How To Buy a FTM STP Packer

 When we think about owning an FTM STP packer, we may search it first on google and Youtube. But It's hard to choose which can be a great packer. Today our mission is to show the right path.

The full meaning of "FTM" is female to male. The article is basically the FTM transmasculine individuals who start or going to start the FTM transaction from female to male or waiting for starting and also for non-binary folks. We would love to help them with our articles.

Our main mission is to help trans men by decreasing their bottom dysphoria. We also help the transguys who can't afford a packer by our giveaway. We started our journey in 2019. We have already made 10 plus packers. The packers include a stand to pee prosthetics, FTM packer, banana stocker, etc. We have recently launched our apparel. That includes FTM brief underwear, packing underwear, etc. You can use the packers along with the FTM harness. 

What is a STP packer?

STP packer is called a device that can show masculinity, also can be a helper for standing out the pee in front of restrooms and public toilets. Not all STP packers use for urinating. Some packers are using for the pack, and play. For more details, you can read the full article.

FTM STP Packers has three types, such as:

Basically trans masculine use an STP packer. The packer can be used for urinating the pee, play. FTM STP packer decreases the bottom dysphoria for a particular time. Wearing a packer the day can be easier and smooth. But It's not required to be a trans man.

Axolom has been working for the transgender community for 2 years. We have recently launched some products. Because of covid, our delivery is a delay to 10-15 days. But we are trying to send customers as soon as possible. Hope we will again deliver the products by normal delivery 4-10 days very soon.

Some trans men ask if their age is under 18, can they use an STP packer? Yes, You can. But the company doesn’t allow to sell a packer to an underage person. You can buy through your friend or ask your brother for help or still wait for 18. We would love to help you in the future. There are some questions and answers according to a trans man.

How much have to pay for a FTM Packer?

There are several STP companies. We are one of them. You can buy our STP packers for 29$. We have made two sections based on trans individual needs. 1. FTM Packer, 2.STP Packer. There are two variants. 1. Circumcised, 2. Uncircumcised. According to your budget and choice, we have written the article. We have described the details of the product in below.

Which is the difference between FTM Packer & STP Packer?

Actually, both are called STP devices but there are some different components to know them in a different way. FTM Packer doesn’t have any holes for urination. You can use it freely with Axolom underwear. On the other hand, STP packer means to stand to pee prosthetics that used to pee directly. You can insert a silicone rod for sexual intercourse. Our rods made your satisfaction easier.

Most people buy a 3in 1 STP packer rather than an FTM packer. Because of getting 3 benefits in one product.

Why 3in 1 STP Packer is best for use?

Most people find solutions that have 3 alternative options in 1 thing. Having a stand to pee packer makes our budget life worthy. Learn How to use STP packer regularly

How to pack a packer FTM?

Basically, it depends on which underwear you want to use to pack an STP packer. Some trans guys using briefs, button fly. You can use FTM underwear briefs, a button fly that makes things easier and more comfortable.

If you like to keep the STP packer attached to your body, you can use an FTM harness. FTM harness allows packers to keep. It gives comfortable feelings.

How to wear a packer FTM?

First, you need to connect well or set up with an FTM harness. Then it should be placed along with the bladder. Be careful not to place it too high above the vulva, not too lower. It covers up to Virginia. But not all packers can. That's how to wear your packer FTM.

How to pack underwear FTM?

First, the STP packer must be placed in packing underwear and worn to determine if it is sitting along with the bladder.

Is a 5 inch packer too big FTM?

Not so big. It's a medium size. For example, you can see the axolom Thinker STP Packer that has 5inches of total length.

Which is a budget-friendly STP packers?

Before purchase, you should know which gives you the quality and user satisfaction. You may not want to waste your money by choosing the wrong packer. We take the customer reviews and try to make the product user & budget-friendly so that everyone can buy the packer. We have shared The 5 best selling Stand to pee prosthetics

Where can I buy a packer FTM?

Axolom provides the best STP packer at affordable pricing. Several STP Packers are made every year according to FTM trans guys' needs. Let's jump to the pricing. The lowest pricing of an FTM STP packer is 29$ & stand to pee prosthetics is 59$.

Where do you put packer FTM?

An STP device is placed along with the bladder and the middle point of the vulva. Remember, you need to put it according to your vulva. Every human body is different. Take the positions on your own. Let's check the guildeline: How to choose a stp packer according to your desire.

How to wash a STP device?

You can wash an STP device with water or can use regular soap. For better wash, you can boil it into the hot water for 2-5 minutes. After washing, it dries freely. For quick use, you can wash simply with water. Don't use detergent, it can be harmful because It's not user-friendly.

