3 Pack And Play Packers Under 85$

When we would start to have erections like a cis man, we remember the first product in our mind which is DILDO. While we find hard-packers like dildos, we forget that we're trans and we have different products for erection. The product is pack and play packers. It is also known as Erect STP Packers.

What is a pack-and-play packer?

Pack and play packer is a hard packing gear that is used for sexual intercourse or intimacy with a partner. The packer allows a person to have sex with their partner. Pack and Play Packers are 2 types:

  1. Adhesive Pack And Play Packer
  2. Non-adhesive Pack and Play Packer

A female-to-male transgender may require STP Prosthesis on a regular basis. You can use an STP packer for packing, urinating, and playing. Most transgender men know about stand-to-pee prosthetics or FTM packers but few transgender men know about erect packers. Erect packers are good for only sexual pleasure.

3 Pack And Play Packers List:

  1. Axolom Eros
  2. Axolom Altas
  3. Axolom Perseus

Axolom Eros - Pack And Play Packer

Axolom Eros is a new-generation product. It launched in the last of 2022. It is a realistic hard-packer. The price of Axolom Eros is 85$. The packer is good for

  • Sexual intercourse.
  • Hard intimate.
  • Easy to pack.
  • Can carry with pouch.

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How to pack Axolom Eros?

Axolom will launch its play harness soon. You can use our STP jockstrap now or choose Peecock Play harness or Rodeoh O Ring harness. You can easily pack the STP by inserting the O ring.

Axolom Altas - Pack And Play Packer

Axolom Altas is a new-generation product. It launched in the last of 2022. It is a realistic hard-packer. The price of Axolom Altas is 79$. The packer is good for sexual pleasure, and hard intimacy. It's easy to pack anytime.

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Axolom Perseus - Hard STP packer

Axolom Perseus is a super hard STP packer. It launched in the last of 2022. It is a realistic packer gear. The price of Axolom Perseus is 68$. The packer is good for sexual pleasure, and hard intimacy. It's easy to pack anytime.

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How to pack N play packer with a harness?

FTM Play Harness

For packing with an FTM harness, you can try jockmail harness that we tried. It's quite simple and easy to pack. Jockmail offers cheap pricing for their harness. You can buy the harness for under 5$. Check out: Jockmail Harness.


Ftm play harness

Alternatively, you can try this new harness for packing and playing. It is a new brand. Check out: New FTM Harness.


How does a trans man date women?

Dating apps are a platform where two strangers meet and selected a particular date for dating. You can find your partner from dating apps such as tinder. We have shared an article regarding dating: How transmen can date women.

Which Pack And Play Packers available in the market?

Here we share a list of the companies who provide Pack And Play Packers:

  • Emisil
  • Freetomprosthetics
  • Axolom
  • Early2bed
  • Gendercat

Which is the cheap pack and play packers?

Axolom(we) provides the cheap pack and play packers among the transgender community. We believe every transgender is special to us and not every transgender men can afford expensive STP devices.

How do I pack and play during sex?

Whenever you though to come out, you pack the STP packer and play with your partner. You can use condom alternatively. However, It's a matter of choice.

Can I use Pack and play packer as oral sex?

Yes, you may need to use different flavour of condoms for a good taste such as strawberry, chocolate. Oral sex is easy with Pack N play packers.

Can I use Pack N play packer with different positions?

Yes, you can. Using different positions during sexual intercourse brings happiness and good for long lasting sex. Use your erect packer with different types of sex positions.

What should we do before play?

Use water based lubricant. Rub the gel to the STP packer. Then start playing with your partner. First, play it slowly. Then you can use whatever you want to do.

What should we do after sexual intercourse?

Unpack your packer and wash your private part with water. Alternatively, you can use tissue. It's good for hygiene.

How to wash a STP packer?

Washing a STP packer is very much important for long lasting usages. We suggest the guys for lite wash everyday after use. Let's know how to wash a STP packer.

  • Use water for washing.
  • Use regular soap.
  • Avoid detergent.
  • Boil your STP once a month or bi-weekly.

Can I carry a STP packer?

Yes, sure. You can carry a STP packer whenever you want. Simply using a pouch might be greatful.

How to buy a Pack and Play Packer?

Check out our Axolom Pack And Play Packers store, and choose any of it. Axolom provides budget friendly FTM packers. We'll delivery the products within 2-10 days. You'll get the products in 5-25 days.

How to convince your partner for intimating?

Sex is a matter of choice of both of partners. If your partner and you both are physically connected such as kiss, hugs and other sexual activities such as pressing boobs and others, then you can start intimating from kissing. Whenever she start feeling and feels she need more from you, then you can pack the STP packer. After that, you can pack off your partner clothes and find happiness in your partner. Care your partner feelings. That's how you and your partner both can enjoy sex.

Can I force partner for sex?

You shouldn’t force anyone for sex. Sex shouldn’t be painful. Consent is very important for sexual intercourse. If you force your partner for sex, then you are going to do a serious crime. You should avoid it. You can simply masturbate alone. That's definitely okay. Even we do. Remember, sexual needs shouldn’t be the reason of crime.

Thanks for reading our articles. We hole you and your partner both having a healthy relationship. All the best for your love life.

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