5 Best Stand To Pee Packers for Trans Guys

When a trans man finds an original stand to pee packers, they get multiple stores but all the packers aren't made by 100% silicone. Some stores mix chemicals. That can be dangerous. Those aren't safe for our bodies. That's why we started our company to provide 100% silicone stp packers among the consumers so that we can get trustworthy. Let me show you a short description.

What is the stand to pee packer?

Stand to pee packer is a device that helps or enable one to stand to pee in front of a toilet and other public and private spaces. The short form of a stand to pee packer is STP Packer.

Why do we need to buy a stand to pee packer?

Stand to pee packer is a basic essential product for a trans man. It makes a trans man life easy and comfortable before the bottom surgery.

How many days can use a stand to pee packer?

It's hard to say but at least you can use 9-14 months or more. Depends on your performance and usage. If you wash it properly, then it can be longer than your expectations.

Which is the most selling stand to pee packers of axolom?

Handy and Knight is the most popular stand to pee prosthetics in our store. Its height and length are totally perfect for trans buddies. But it can be different. Every individual has his own choice. Some wishes are less height than handy. For them, Thinker and squire is the best choice.

On the other hand, some people have different choices like cut, uncut. There is some uncut stand to pee packers are available in our store and we have 4-6 colours now.

1. Axolom Squire STP Packer


The squire stand to pee packer is a good because of its length and sharping. It has 4.72 in length. Here is a short table.

Shaft Length: 3.46'' (8.8cm)
 Total Length:  4.72'' (12cm)
  Funnel Width:  2.2" ( 5.6cm)
 Diameter: 1.5'' (3.8cm)
 Weight:  5.86oz (166g)


2. Axolom Thinker STP Packer


The thinker stand to pee packer is perfect for the trans buddies who are looking for 5.51 and soft structure.  There are two version available such as cut and uncut and a single rod. Here is a short brief.

Shaft Length: 4.72'' ( 12cm )
Total Length: 5.51'' ( 14cm )
Diameter: 1.5'' ( 3.8cm )
Weight: 5.64 oz ( 160g )


3. Axolom Handy STP Packer

The Handy stand to pee packer is a great choice who are looking for 6.26 inches and people are really like it because of its combination. Here is a short brief.

Shaft Length:  4.72''  ( 12 cm)
 Total Length:  6.26'' (15.9cm)
 Diameter:  1.57''  ( 4 cm)
 Cup Width:  2.2 " ( 5.6 cm )
 Weight:  6.17 oz ( 175g )


4. Axolom Knight STP Packer

The knight stand to pee packer is the largest prosthetic in our store. The length is 6.7 inches. Here is short brief.

Shaft Length:  5'' ( 12.8cm )
 Total Length:  6.7'' ( 17cm )
 Funnel Width:   2.2" ( 5.6cm )
 Diameter:   1.57'' ( 4cm )
 Weight:  7.76 oz ( 220g )


5. Axolom Astro STP Packer

The astro stand to pee packer is a good packer for the person who looking for 5.4 inches packer for himself and it's texture is similar to squire. 


Shaft Length: 3.86'' (9.8cm)
 Total Length: 5.43'' (13.8cm)
  Funnel Width: 2.36" ( 6 cm )
 Diameter: 1.5'' (3.8cm)
 Weight: 7.16 oz (203 g)



Would you like to have packing underwear with these STP packers? If yes, then you can read the following description.


We have recently launched our underwear that is well for FTM STP Packing. You guys can pack Axolom packers with these packing underwear.


Axolom STP Boxer




Axolom STP Boxer is good for packing stand-to-pee prosthetics and standing through the pee. The price is 17.90$. We have made two colors now. The black and blue are available now. More colors will come soon. It has two layers.


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Axolom Jockstrap




Axolom Jockstrap is also good for packing stand to pee prosthetics. One color is available right now. It has two layers including the "O layer" inside and two buttons outside. The price is 14.90$. More colors will come soon.


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More underwear are coming soon. Please follow the page " Axolom Underwears & Appeals ". We'll improve the products if you provide us with positive and negative reviews. It will help us a lot. You can tag us on Instagram or directly message us.

How to wash a stand to pee packer?

If you using axolom stp packers, then you don't have to worry. Whenever you want to wash it ,just boil it into the water. For other stp packers, you may need to a powder or anything else.

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