Is axolom STP packers realistic?

Yes, we are always trying to give you a realistic FTM STP packer that you can use all day without complications.

Can I use lubricant?

Yes, you can. It makes more easier for intimating.

How to use a STP packer for urinating?

There is a common question of every FTM and non-binary folks thinking by their mind. Let's watch the video. The video will guide you a little bit. For example follow - How to use STP packer for urinating

Can I use an STP packer during intimate without condoms?

No, It's not safe. You should have to use a condom before sex. It's mandatory. You can use lubricant for oozy or slippy. Condoms make your sexual satisfaction more stronger.

Which FTM harness we should buy?

There are several stores available that provide FTM harness. We are also working on it. You can also make a harness at your home according to your body.

Here is some FTM Packer & Stand to pee prosthetics and Pack N play packers. Please have a look.

Axolom Thinker STP Packer

Axolom Thinker STP Packer

Axolom thinker STP packer is a realistic, soft, and stand to pee packer. That means you can use it for urinating. A pleasure rod is available for it. This is a 3in1 STP packer. Including rod, the pricing is 84-90$. There are two variants available including uncircumcised and circumcised. For long-term usage, we must suggest washing it after using it. You can wash our packers with regular soaps. Try to boil it once a month and let it dry

Here is the length chart.

Shaft Length: 4.72'' ( 12cm )
Total Length: 5.51'' ( 14cm )
Diameter: 1.5'' ( 3.8cm )
Weight: 5.64 oz ( 160g )


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The Uncircumcised Thinker is also avaiable in our store. Most trans guys missed it. So, We share the product page. Check out the Uncircumcised Thinker STP Packer.

Axolom Zeus STP Packer

Axolom Zeus STP Packer is a new version STP packer. We have launched the product some days ago. We would love to share the details. This is a super soft and realistic 3in1 STP packer. The packer includes 6.3 inches in length. You can call it an upgrade version of Knight. This is a circumcised STP packer. The pleasure rod isn't available. It will arrive very soon. By checking available, you can go to the link - AXOLOM STP Pleasure RODS


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Axolom Squire FTM STP

Axolom Squire is the top reviewed packing gear or penis prosthetics. Axolom Squire STP Packer is a soft, realistic stand-to pee packer. That means you can use it for urinating, play by using a pleasure rod. It is a stand to pee prosthetic. It looks small and good for long use.

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Axolom Knight STP Packer

Axolom Knight STP Packer is a soft, realistic stand-to pee packer. That means you can use it for urinating, play by using a pleasure rod. It is a stand to pee prosthetic. There is one variant available including circumcised. Here is the length & glitch chart. It is bigger than the thinker STP device. Knight STP is one of the best-selling products in our store. There are a lot of reviews available in our store.

Shaft Lenght:  5'' ( 12.8cm )
 Total Length:  6.7'' ( 17cm )
 Funnel Width:   2.2" ( 5.6cm )
 Diameter:   1.57'' ( 4cm )
 Weight:  7.76 oz ( 220g )


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AXOLOM Monsieur Wiggle FTM Packer


AXOLOM Monsieur Wiggle is a FTM packer. It is very soft and realistic. You can't use it for urinating. Being a soft packer, It's unable to play. To pack with FTM underwear, you can purchase axolom packing underwear. There are two variants available including uncircumcised and circumcised. Here is a length chart.

Shaft Length:  4.95'' ( 12.5 cm )
 Total Length:  5.51'' ( 14 cm )
 Diameter:  1.57'' ( 4 cm)
 Weight:  10.23oz ( 290 g  )


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Axolom Prince Compact STP Packer


Axolom Prince Compact STP Packer is a realistic packer and best for long-term use. This packer is small and it has 4.4 inches in total length. This is a stand to pee prosthetic. You can use it for urinating, playing, and packing. An only circumcised variant is available in our store. The price is 59$ as same as thinker STP. The pleasure rod is not available right now. I will think about it later. Here is a chart of its length.

Shaft length:  3.54" ( 9cm )
 Overall length:  4.13" ( 10.5cm )
 Widest points on Balls:   2.5" ( 6.4cm )
 Shaft diameter:  1.34" ( 3.4cm )



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Axolom Uncut FTM Packers

Axolom Hose Packer

Axolom Hose is a 3.5-inch FTM packer. It's uncircumcised packing gear. The bulge is very small. 12 colors are available. Let's check out the new Axolom Hose Packer.

 Shaft Length: 3.5" ( 9cm )
 Total Length:  4.33" (11cm )
 Shaft Diameter:  1.26" ( 3.2cm )
 Weight:  5.33 oz ( 151g )


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Axolom Hob Packer

Axolom Hob is a 3.5-inch FTM packer. It's uncircumcised packing gear. It's a very small packer. 12 colors are available. Let's check out the new Axolom Hob Packer.

