Transman's Packing Underwear - STP Packing Boxer, Trunk, Jockstrap

All-in-one packing boxer is an essential gear for Transgender men. We can't use or choose normal underwear for our STP packing. While packing an STP packer, we need FTM-friendly underwear. A cloth that makes your journey more comfortable. There are a lot of trans guys who love Packing underwear and using in a regular basis.


A male person who was born in a female body and identified as a man. They can start their transition from the beginning of adulthood or at any time. There is no limit to expressing our identity. Being a trans man we face a lot of social and mental issues during the female-to-male gender transition. As a result, we may want to start the hormone therapy and transition soon.

STP Packers

STP Packer is a product or gear for female to men trans men. There are three types of STPs. Here we share a short view below.

  1. Stand to pee packers - Use for STP and Regular Packing. ( Axolom Thinker, Handy, Zeus, Knight, Squire)
  2. FTM Soft Packers - Use for packing purposes. (Axolom Classic, Hobe, Hose, Kong, Kangaro, Fusion)
  3. Pack N Play Packers - Use for Satisfy Partners. ( Axolom Eros, Perseus, Atlas)

Two terms are very popular in the Trans community. That is a 3-in-1 STP packer and a 4-in-1 STP Packer. The 3-in-1 STP Packers allows you to get benefits or has three options which are stand to pee, pack n-play and Packing. Most trans guys are familiar with these packing gears. They buy one solution instead of using three different gears. Our stand-to-pee Packers are also popular for that reason. Most of the packers are comfortable for three purposes. However, people can buy different packers separately.

At the beginning of the gender transition, we may have no guidelines. There are many Youtubers who share their journey and transition-related videos on YouTube and Facebook. They are making gender transition so easier and we can find out all the questions in our mind. Some trans guys also love to read blogs. For them, our tutorials may help to start their transition from zero. The zero-knowledge makes you learn more about how a trans man leads their life and is happy for making the decision.

There is also a need for gender transition products that make our transformation so easy and we made our life comfortable in this way. Like chest binders, there are several products such as STP packers, and soft packers are also necessary. But we forget the most essential thing. That is a Packing underwear. We forget that we can't use regular underwear or FTM harness for packing the STP packer. Today we would love to share the packing gears for FTM trans man.

Packing Underwear For Transman

Clothing accessories which make gender transition life easier and more comfortable. The cloth is made for specifically female-to-male transgender men and the outlook is similar to normal underwear but the inside area is different to other underwear. The design is very friendly for trans guys. The packing underwear has multiple variants such as Packer Packing Underwear, and STP packing Underwear.

Packer Packing Underwear: The term is used for soft packers. Soft packers are also STP packers but the definitions of a soft packer and stand-to-pee packers are different. The underwear has a pouch inside for keeping the packer in underwear. It can be used without a packer. It looks like a regular underwear. 3 Types of Packer packer-packing underwear in the below:

  1. Axolom Packer Packing Boxers - Black, Grey
  2. Axolom Packer Packing Trunks
  3. Axolom Packer Packing Jockstrap

Axolom Packer Packing Boxer

There are two types of boxers available for FTM packing. Three colours are available right now. Check out the descriptions.

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STP Packing Underwear: The underwear is ideal for STP. STP means stand to pee. It is useful when a transman uses an STP packer in the washroom and packing regularly. There are different types of STP packing underwear available. Check the list in the below:

  1. Axolom STP Packing Boxer
  2. Axolom STP Packing Trunk
  3. Axolom STP Packing Jpckstrap

This Packing underwear is safe and soft for long-term use. Most of the trans guy choose the wrong gear during their transition. As a result, they waste their money. Now you are here on the right path. According to trans guys, Axolom is the most trans-friendly company that provides affordable packing gear such as STPs, underwear, bottom gear and more accessories. Our chest binders will be released very soon.

Most of the beginners have a lot of questions regarding packing underwear. So, for them, we made some faqs. It'll help them to choose a gear according to their desire.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do carry packing underwear and STP during travel?

