FTM Bottom Dysphoia: How to care for yourself, fight everyday

FTM Bottom dysphoria isn't a disorder that you need to medicate yourself. It's an irritation feeling that you can't describe in words. Some years ago, people guessed it was a disorder or mental disorder. But it's not. Before the 20th century, transgender people can't come out easily. Now, this topic becomes social and there is much valuable knowledge on the internet that how you can start your FTM transition, start hrt treatment, FTM phalloplasty, metoidioplasty, etc. We gonna describe the important cases about FTM bottom dysphoria.

What is FTM Bottom Dysphoria?

FTM Bottom Dysphoria, call something that is discomforts with their genitalia and mismatch their gender identity. FTM Bottom Dysphoria is accurate and more than 58% of trans guys are facing it every day. This is a relatively important matter that we can't avoid anymore.

In this article, we will describe

  1. How to Care FTM Bottom Dysphoria
  2. How to fight for living everyday with yourself
  3. How to decrease ftm bottom dysphoria

Before describing the degrees, we wanna explain it's not susceptible but you have to accomplish it for yourself. Let us feature the topics.

How To Care FTM Bottom Dysphoria

In this era, it's possible to have your bottom surgery but we don't indicate it. This isn't the straight explanation for all of them. Every trans individual has different feelings. As we respect their feeling, we like to share some alternative and correct ways to lower gender dysphoria to a minimum. To reduce gender dysphoria you should follow these:

  • Start your hormone replacement therapy

Being on testosterone, makes us reduce our bottom dysphoria. Testosterone makes our masculinity more visible to others and the mirror gives us constructive vibes. These positive vibes make us assume our real gender visibility.

  • Start using beard oil before and after testostone

Using beard oil is an outstanding outcome for visualization manliness. Several transgender men use beard oil such as minoxidil before starting testosterone. We feel we may help you to get positive vibes.

  • Start using chest binders

Dysphoria has many types. Some trans man has been dealing with chest dysphoria and some have the feeling of bottom dysphoria. You should start using chest binders from gc2b, NYTC, underworks, etc. Please ignore amazon binders. That isn't comfortable.

  • Start using FTM STP packers

STP packer is a prosthetic that helps to stand out the pee into the funnel in front of public restrooms and toilets. FTM Bottom dysphoria can be highly reduced through stp packers. STP packer works for trans man masculinity more visible. For STP Prosthetics visit: axolom.com

  • Start reducing the contact from wrong persons

Unfair persons have no value in anyone's life. Sometimes they can be our close ones like parents, brother-sister, relatives and even friends. If you can't ignore them, the ftm dysphoria can't be handled easily. Please avoid them and try to stay contactless with them, remove them from social media.

  • Start Travelling

Travelling gives us relaxation, positive vibes, freedom. When you are sad and anxious about your dysphoria, you should care about your mental health very well. The only strategy to get freshness and leisure, travelling is the best.

  • Start using DHT cream /gel

DHT cream works to grow the clitoris from a small one to some inches. This can change your life pretty much. But we aren't sure that it works for all. It's pretty costly and not available in many countries. For more information, read Nobody Share the bottom growth, but we will

Stay positive is the only to reduce dysphoria to a minimum. Half of our lives are going to discover our identity and half of our life are dealing your depression. We are always in the between life and gender. Love your life. Identity is not the weakness, it's a power to protect yourself from negativity.

Some are starting de-transition from depression, regrets, or having the understanding of the soul. FTM Transition isn't fun.

Ask the trans man who finished their transformation from female to male if he has any regrets? They will definitely answer " NO". Because the life we thought and we get from struggles doesn't make any regrets. The only regret of having poor results or choosing the wrong surgeon.

There are many trans men living every day for a better day. Even they haven't enough money for hrt, binders, do not have jobs, do not have trans supporting family and even more.

Life is a beautiful journey. There are many things that we missed. Live for the moment that we are going to achieve. Every day you make a list that you missed in your life and try to fulfil it alone. Remember, you won't get any chance if you try to remove yourself from the world.

58% of trans men are taking suicidal attempts due to depression. Depression can be reduced by diagnosis through mental professionals. Anxiety, PTSD, any kinds of depression, various phobias, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and others can be handled and reduced. We heard a few files where trans guys facing bottom discomfort after bottom surgery because of size and can be others. So, decisions should be taken care of.

How to fight for living every day with yourself

Everyone's life has different goals and targets. Do you find out what is your main goal? Do you start working for it? You might be think why we ask for. Making a goal is the best way to live every day, fight for every day.

Besides your goals, you can start writing for yourself. You can share your thoughts on your website, social media. Especially you can tag your story with us. We are here to listen to you. Tag your story on our Instagram. Writing is the best way to express yourself more. You can write your story in a notebook. It will be with you at the end of your life. Hear other stories and motivate yourself to a fight.

Start designing arts: You are different. That means you have some speciality too. Like some people like to express themself by painting, art. You can paint anything you want. Art shows the beauty of any man.

Helping others: Everyone's journey in life is different. Always be kind-hearted. Try to help others with positive vibes. Some people say if you help someone, God will help you in your path.

Create your own community: Community is a place where you and anyone can share their stories, issues, problems with others. Everyone can make others happy. You can create a social group and ask others for joining. One day you will be grateful when you see your community members feeling relief for having the community.

When we think about all the important topics, life goes with positive vibes. We understand you may feel bottom dysphoria badly, for that we think to share something very important.

How to decrease ftm bottom dysphoria?

Dysphoria can't be equal for everybody. Some people have very much ftm bottom dysphoria and for them, we think bottom surgery will be great. Bottom surgery can be a great solution for removing bottom dysphoria permanently.

Why is bottom surgery important for bottom dysphoria?

Bottom Dyscphoria means the mismatch between your biological genitalia and your gender identity. Bottom surgery helps to make your bottom dysphoria disabled. Because of matching your genital with your identity.

Bottom surgery removes the unwanted parts( uterus, ovaries, close vagina for ftm) of your gender and the creation of penis(for ftm)/ vagina(for mtf). The process isn't easier. You must have waited many months for getting a surgery date and you may have insurance or money. Therefore, bottom surgery is an extremely painful journey of every transgender's life and the last stage of a transgender's life.

Make your decisions final: The bottom part is an important part of everyone's life. You may not get back these once you complete the surgery. So, before taking any decisions you should think twice.

There are two types of surgery. 1. Metoidioplasty. 2. Phalloplasty.

After bottom surgery, you can start living your life like a cis man. No one will ask what's inside in your pants. But remember one thing, you don't need a penis to be a man or anything doesn't need.

Masculinity is an inside feeling. Every year there are 75% trans man facing in depression due to social and gender dysphoria. We understand that it can't remove or leave easily but once you start maintaining it this will be reduced.

Can I share my psychical conditions with psychiatrist?

Yes, of course. You should directly talk to the psychiatrist and they will help, know your problems and give you some pills so that you can stay out from depression.

How to choose botton surgery between meta and phallo?

It's depending on individual choice. If size doesn’t matter, you can go for metoidioplasty. If the size matters for you, then you can go for phalloplasty. 

Here, we shared the important parts of our life. You can fight the journey alone. About 40% trans man joined for bottom surgery every year. It takes time for recovery. 

How to cure ftm bottom Dysphoria? 

Ftm bottom surgery can be cure by starting hormone therapy and self control. You can read this informative articles that are related to ftm bottom growth for a trans man.


Thanks for reading this article. Hope you get some help through it. 

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