Best 5 Stand To Pee Prosthetics Under 79$

When we start searching Stand To Pee Prosthetics or FTM prosthetic penis, there are many products in online stores. The pricing is higher. Usually, anyone finds their first STP packer with the best quality but the companies don't care about price. They increase their pricing according to inches.

Before believing us, you can check any websites which provide STP packers. We are different. We start the company to help people as much as possible by us. Our company is located in China. We made stand to pee prosthetics and FTM packers and others at cheap pricing without comparing the quality. Today we discussed the 5 stand to pee prosthetics for trans men and non-binary under 79$.

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What is Stand to pee prosthetic?

Stand to pee prosthetic is a "Urination device" that is used for standing out the pee in front of public washrooms and bathrooms. The stand to pee prosthetics can be 3in 1 STP Prosthetic or 4in 1 STP packers. This is also known as FTM prosthetics. The 3in 1 Stand to pee prosthetics include:

  1. Urination
  2. Intercourse
  3. Play

The packers by Axolom is 3in 1 STP packer. The product is body-safe and made of 100% silicone. It includes urination, intercourse, and play. There are multiple pleasure rods available according to product structure.

How to choose the size for the stand to pee packer?

This is a private opinion of individuals. We know the beginners are confused to take their first packer. First, if you have any requirement or choice, then it's perfect. But if you haven't any sizing requirements, you can select sizes according to your height. We think it may help you a bit. But again, It doesn’t necessarily.

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Here, we discussed 5 stand to pee prosthetics that are highly appreciated by trans guys. Let us show you a brief.

Axolom Thinker STP Packer

Axolom thinker STP packer is a packer of axolom that is highly recommended by trans men. Recently, some YouTubers, Trans LGBTQ has published a review about thinker STP packer. The size of the stand to pee prosthetic is 5.5 inches and the price is now 59$.

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The packer is ideal for the persons who don't want to carry big packers, either small ones. The size doesn't irritate you to pack with regular underwear and harness. You may need to use an FTM harness or packing underwear for using it.

We would like to share a youtube video if it helps. Two variants( Uncircumcised and circumcised) and 7 colors are available right now for Axolom Thinker STP Packer. More colors will be available very soon.

Do you like to know some special tips for top surgery?

Do you like to watch How to Stand to pee with Axolom Thinker STP?

Axolom Homerun Big Buldge STP Packer

Homerun STP Packer is one of the best stand to pee prosthetics in Axolom. The size is 6.3" and the weight is 330 G. The STP packer is ideal for standing to pee and play. A pleasure rod is available with it. The total length is 7.68".

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There are 7 colors available right now and it has only a circumcised version available. The Buldge is bigger. There are few reviews available on Youtube. You can play the below video.


Axolom Handy STP Packer

Handy STP Packer is the most popular packer in Axolom Store. The Handy STP is similar to Thinker but there are a few differences. The difference between the two packers is length and weight.

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The total length of the handy packer has 6.26" and the thinker STP has 5.51". The weight of the handy is 330G and the thinker STP is 160$. This is the best STP packer in our store. If you looking for a handy STP packer video review, here is a video.

The handy has a circumcised version and 7 colors, The handy packer is bigger than the thinker and the length is smaller than Homerun STP.


Axolom Astro STP Packer

Astro STP is an uncircumcised stand-to-pee with no-spill lips. It has very detailed veins and folds, pleasure ridges, and gives a decent buldge. Its large cup has curved edges that sit comfortably against the body when comes time to empty one’s bladder.

The design is specially made for the trans man who is looking for a 5.43" STP packer. It has a larger bulge and this is highly reviewed by YouTubers. The weight is 203 G and is easy to wear.

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If you are looking for a video review, here is the video.

Axolom Hoodie STP Packer

Hoodie STP is an uncircumcised stand to pee with a big bulge. The is a good packer for trans men. The total length of the hoodie is 6.3 and the weight is 277G. The hoodie is bigger than Astro STP and Thinker STP packer.

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Its large cup has curved edges that sit comfortably against the body when comes time to empty one’s bladder. Here is an FTM prosthetics review of Hoodie STP.

The FTM prosthetic penis plays an essential for trans men and non-binary people. There are many trans men who can't afford an expensive FTM prosthetic. This is our mission to help the transgender community by selling or donating cheap stp packers. There are many trans men who are suffering from bottom dysphoria. The bottom dysphoria can be treated in some ways.

Some people can be thought the FTM prosthetics aren't good but that's not true. We made the best FTM prosthetics with original silicone and it's a body-safe product. You can check the FTM prosthetics review of our products on youtube.

These Thinker, Hoodie, Astro, Homerun, and Handy are adhesive FTM prosthetics. You can use medical adhesive for using the packer. The STP is body-safe and easy to wash.


Would you like to have packing underwear with these STP packers? If yes, then you can read the following description.


We have recently launched our underwear that is well for FTM STP Packing. You guys can pack Axolom packers with these packing underwear.


Axolom STP Boxer




Axolom STP Boxer is good for packing stand-to-pee prosthetics and standing through the pee. The price is 17.90$. We have made two colors now. The black and blue are available now. More colors will come soon. It has two layers.


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Axolom Jockstrap




Axolom Jockstrap is also good for packing stand to pee prosthetics. One color is available right now. It has two layers including the "O layer" inside and two buttons outside. The price is 14.90$. More colors will come soon.


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More underwear are coming soon. Please follow the page " Axolom Underwears & Appeals ". We'll improve the products if you provide us with positive and negative reviews. It will help us a lot. You can tag us on Instagram or directly message us.


How to wash adhesive FTM prosthetics?

The adhesive FTM prosthetics can be washed easily with water and regular soap. To wash your FTM prosthetics, you can boil 2-5 minutes into water. If you using Axolom prosthetics, you don't require any powers for using this. Read another article: Best STP Packers under 100$


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