5 Best Selling STP Packers or Stand To Pee Prosthetics

If would you like to know the information on " 5 Top Selling Stand To Pee Prosthetics ", then you are at the right destination. Today we gonna share the best-selling stand-to-pee prosthetics list. Additionally, we'll add also a packing guide.

What is a Stand to Pee Prosthetic?

Stand to pee prosthetic is a silicone-made urinating device that allows a person to stand to pee in front of public toilets, private spaces in public or at home. It is also known as an STP packer. It's a short form. Usually, it lasts 3-36 months.

Intro: Axolom

Axolom is a prosthesis company that make various types of packing device or clothes like STP packer, underwear, chest binders, t-shirts, flag, etc. It's not a trans-owned business. Our priority is to share and help transgender and non-binary folks.

We started our journey in 2020. We test our products by Transgender YouTubes. Transgender YouTubers like Kade Cooks, uppercaseChase1, Zac Cannell, Clayton Jay, and Mason Luke shared their honest feedback for Axolom Packers.

From the year 2020, we launched more than 10 Stand To Pee Prosthetics and more than 6 FTM packers. Trans guys shared their feedback on our product page. We are really thankful to have the rating. We made high-quality prostheses by original silicones. The silicone is safe for the human body. There are no harmful things that we used. We use only hygienic things to make the FTM packers.

Before picking an STP packer, you must have to know which size is okay for your body. Like some trans guys brought small packer (3'in STP packer), then they understand It's not perfect for them. We suggest most of the trans guys pick a 5'- 6' inches STP packer for standing to pee. It's good for overflow pee. On the other hand, It's good for playing with a partner. Now our pleasure rods are available in our store.

Some trans guys like to have packing plus pee packers that basically used for packing, they can choose Axolom Squire STP or Axolom Prince STP. It's a small STP packer. The packers are good for packing.

Let's share the 5 Top selling Stand to pee prosthetics or STP Packers.

Axolom Handy STP Packer

Axolom Handy is the most and top selling stand to pee prosthetics in Axolom store. It's because It's built with good quality, easy to pack, urinate, play and penetrate. The pleasure rod is available for Axolom Handy. Handy STP doesn’t have pleasure ridges. But still, it works well.

Axolom Thinker STP Packer

Axolom Thinker is the smaller version of Handy. As some guys are interested to have the smaller version of Handy. We made it. Axolom thinker has pleasure ridges and also pleasure rods. All the pleasure rods have different sections. The Thinker STP is 5.3' cm.

Some trans guys are confused about which one is good between Handy and Thinker. For them, we suggest Thinker for beginners and Handy for experienced guys.

Handy is the best-selling product in Axolom and the sales are higher than Thinker. We believe you'll choose Handy Packer.

Axolom Knight STP Packer

Axolom Knight is one of the best-selling STP packers in Axolom. It's also the best STP packer in 2022. Most trans guys like the texture, scrotum texture, the veins etc. Moreover, It's different from the Axolom Thinker and Axolom Handy. The length is much bigger than other STP in Axolom. The Trans Youtubers recommend the STP device to the new transgender guys. Axolom Knight has also a pleasure rod.

Axolom Squire STP Packer

Axolom Squire is the smallest STP packer in Axolom. The pricing is also similar to Axolom Thinker. But both quality is different. It's good for packing. The pleasure rod is also available with Axolom Squire. Because of the smaller most of the trans beginners have much liked the packer. They said, " Axolom Squire is the best choice."

Axolom Astro STP Packer

Axolom Astro is one of the best-selling STP packers. It's an uncircumcised or Uncut STP packer. It is a small STP packer. The length is similar to Axolom Squire. There are some Trans YouTubers who share their reviews.

How to Buy an STP packer?

Before buying an STP packer, you must have the knowledge if it allows in your country. Some countries don’t allow adult toys. So, we suggest checking your country's laws before buying an STP packer and some countries' customs require medical papers such as gender dysphoria letters, hormone therapy papers etc.

To buy a STP packer, you need to click the page → Axolom Packers. Then you need to choose a Packer and click buy now for submitting your address. Please submit your details carefully.

For regular wear with your STP packer, you can buy Axolom Packing Underwear launched some days ago. We shared a short brief regarding FTM packing underwear. We hope you'll love it.

FTM Packing Underwear

FTM means female to male transgender. The full meaning of FTM packing underwear is called bottom inner wear that is used for attaching the STP packer along.

FTM Packing underwear can be of different types.

  • O Ring Underwear.
  • STP Packing Underwear.
  • FTM O Ring Harness.
  • V Shape Packing Underwear.

O Ring Underwear

O Ring Underwear is round-shaped inner bottom wear that is used to keep an STP packer. It helps to attach to the body.

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STP Packing Underwear

STP means Stand to pee. The full meaning of STP Packing underwear is inside bottom wear that uses for standing to pee in front of public or private spaces through the stand to pee prosthetics funnel. First, position the packer in the right direction, and then you can keep using it. We suggest the trans guys for regular practices.

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FTM O Ring Harness

FTM means female to male transgender. The meaning of FTM O Ring Harness is inner bottom wear that is used to keep the STP packer. You can use it for regular practices and play. We think It's best for play purposes.

V Shape Packing Underwear

V Shaped Packing underwear is inner bottom wear that using for packing or as an STP device. Some V shape packing underwear has an inside pocket that keeps your packer easily. For packing purposes, we suggest soft packers. We would like to suggest Axolom Soft Packers.

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The transgender guys are confused about which we need to choose between soft packers and Stand to pee prosthetics. We would like to clear the hesitations. For packing purposes, soft FTM packers are great. You can keep the packer easily along packing underwear or jockstrap. Choose a V shape or other boxer/brief that has a small inside pocket.

Most Transgender Men would like to have a 3-in-1 STP packer. But haven’t any idea how to use it. You can use Axolom STP Underwear made especially for urination and packing. It also works for sexual intercourse though some trans guys use FTM harnesses as well.

Positioning an STP Packer in the right direction is very important to almost every trans guy but most of the guys aren’t comfortable because of the wrong direction.

STP Packer & Sexual Intercourse

Sexual intercourse or penetration is very important for all. This satisfaction isn’t only for cis guys. This is important for trans, lesbian, cis and other human beings. So, we would like to share the sexual penetration tips that may be helpful for your sexual life and also fulfil your sexual desire.

STP Packer is a way to have memorable sex with your partner. Before having sex, you must ask for her consent. If she agrees, then you can start loving her. A kiss is the first way to express your love.

While having sex, you can take your FTM STP packer and insert a pleasure rod and cover the outside area with a condom. For smoothness, you can use water-based lubricant. Then wear an FTM harness or comfortable O Ring underwear & start having fun together.

Condom plays a very important role. It's safe and comfortable for us. Though It's used for birth control It is used for safety purposes also.

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