Axolom STP Packing Underwear: FTM Packing

Packing underwear becomes a very essential part of us. Packing an STP packer makes a trans men's life easy and comfortable.


Axolom is a company which provides silicone penis prosthetics, packing gear, etc. We started our journey in 2020. Our first priority is to serve our products at affordable pricing for everyone. There will be no comparison between cheap and expensive. You can read Axolom Story to have a better knowledge of us.

We released 8 stand-to-pee prosthetics, 8 plus soft FTM packers including 2 adhesive packers, 1 erect packer, 2 realistic packers, and recently 5 packing underwears. Some are coming soon.

We always try to be friendly with transgender, non-binary and LGBTQ communities. We believe by these ways we can reach more trans men and others. At first, we tried to understand their dysphoria and how the dysphoria can be gone. The first way is LOVE.

Being transgender, It's quite hard to express our feeling to the opposite person. We may not know how he/she reacts when they know we are trans. Coming out is never easy. It takes a lot of time. Some days ago, we meet a person who is 60. He come out 2 years ago. He is a grandfather also. He started his transaction and start to be happy on their own.

Dysphoria is very painful during hormone therapy. According to trans guys, dysphoria growing fast during the days. Dysphoria like chest dysphoria and bottom dysphoria makes a person mentally weak or unstable. So, we need to take care of ourselves and try to be happy every time.

Chest dysphoria can be treated through chest binders and bottom dysphoria can be treated through STP packers. It's not essential to be trans but it works great for decreasing bottom dysphoria. However, It depends on a person's basic needs.

As we said in previous posts, we launched our packing underwear for FTM trans and non-binary folks. It can pack easily with STP packers. Here we would like to share short details about STP Packers.

What is STP Packer?

STP Packer is a silicone or cotton device that represents masculinity. The STP Packers has three types such as stand to pee packer, FTM packer and Erect Packer. The FTM packer and erect packer don't have any holes inside for STP. The FTM packer is soft and used for packing purposes. The erect packer is known as hard penis prosthetics. It can fulfil the sexual desire. On the other hand, the Stand to pee packer used to urinate, pack, sexual intercourse. We made 3-in-1 STP packers, FTM packers, and Erect Packers. You can choose anything according to your needs.

We have previously shared 4 FTM packers under 60$ and 5 Stand to Pee Prosthetics under 79$. You may get some help by reading the FTM packing guide article. Recently, Trans LGBTQ published some reviews on Axolom Handy, Thinker and Squire STP. We hope you'll have some idea after reading the articles.

The FTM packing underwear is good for packing, urinating, and sexual desire. The packing underwear has two layers. One layer is in the middle "O Ring". It is on the inside and the outside layer represents two buttons that enable a user for standing through the pee.

It is mostly used with our FTM STP Packers because it makes the user more confident. Though the design of the packing underwear for Axolom STP packers, it can be used for other STPs as well. Here we share some images.

Axolom STP Boxer

Axolom STP Boxer is packing underwear for FTM Transgender, non-binary and others. All the packing underwear including STP trunks, and STP jockstraps is the same design as Axolom STP boxer. The underwear has two layers. There is an anti-middle "O Layer" inside and two buttons outside. The outside button enables a person to urinate and the "O Layer" carry the STP packer in the middle. Here we share an image of how it looks if a person wears it and how to stand to pee with packing underwear.

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Packing underwear with STP Packer

Axolom STP Jockstrap

Axolom STP Jockstrap is best for urinating. It is also good for packing and sexual pleasure. You can use it as an FTM harness. Before Pack and play, don't forget to insert the pleasure rod and Condom.

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Axolom STP Trunks

Axolom STP Trunks look similar to Axolom STP Boxer. The design is the same. The difference between them is sizing and colours. The Axolom STP Trunk is smaller in size than boxer. The Axolom STP Trunks are Best for packing and urinating.

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How to wear an STP Packer with packing underwear?

At first, you have to wear it as regular underwear, then it should be inserted inside the "O Ring". There will be another circular ring on the side. You can use it to connect the STP packer well. It will be too tight when used.

What is the price of Packing underwear?

Axolom sells the packing underwear at a cheap rate. You can buy these packing underwear for 14$-20$.

Previously, we made some packing underwear that was used to pack an STP packer. It hasn’t any urinating options. We have been working for a better day of yours. We made easy packing underwear and other appeals as well. We don’t like to compare with other brands. We would like to make every appeal or accessory budget-friendly.

If you would like to help us, please follow us on Facebook, and Instagram and join our Facebook Group. We donate STP packers and other essential things through giveaways from instagram. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter. Thank you so much for reading the article.

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