Your Questions About FTM STP Packer Answered

We know the topic "STP Packer" is still unknown for new trans beginners. The beginners transgender person are confused about the topic. How to use an STP packer can be answered through practical knowledge.

At the beginning of the FTM transition, we may see various types of packers for FTM which many companies displayed on their websites but they didn't share which FTM gear is used for particular periods such as when we go to stand to pee in public washrooms, we can't use an erect packer or even FTM soft packer for urination. It requires a hole inside the FTM gear. Most of the companies don't have even the product back backside image. That's the reason we thought every packer is suitable for every time.

As we said, we can't use an erect packer or FTM soft packer for urination, we also can't use stand to pee packer for erection. It requires a pleasure rod. A pleasure rod is a particular device that would be inserted into the Stand to pee packer for erection or making it hard. Most companies don't even check customer's feedback. As a result, an FTM guy feels unlucky after having some issues with their packer. Some realistic packers are torn apart after some days of use. These make a trans guy avoid buying a STP packer and make them review or feedback to others not to buy an STP packer. After all, we are human. We have emotions and It's correct for us.

As a human being, we expect an easier life like others do. We suffer from mental trauma, family issues, social problems, and other factors. During the transition, we are mostly afraid of being naked when we see our bodies in a mirror. Sometimes we cried overnight. We feel empty. Someone comes into our life and makes us happy. We would like to stay together.

FTM transition starts from chest binders and hormone therapy and it ends with gender euphoria. Let's know what's a packer, how to use an FTM STP packer, and which should we buy!

What is a FTM STP Packer?

FTM STP packer is a device that allows a person to stand to pee, pack, have sexual intercourse, etc. Basically, an FTM STP packer Isn't a mandatory product. It varies according to a person's need or necessity. Before discovering the STP device, the dildo was discovered and It's very friendly for women. Then someone discovers the STP packer model. Axolom made FTM STP packers since 2020.

In the 3 years, we reached a 5000-plus audience. We would love to reach more people through our articles and products. Suppose, someone wants to buy FTM STP packers, they may be nervous about what or which packer should buy! Every new transman isn't familiar with the packer gear. They might be interested to know these faqs!

Frequently Asked Questions :

How to buy a FTM STP Packer?

Choose any of the packers companies' sites (such as Axolom, Transguysupply, Emisil, or others) and select the option FTM packer / STP Packer / Erect Packer. Then you can choose the size according to your desired length of penis. Then checkout and fill in your address information. They will ship products within 5-10 days. It may need 7-15 days to arrive at your door.

What is the difference between an FTM packer and an Erect packer?

FTM packers are generally soft and useful for regular packing. Some guys are interested in buying an STP packer for regular packing. For them, FTM Packers is the correct choice. On the other hand, an Erect packer is hard and it can't be used for regular packing. It can be used only for sexual intercourse.

What does it mean by 4 in 1 STP packer?

A 4 in 1 STP packer is useful for 4 purposes (PEE/PLAY/PACK/MASTURBATION). It's a soft FTM STP packer but using a pleasure rod It's ready for sexual desire. It's also perfect for regular packing. A 4 in 1 STP packer helps to save money from buying multiple packers for multiple purposes. However, you can buy separate packers according to your choice and desire.

How to choose between an STP packer and a soft packer?

STP packer has the facility to stand to pee and soft packer has the functionality of good packing. Packing is essential for both points. When someone looks for comfortable packing, they might be interested in buying a soft FTM packer with Packing Underwear for FTM guys.

How to pack an STP packer?

Packing an STP packer or FTM packer is now very easy with Axolom Packing underwear. There are also multiple companies which also provide breathable packing underwear, jockstraps, harnesses, etc. You can pack any of our STPs with their pairs. Some guys are already packing like these. To know more about How to position, you can read the article. Check out 3 different packing gears.

How to travel with an STP packer?

Carrying a black pouch will be easier and more comfortable for carrying your STP in your bag. Whenever you want to pack you can go in private and use the pairs such as underwear, harness, etc. Carrying a pouch is very comfortable for keeping your STPs private.

How to read the authentic Axolom Packers review?

To read Axolom Packers review, you can go to the products section and check the product and see the consumer's review. Alternatively, you can check YouTube channels to get various reviews. The TransLGBTQ site also provides Axolom packers reviews through articles.

How to measure the STP packer?

It's a very personal option. Some guys are interested in small packers, and some might be interested in buying big packers. Pick any of the two sizes in your mind and bring these two sizes. Check which one suits your body. However, we can't assure you the model which should be correct for you.

How much money is needed to buy an STP packer?

FTM packers are budget-friendly. It starts from 29$-50$. And the stand-to-pee prosthetics are more costly than FTM soft packers. The price ranges from $59 USD to 79$. Additionally, you may need $25 USD if you need a pleasure rod and shipping charges. Shipping and tax charges depend on your country's customs.

Thanks for reading the article. We hope you may be interested in reading more articles about STP packers and others. Follow our blog articles and learn more about it.

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