Shaft Length: 3.54" ( 9cm )
 Total Length:  4.33" (11cm )
 Shaft Diameter:  1.1" ( 2.8cm )
 Weight:  3.3 oz ( 94g )


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New Axolom Circumcised Packer

Axolom Kong Big Size Packer

Axolom Kong Big Size Packer is a 5.9-inch FTM packer. It's circumcised packing gear. It's a big size packer. 12 colors are available. Let's check out the new Axolom Kong Big Size Packer.

Shaft Length: 5.91" ( 15cm )
 Total Length:  7.09" (18cm )
 Shaft Diameter:  1.5" ( 3.8cm )
 Weight:  12.17 oz ( 345g )


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Axolom Joe Soft Packer

Axolom Joe Packer is a 4.3-inch FTM packer. It's a circumcised packing gear. It's a medium size packer. 12 colors are available. Let's check out the new Axolom Kong Big Size Packer.

Shaft Length: 4.33" ( 11cm )
 Total Length:  5.51" (14cm )
 Shaft Diameter:  1.34" ( 3.4cm )
 Weight:  7.02 oz ( 199g )


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Axolom Kangaro FTM Gears

Axolom Kangaro Packer is a 3.5-inch FTM packer. It's a circumcised packing gear. It's a small size packer. 12 colors are available. Let's check out the new Axolom Kangaro Packer.

 Shaft Length:  3.54" ( 9cm )
 Total Length:  4.33" (11cm )
 Shaft Diameter:  1.3" ( 3.3cm )
 Weight:  5.93 oz ( 168g )


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AXOLOM Classic FTM Packer

AXOLOM Classic FTM Packer is a soft FTM packer. It's one of the best FTM packers for daily use. It's not a urinating device. Even It's not for play. You can wear it all day without complications. It will give you comfort. It is a very user-friendly device for long usage. It is a cheap STP packer. The price is 49$. There is one variant available including circumcised. Here is a chart of Its length

Shaft Length:  3.07" ( 8.5 cm )
 Total Length:   4.13" ( 10.5cm ) 
 Diameter:  1.42" (3.6 cm) 
 Weight:  6.53 oz ( 185g )



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Axolom Fusion FTM STP Packers

Axolom Fusion FTM STP Packer is a soft, realistic FTM STP packer. There are three versions available with the same name. But there are some differences. The STP packers are uncut or uncircumcised. The three STP devices are three names such as fusion uncut, fusion mini, fusion pro. The fusion uncut and fusion mini is similar to the design but different in length. The fusion cut is looking bigger than the fusion mini. Both are FTM packers. On the other hand, the fusion pro has a little hole. It means trans guys can use it after metoidioplasty surgery. It can be used for a pee but due to not having the placement of scrotum. The person who has done metoidioplasty without scrotum can use it packer. Alternatively, the persons who are taking testosterone and have 1-2 cm of clitoris glitch, can use the product as well. The sizes are not too big. According to your need, you can buy it. The pricing is almost the same. Here is the product title, image.

Fusion Uncut Packer

 Fusion Mini

Fusion Pro STP Packer


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Axolom Handy STP Packer


Axolom Handy STP Packer is bigger, soft, and realistic. This is a 3 in 1 stand to pee device. That means you can get the three benefits along. It is a popular STP packer of axolom store. Huge sales have already been made regarding axolom handy STP device. This is because It's best for urinating, sex and play. There is only a circumcised version available in our store. A pleasure rod is available. The price is 79$. It can be increased in the future. Here is a chart of Its length.


 Shaft Length:  5.5''  ( 14 cm)
 Total Length:  6.26'' (15.9cm)
 Diameter:  1.57''  ( 4 cm)
 Cup Width:  2.2 " ( 5.6 cm )
 Weight:  6.17 oz ( 175g )



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Axolom Rock Erect FTM Packer


Axolom Rock Erect FTM Packer is hard, realistic, and the best packer for FTM play. This is only used for sexual satisfaction. It doesn’t need any pleasure rod. It's specially made for erect. Only one erect FTM packer. There is only a circumcised variant available. Let's have a look.

Shaft Length: 2.95'' (7.5cm)
Total Length: 4'' (10.3cm)
Diameter: 1.42'' (3.6cm)
Weight: 6.28oz (178g)



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We have recently launched our Pack N Play packers that is also known as ERECT STP PACKER. The erect packers are hard, trans-friendly and good for playing during sex.

