beard growth cream that works FTM. We highly recommended it to those who want to grow their beard. You can talk to your endocrinologist if they suggest something alternative.

How to use FTM beard oil?

Here are some ways that you can follow

  1. Use 2 times a day
  2. Use at least 3 months
  3. Stay away from sunlight.
  4. Use trimming once a month.
  5. Use facewash before going outside.
  6. Don't use it if it doesn’t give you any results after six months of use.

Some people think about if beard growth pre t FTM can be possible. The answer is "YES" possible. You can grow facial hair before starting hormone therapy. By using coconut oil, and beard oil you can get beard growth pre t FTM.

FTM beard growth t treatment occurs by taking testosterone. Testosterone improves masculine growth and this is the first step of FTM transformation.

Minoxidil beard oil is very popular for trans guys. Some people called it "TOXIC". There are many trans men who use it for beard growth. It works for some people but there are many side effects if you would like to start using it. Before starting using minoxidil, please know the common side effects.

Common side effects of Minoxidil Topical include:

  • Irritation.
  • Eczema.
  • Abnormal hair growth on the body.
  • Allergic contact dermatitis.
  • Application site redness.
  • Worsening of hair loss.
  • Burning.
  • Respiratory infections.

Minoxidil is harmful to dogs and with one drop of minoxidil oil, can kill any animal.

Beardo Oil is an alternative beardo oil. Some trans guys made some research by using it and some trans guys get some positive results. Before using it, you must have to know the side effects. Here is some side effect that we collected:

Beard Oil Side Effects You Should Know

  • Beard Oils Can Cause Allergic Reactions.
  • Some Beard Oils May Suppress Growth.
  • Bad Formulations Cause Dry Skin and Dandruff.
  • Your Sensitivity to Sunlight May Increase.
  • Toxic Effects on Small Children and Pets.

Some trans guys may have some questions. Example: The beard oil mainly works for cis-men. Does it work for transmen? The answer is " Yes, can be". Because after taking testosterone, the hormone growth improves as well. You can try each beard oil for 3-5 months. If it works, you'll understand which is best for you.

Like minoxidil or beardo oil works for some people. But there are some people who don't get results. Do you read an important article that is related to FTM Bottom Dysphoria?

Many negative reactions are seen during the use of shaving oil. For example, acne develops, skin becomes oily, and the skin may become inflamed. Using the wrong oil can cause blemishes on the skin. Therefore, before using the oil, its side effects should be used knowingly.

The face is more important than the beard. Whatever oil you use, be aware of the side effects you are having. Everyone's response to use is different. For this, you need to monitor after using the oil.

If no results are seen within three months of using the oil, stop using the oil. There are many fake oils in the current market. Again, not all oils work.

Disclaimer: We don't sell any beard oil products. For providing information, we publish the article for resources.

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