How to Position a STP Packer

When it comes to the point of packing, we must be interested to know how we put our STPs in the correct position. The topic isn’t regular but it can be.

The content is adult and this is only for transgender men. So, we request you to avoid the article if you don't meet the criteria.

A transgender man who has been transitioning for female to male is known transman. There are a few steps of sex reassignment surgery such as

  1. Hormone Replacement Therapy
  2. Top Surgery
  3. Bottom Surgery
  4. Voice Thetapy

The female-to-male transgender individual might have gender dysphoria. But not every transgender has gender dysphoria. We have discussed Gender dysphoria and treatment through our posts.

When we start hormone therapy, we realize for changing or growing masculine characteristics such as a voice deeper, beard growth, hairs all over the body, and more. After a few days of hormone therapy, we face a few issues when we use public washrooms. Generally, we used the female washroom before starting the transition. But we can't enter female restrooms anymore with beards and masculine visibility. So, we start using male washrooms. Some trans guys would like to use tubes and some are using private toilets.

If you haven't any STP packers and want to know how to buy an STP packer, then follow the article. Now comes to the point. Today we are going to discuss how to position an STP Packer.

What is a STP Packer?

STP packer is a prosthetic device known as a stand to pee device. The STP packer isn’t only for urinating, but also for packing, and sexual intercourse. Female to male transgender use the packer gears. Do you know which is budget-friendly STP packers? Read the article: FTM STP Packers According to Your Desire

STP packers can be of many types. Such as

  • Stand-to-pee prosthetics
  • FTM Packers
  • Erect Packers | Pack And Play Packer

What is a stand to pee prosthetic?

Stand to pee prosthetics are used to urinate or pee in front of public washrooms. It can be plastic or silicone mold devices. Know more about 6 Stand To Pee Prosthetics Under 79$

How To Position a STP Packer?

First, you need to go to the private washroom with your packer and take off your clothes. Then placing the STP packer around the vulva.

How to position a STP packer

Look at the image. The image suggests you position your STP packer in the right direction. Whenever you want to pack your gear, place the STP packer from Mons Publs and hold tightly footer area. As a result, it doesn’t leak pee. You can also use it for regular packing. It's comfortable.

The image of the STP packer is Thinker. We know all model isn’t the same. It takes time to understand a packer gear. Just remember the footer and middle part. Then, you'll know how to position an STP packer or place a gear.

The process of How to position a STP packer is very similiar to other STPs also. You'll need to learn how your STP packer's funnel works. Once you learn it, you'll be expertise in it. You may need a lot of practice. You can buy your STPs anywhere. Share us what's your STP model and which company STP packer you are using?

We'll share more tricks of packing or position A STP packer. 

We know you may need packing underwear or a harness for holding attached to the bottom area. You can try our packing underwear. Axolom released its packing underwear in 2022.

We have also tested the FTM harness and will release the FTM packing harness and chest binders this year. There are many more things coming this year. You'll be glad to know that we have reached 5000 plus trans guys till now and are interested to meet more guys in 2023.

What is FTM Packing Harness?

FTM Packing Harness is a gear that helps to pack an FTM STP packer. The dick is movable. You can use underwear or short pant or long pant. It's quite comfortable.

What is FTM Packing Underwear?

FTM Packing underwear is a gear that helps to pack an FTM STP packer. The dick isn’t movable. You don't need to wear extra underwear over it. You can use short pants or long pants. It's quite comfortable.

What kind of packing underwear is suitable for FTM erect packers?

FTM harness and jockstrap are suitable for erect packers. Axolom will launch a few harnesses this year. The harness will be for packing, urinating, and playing.

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