Best Erect STP Packers

  • Axolom Eros
  • Axolom Altas
  • Axolom Perseus

Axolom Eros - 6.89 inches

Axolom Eros is the big-size Pack N Play STP packer in Axolom. The total height is 7.69 and the weight is 429 grams. The price is 85$. Play packer is the right choice for sexual intercourse. You can pack with a play harness and come for play. 4 colors are available right now. Check out the product the below.

 Shaft Length:  6.89" ( 17.5cm )
 Total Length:  7.67" ( 19.5cm )
 Shaft Diameter:  1.89" ( 4.8cm )
 Weight:  15.13 oz ( 429g )


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Axolom Altas -5.9 inches


Axolom Altas is the big-size Pack N Play STP packer in Axolom. The total height is 6.9 and the weight is 300 grams. The price is 79$. Play packer is the right choice for sexual intercourse. You can pack with a play harness and come for play. 4 colors are available right now. Check out the product below.

 Shaft Length:  5.9" ( 15cm )
 Total Length:  6.9" ( 17.5cm )
 Shaft Diameter:  1.65" ( 4.2cm )
 Weight:  10.58 oz ( 300g )


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Axolom Perseus - 5.1 inches

Axolom Perseus is the middle-size Pack N Play STP packer in Axolom. The total height is 6.3 and weight 262 Gram. The price is 68$. Play packer is the right choice for sexual intercourse. You can pack with a play harness and come for play. 4 colors are available right now. Check out the product below.

 Shaft Length:  5.1" ( 13cm )
 Total Length:  6.3" ( 16cm )
 Shaft Diameter:  1.41" ( 3.6cm )
 Weight:  9.24 oz ( 262g )


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Would you like to have packing underwear with these STP packers? If yes, then you can read the following description.

We have recently launched our underwear that is well for FTM STP Packing. You guys can pack Axolom packers with these packing underwear.

Axolom STP Boxer


Axolom STP Boxer is good for packing stand-to-pee prosthetics and standing through the pee. The price is 17.90$. We have made two colors now. The black and blue are available now. More colors will come soon. It has two layers. 

Buy Now

Video Guide:

Axolom Jockstrap


Axolom Jockstrap is also good for packing stand to pee prosthetics. One color is available right now. It has two layers including the "O layer" inside and two buttons outside. The price is 14.90$. More colors will come soon.

Buy Now

 Video Guide: 


Axolom STP Packing Trunks


    Black         Grey       Grey with Curtain

Axolom has three STP Packing STP Packing trunks right now. The design is similiar to each other excluding grey with Curtain. You can check out the products in the description page. We would love to share a image.


Video Guide:

For more guideline we wrote some helpful articles that might be easy and comfortable for regular packing. Learn more FTM Packing and Transtitions.


We have launched few FTM Packing gear for FTM Packer few days ago. The packing gear is good for use and comfortable for long term use. While we packing a FTM packer, we would love to have a breathable packing underwear. For having long term or short term packing, we build few friendly gears. Check out the underwears.


The Packing Underwears are

  • Trans-Wear or FTM Gear
  • Comfortable
  • Wash easily
  • Good Quality
  • Good for pack FTM Packer
  • Best for long term use.
  • Pack easily.


Axolom Packing Jockstrap

We have launched three ftm packing jockstrap. Two jockstrap is for FTM packers and one jockstrap for Stand to pee packers. The first jockstrap that we made for FTM packers hasn’t a anti O role in the pocket. Both are quite similar at look but different in design.

Old Packing Jockstrap

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Axolom Packing Jockstrap

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Axolom Packing Boxer Briefs & Trunks

We have launched a few packing boxer briefs and trunks for ftm guys. We have four packing boxers and trunks right now. The first boxer hasn’t a roll in the pocket. But the new boxer and trunks has it. We find the ways to pack a ftm packer in position. Check out the all ftm packing underwears.

Old Axolom Packing Boxer

Buy now

Axolom Packing Boxer

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Axolom Packing Trunks

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More packing underwears will be avaiable in our store. We would love to get your feedbacks about our packers and packing gears. By the way, we can improve our products and make comfortable wear for trans guys. We are blessed to have you. Thanks you for staying with us.

Video Guide:

More underwear are coming soon. Please follow the page " Axolom Underwears & Appeals ". We'll improve the products if you provide us with positive and negative reviews. It will help us a lot. You can tag us on Instagram or directly message us.

Thanks for reading the articles. You can share our articles with your friends or the transmen community. We have a blog section. You can follow and read our blogs every week. We have currently updated new blog posts weekly. according to trans masculine development and related issues. For getting regular updates and offers, you must have to subscribe our website. Please check our website footer section. Please follow us on social media for giveaways, offers, etc. Hope you enjoyed this article.

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