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FTM Packer | What Is a Packer? 

When you type the word “packer” into Google’s search engine, the Green Bay Packers are what comes up, a Wisconsin American football team. However, for a transgender individual, this term means something very different; they tend to think along the lines of an FTM packer, FTM standing for Female-To-Male. When FTM Packer is typed into Google it comes up with a very different list of results. Articles that generate include FTM Packers for Sale, 13 Best FTM Packers to Alleviate Your Dysphoria, and 3 Things You Should Know Before You Buy a Packer

What is an FTM Packer? 

It is a term for an item that is used to simulate a bulge in a person’s pants as though they have a biologically male appendage. Often, said item is more than just something to put in one’s pants, it is a prosthetic that looks like a penis. It can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to match up with its owner. The FTM packer is often used to help alleviate dysphoria which the Oxford Dictionary defines as, “the condition of feeling one’s emotional and psychological identity to be at variance with one’s birth sex.”
Gender dysphoria can cause self-esteem issues, cause an individual to isolate themself, bring about extreme depression and anxiety, make a person take dangerous risks due to the lack of self-preservation, and neglect their own care entirely which can be with either hygiene or nutrition. Dysphoria can be devastating, and alongside a therapist, one can use items to help diminish its symptoms which can include utilizing an FTM packer and other tools at disposal. 
Depending on where you look, you will find FTM packers that range from simplistic to extremely detailed in design. The more intricate the prosthetic the pricier it can be. One of the more expensive packers found is from reelmagik.com which has a $600 price tag. Granted, their devices use an adhesive to attach it to the user’s body and appear extremely realistic both in looks as well as feel. You can specialize their product by skin shade, length of the penile shaft, make it circumcised or not, and you can even add fake pubic hair to it that matches your own.

What is a packer?

This FTM packer is unfortunately not obtainable for everyone. Many transgender individuals struggle with the financial cost of a sometimes necessary device. However, there are more and more companies providing a high-quality FTM packer for exceptionally low or discounted rates such as Axolom.
Now, an FTM packer is different from an STP, Stand-To-Pee device. While an STP can be built into an FTM packer, the items are not mutually exclusive. One of the more common items for a transgender individual who needs a prosthetic would be a soft packer. This item is generally made with silicone that allows for a squishy feel. The soft FTM packer can be used with a harness, a strap around the waist, and an o-ring to secure the prosthetic. This allows the owner to not need a special type of underwear that is specifically made to hold packers. If a trans person wants to have everything built into one packer, that can mean it has a tube in the shaft and an opening to urinate in and through. This can allow them to stand and pee at a urinal or in a stall. It can also alleviate even more dysphoria that public restrooms often cause. In addition to an STP, you can get an FTM packer that allows for penetrative sex. 
You can get a few different types with either a rod built into the shaft of the prosthetic penis or one you insert when the time calls for it. Either way, the idea is that a person can wear the item as a regular packer and then quickly adjust it to have intimate penetrative contact with another consenting individual. For many transgender people, sex dysphoria is very real and extremely difficult, so anything that can help diminish its effects is something to celebrate and utilize.
The first time an individual wears an FTM packer can take some getting used to. You are adding another item to your body that was not there before. For some, that means they have to adjust the way they walk, how they sit, and even how they stand. This all depends on how your prosthetic device is held, either by the harness we discussed earlier, boxers with a pocket, a pouch affixed to your underwear, or some other creative way. Securing your FTM packer can prevent mishaps that could lead to some embarrassing and possibly dangerous situations such as it falling out onto a public bathroom’s floor.
We have come far in our society today that has allowed for devices such as an FTM packer to be easier toaccess and more affordable now more than ever. This allows people who suffer from gender dysphoria to go about their daily lives happier and more comfortably because they have a prosthetic that lessens its effects. Something to remember, however, not every transgender person experiences dysphoria in the same way and should in no way be generalized to assume so. Each person is unique, and if they feel an FTM packer is something that will help them in some way, then more power to them. And with sites like Axolom gaining popularity, there is no doubt that more individuals will have access to essential items to live life to the fullest.

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