4 Best FTM STP Packer Under 60$

Most FTM STP Packers are not affordable. Even the trans guys are struggling for buying this. Let's face it. We need to talk & get rid of it. Somehow we ignore the topic though this topic includes our daily life.

First, we need to discuss what is a STP packer and why we need this, and the point of buying an axolom packer instead of other expensive STP prosthetics.

What is an STP packer?

STP is a short-term "Stand to Pee". STP packer represents a device consisting of silicone mold that uses to stand to pee in front of restrooms or public toilets. This is a trans essential product. It also shows masculinity as well.

It keeps your bottom dysphoria to stay away. FTM prosthetics is a body-safe product that you can use every day.


  • Removes Bottom Dysphoria
  • Social Appearance
  • Decreases the lower dysphoria


  • Takes time to understand how to use.
  • Takes a few times in daily life.

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Why is an STP packer needed?

STP Packer helps to appear masculine. Though it is not important for a trans man. Because a trans man doesn’t need anything for being a man. Decreasing bottom dysphoria is very necessary for a trans man and an STP packer helps a lot. Before 2019, there are very rare to get STP prosthetics under 60$. Nowadays It's easier.

Some cheap FTM packers aren’t realistic. So, we start making axolom STP packers. We aren’t trans owned but we are trying our best to help as much as possible.

What is bottom dysphoria?

Bottom dysphoria is often to describe the discomfort feeling with the genitalia that mismatch with their gender identity.

A transman feels the most freedom after top surgery. This is the dream of all transmen. Bottom dysphoria begins after top surgery. This happens even before top surgery but much less than that. After top surgery, when a transman moves outside and has a problem with the bathroom for urination, his worst bottom dysphoria begins. At this time an STP packer with some support.

We know an STP packer is not very readily available. However, we are trying to give it to those who can't afford it through Giveaway. We also make more packers with the money we sell and donate it.

Axolom Silicone FTM STP Packers are body-safe prosthetics for transgender and non-binary people. The FTM STP is realistic and soft. Our FTM packers are best for packing and STP Packers are for urinating. We are going to launch huge STP packers soon. We'll update you in our next blog.

If you do not wish to purchase our packer and are looking for at least one STP device for urination only, you can purchase it below. It is not available in our shop. You can purchase it from outside.

This STP device is for urinating or standing to pee. The device is also used by females for urinating outside.

Now we would like to share the 4 FTM STP Packers for under 60$. The packers include STP packer, FTM packer, Erect Penis Packer, etc.

Axolom Thinker STP Packer

This is one of the best cheap STP packers that have 3 options such as urinate, pack, play, etc. This STP penis has got multiple positive reviews. The price is 59$. You can check the product reviews in the below button.

Thinker STP Packer

Axolom Monsieur FTM Packer

Monsieur FTM packer is one of the best-selling products and it is a cheap FTM packer. The price is 49$. Two variants are available. 1. Uncircumcised, 2. Circumcised. Both FTM packers are realistic and comfortable for regular usage. It is only for packing.

Monsieur FTM Packer

Axolom Rook Erect STP

Rook is an erect penis that is famous for play. This erect penis is super hard and wonderful for playing purposes. The price is 29$. Only the circumcised version is available in store.

Rook Erect Penis

Axolom Au Naturel FTM Packer

Au Naturel is an FTM packer that is used for packing. This packer is super soft. Two variants is available in store. 1. Circumcised, 2. Uncircumcised. The FTM packer is best for regular packing with underwear. For packing, you can buy axolom Underwear. The price is 29$.

Au Naturel FTM Packer

Do you look for Stand to Pee Prosthetics under 79$? Or 6 FTM Packers under 50$?

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