Use a carry pouch to dry your packing gear. It will protect your packer from unwanted problems. We suggest to use regular soap before and after soap of your STP. But to clean our underwear, you can use shampoo or others.

Can I use another company gear with Axolom underwear?

Yes, you can. But please remember the size should be under 5.4 inches. Otherwise, you may not adjust your packer with underwear. The underwear is not movable. It has only one position.

How do I know the underwear is right for my STP packer?

The size of the STP packer should be under 5.5 inches, which will be perfect for Axolom underwear. If your STP packers are above 6 inches, we shouldn’t suggest buying underwear right now. We are making the packing underwear for big size packers. You could try our newest STP Packing boxer which may be friendly for your packer.

How to understand the handling of our STP packer?

To handle the leakage of your urine, you have to wear underwear for at least two weeks in the bathroom before using it in a public washroom. At first, hold your bladder for a second, then open your button or keep your packer in position (just between your urinary area). Then hold the STP packer's lower area tightly, and push your urine with speed. Whenever you think the urine is leaking, simply hold the urine in the bladder. Then try again to stand to pee. That's the way I use and suggest others.

When should we stop using gender gear with underwear?

Before we sleep, we should keep away the packer before we sleep. Sleeping is our comfort zone that should be relaxing. By using a gender transition, it feels heavier and sometimes we feel the weight is very heavy. You need to pack off your gear (binders, STP, underwear) before you go to bed for sleeping. Use simple underwear or shorts to have a sound sleep.

How do we keep packing underwear for 24 hours?

It's safe to use any tight gear for 24 hours. We suggest using a gear maximum of 8-10 hours in a day. It's better and safer. People who suggest to wear more than 10 hours should not be okay. Please use a gear comfortably.

Can I use Adhesive STP packers with Axolom Underwear?

Yes, but there are size limitations. Our best packing underwear ftm allows the packers under the size of 5.4 inches. It's not perfect to adjust your packer with Axolom Underwear above 5.5 inches. It'll not fit. Hope you get it. Big size underwears is coming soon.

How does Axolom offer affordable packing underwear?

Axolom always cares the trans individuals. It's important to have a company that provides affordable body-friendly packers. The underwear pricing starts from $14. Anybody can pack their STP packers under 5.4 inches. 

Will I have to face shipping issues?

Not at all. Only a few people face shipping issues. It might be for their country or shipping agent issues. But we always want to deliver our products to your home as soon as possible. Some people might face some issues and we are already working on it. Hope you'll get your products within 8-20 days after ordering the product. 

How does a transguy join the trans community?

There are various Facebook groups and Reddit groups. If you are a trans guy and want to join their community, then you can search those terms in every social media " FTM Trans, Metoidioplasty, FTM Phalloplasty, Transguys, FTM Guys, " etc.

Can I share our feedback for Axolom products?

Yes, you can share your feedback with the product page or you can share your review on Reddit. The reddit will help you to connect with other trans guys as well. Your positive feedback will help us to grow and reach more trans guys. N your negative feedback will help us to correct and improve our products to the next level. Trans guys are intelligent and they have the right to live their life.

How do I know the perfect positioning of an STP packer with our body?

Start using your STP packer regularly and use it in the bathroom for a month. Then you'll understand how do you can position your gear with your body. It's so easy. The position should be the middle of the vulva.

What is the best way to pack an STP packer?

There are three things before we pack STP packers:

  1. For Regular use, you can use Axolom Packing underwear with Axolom Packers (Axolom Classic, Fusion, Kong, Hobe, Hose)
  2. For Regular packing & STP, you can use Axolom STP Packing Underwear with Axolom Stand to pee prosthetics (Axolom Thinker, Handy, Astro, Squire)
  3. For Sex intimate and desire, you can use Axolom Harness with Axolom Erect Packers ( Axolom Eros, Perseus, Atlas)

Thanks for reading the article. We hope we'll reach more trans guys. Please subscribe to our email newsletter to get regular updates. 


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