Best Adhesive STP Packers For Trans Guys

In this article, we would love to share adhesive our stp packers that are affordable and have good quality. These Adhesive STP Packers are quick to pack and easy to use. Its looks very natural penis.

What is Adhesive STP Packer?

The word " Adhesive " means a material that is used to stick objects. Adhesive STP Packer means a stand to pee packer, that has the ability to stick with the genitalia. See images of Adhesive STP Packer.

Adhesive STP Packer is the best-selling and used prosthetics of every company. Because not every guy likes to pack with a stand to pee device. The Adhesive STP Packer helps to unpack easily and it's a very soft prosthetic. Adhesive STP Packer is very safe for human bodies. As we made the product with 100% orginal silicone. It's easy to use.

On the other hand, it has some good parts such as

  • Holding it with your pants easily.
  • Carrying it easily.
  • Soft .
  • Natural .
  • Easy to pack.
  • Can wash easily with regular soap.

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Here is a list of Axolom Adhesive STP Packers and we will describe it.

1. AXOLOM Monsieur Wiggle Soft

This is the best adhesive ftm STP packer for trans guys. It's super soft and realistic. There are two variants and 7 skin colors. Uncircumcised and circumcised both stp packers are avaiable. We respect everyone's needs and colors. We ensure the needs of our customers so that they can share our ftm packers with their friends. This is a comfortable FTM device that you like to use regularly.

2. AXOLOM Fusion Compact

The fusion stp packer is one of the best FTM prosthetics. According to customer needs, we have made two sizes. 1. Fusion 2. Fusion Mini. Some people says fusion looks different. The fusion is a little bigger than Fusion mini. There are only available the Uncircumcised STP packer version that is also known as natural FTM prosthetics. There is a fusion pro version that aren't similiar.

3. AXOLOM Rook FTM Erecting STP

This is an erecting STP packer that is also adhesive. This is the best ftm packer for the buddies who want to intimate with partners. The feeling is very amazing and also real. The FTM trans who likes to buy an erect FTM penis, this device is suitable for you. The circumcised stp version is available in 7 different colors.

4. AXOLOM The Classic Silicone

This is very ultra-soft and the best classic stp packer for daily use. The product rating is very well and the trans guys are using the stp device comfortably. The circumcised stp version is available in 7 different colors. This is an FTM prosthetic adhesive.

5. AXOLOM Au Naturel Soft Silicone

This is an uncircumcised STP packer and soft FTM prosthetic adhesive. There is only an uncircumcised version available. This product has many positive feedbacks. If you looking for an FTM prosthetics review, then you can view the products review section The person who likes a natural penis for him, then maybe the best FTM packer. But again, we respect everyone's choice. According to your choice, you can pick one from these.

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Tips of Washing Axolom STP Packers:

  • Wash with Regular Soap
  • No need Powdering
  • Wash it and keep it clean everytime after using.
  • Use a soft brush that can clean easily

There are many trans guys who have facing bottom dysphoria. So, we made an article based on FTM bottom dysphoria removal. We would like to invite you for reading this: FTM Bottom Dysphoia: How To Care For Yourself, Fight Everyday. You can share it with your friends who have bottom dysphoria badly. As we know, nobody can't share the topic with anybody but still, we think we should talk about it.

There are many trans individuals who always looking for like real FTM prosthetics. For them, we have shared the article and you can see our FTM adhesive STP packer with 7 different colors and variants. The circumcised stp packer knows as an uncut STP packer or natural penis and the uncircumcised STP packer is known as cut ftm stp device.

Adhesive ftm prosthetics are a good choice. There are few stp packers in our store. This is a very soft, natural, body-safe, and realistic FTM packer. If you want to buy a stand to pee prosthetics, then you must follow the article : 5 Best Stand To Pee Packers For Trans Guys

Feature Photo by Delia Giandeini on Unsplash  

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